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Attack On Titan 2 Release Date, Rumors, Features, Wishlist, News and Updates

Attack On Titan 2 Release Date: 2016 saw the release of Koei Tecmo‘s most recent launch, Attack on Titan. The action hack and slash video game from the Japanese company was based on the eponymous manga series, penned and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. Ever since the manga series began circulation, it has received wide acclaim among fans. An anime adaptation that began airing in 2013 also gave a boon to the popularity of the series, and ever since, the story has been widely adapted in a number of ways. However, today we will mainly be focussing on the upcoming sequel i.e. the Attack On Titan 2 with this article of GamingPhobia.

Attack on Titan 2

Attack On Titan 2 Release Date (Probably in 2017)

Attack on Titan, the video game, was first announced in 2015, with a cinematic reveal taking place in November. The game was first released in Japan in February, and the following months saw its subsequent release across Europe and North America. While the game was first released exclusively for Playstation consoles (PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita), it was later made playable for Microsoft Windows PC and Xbox One. All this was obviously done to reach a wider number of players, and it seems that the creators of the game were successful in their endeavour.

Thanks to the fact that the game was the adaptation of a well-known manga series, Attack on Titan became a commercial success soon after its launch. It outsold many of the games that were released during a similar timeframe. It even surpassed the sales of Capcom’s Street Fighter V during its first week and has since sold well. On a wider level too, the game was received well by critics and players alike due to its appeal. The game’s story combined some critical portions from the series along with some completely new scenarios. Much to the delight of fans, many of the anime’s key characters were included in the game. The action was great and borrowed much from the anime portrayals. All in all, Attack on Titan was a big success, both critically and commercially. Thus the developers are excited to come up with the next instalment of the series i.e. the Attack On Titan 2 game.

However, it is important to note that the manga series is still in continuation, and the game only adapted the chapters that had been outed. Fans of the manga feel that there is still a lot more to unveil, so a lot of new chapters would be needed to unfold the story of the origins of the massive, terrorising Titans. So as it appears, there will be more developments in the story arc, and that certainly leaves the chance that we will see Attack on Titan 2 sometime in the future. When that will happen remains an unanswered question at the time being.

Attack On Titan 2 Rumoured Features

If the game is ever renewed for a sequel (incidentally, Koei Tecmo has a record of making games out of popular manga series and keeping them in continuation mode), there could be a lot of things to be added. However, that possibility largely depends on what the creators of the manga see for the series in the future. While we do not know about that yet, it is entirely possible that the creators of the game would implement some creative freedom and come up with a follow-up to the first game as they deem fit. This means that Attack on Titan 2 could have a completely different story as well as new characters to fit a concept drawn largely from the manga and anime, yet still manage to be different.

So in line with that, perhaps Attack on Titan 2 will come with a new set of characters which may or may not belong to the original universe of the story While the first game largely follows the dystopic-fantasy setting of the manga, we think for the new game, the devs could work on a new kind of world in which the Titans have a wholly different significance. Or else, the game could introduce a few extra characters from the manga series as playable characters.

We don’t think there will be mammoth changes made in Attack on Titan 2 in terms of gameplay, so perhaps we’ll see much of the same mechanics make a return to the new game (if there ever was one). However, we could perhaps see a few new additions regarding the weapons and abilities of the characters.

Attack on Titan 2 Trailer

We don’t think there will be an Attack on Titan 2 trailer anytime soon but keep an eye on this section for future updates.

Attack on Titan 2 Release Date

To our knowledge, Attack on Titan needed about three years in development, so if the game is made into a franchise, then we could see Attack on Titan 2 surface a couple of years after its announcement. The manga series is said to reach its conclusion sometime in 2017, so perhaps a new game will be announced later next year. If things pan out exactly as we think they will (be warned; chances are slim), then perhaps we’ll see Attack on Titan 2 release date by 2020.

In conclusion, we will say that it is too soon to speculate on the possibilities of Attack on Titan 2. But given the present situation with the still ongoing story, perhaps we stand a chance to see a new game. We’d be excited in that case; what about you? Let us know. And while you wait for some news about the game, check out all the information about Kingdom Hearts 3 for a different flavour.

Attack On Titan 2 Release Date, Rumors, Features, Wishlist, News and Updates
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