New Take-Two registered Red Dead Domain spotted Online

The domain name is reminiscent of one of the most popular elements from Rockstar’s other acclaimed gaming series, GTAGTA Online was introduced as the online component of GTA 5 in 2014 as an open world multiplayer game set in the city of San Andreas. GTA Online faced some serious technical issues immediately upon being launched, but the multiplayer went on to do huge business for its developers owing to its growing popularity, and more recent opinions have pointed out how it is one of the most attractive elements of GTA 5. Rockstar too has invested a great deal in GTA Online to ensure good feedback and resultantly, great sales.

Once a game gets good positive feedback and reviews then there is no stopping. Players all over the world compete with each other and the gaming community endorses the good games very happily. You can view publisher site and see the positive reviews and comments. People wait for any updates and new developments eagerly

But it is the new domain’s association with the Red Dead name that brings some questions to mind. Red Dead Redemption already has its own online multiplayer mode which supports up to sixteen players per session. But it is clear from Rockstar’s activity over the past few days that there is some big news in store pertaining to the series. Fans have been expecting to see a new title in the series for a long time which many suggest may be titled Red Dead Redemption 2. Yesterday, however, Rockstar shared a new logo fashioned after the look of Red Dead Redemption with its bleeding red background and later introduced a picture that showcased seven distinct gun-slinging and cowboy hat-donning figures in the distance set against a bright red horizon.

Though it is certain that Rockstar is teasing some new information related to Red Dead Redemption, it is not clear what exactly it is about. Many suggest that the images pertain to the long-awaited sequel to Red Dead RedemptionRed Dead Redemption 2, while others point out that Rockstar may be gearing up to adopt a similar business structure to GTA Online for the 2010 title. It is possible that the developer wants to work further on Red Dead Redemption itself before launching a new instalment in the series, as John Marston’s epic Western adventure has garnered glowing reviews and numerous fans worldwide ever since its release. Fans are expecting a re-release of Red Dead Redemption on the PS4 sometime soon, as recently Rockstar did the same with Red Dead Revolver, the first title in the series.

What exactly Rockstar has planned next for the Red Dead series awaits to be seen.

GTA Online Red Dead Redemption Red Dead Redemption 2 RockstarTake-Two Interactive
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New Mafia 3 Video Demonstrates How to make Cash and Retain it

New Mafia 3 Video Demonstrates How to make Cash and Retain it

In the video, Andy Wilson, the game’s Executive Producer, Adam Bormann, Lead Gameplay Designer, and Ed Fowler, Senior Writer for Mafia III come together to explain the various means by which Clay can earn some serious dough in New Bordeaux, a fictional city based on New Orleans, in the 60s. The good news is, there are several ways you can earn varying degrees of cash, starting with taking out the enemy. But there are more ways to optimise your earnings; for example, you can force an enemy gangster to tell you where they’re hiding their stash.

You need to have some money or points to buy the different tools and credits to move forward in the game. You may use the points to get another life or boosters. Keep the money safe so that you can use it at some strategic times in the game. You should avoid losing the money as it is valuable in the entire game plan. Click for more info and understand how to do it.

Another way to ensure that you earn more is by recruiting Racket bosses. Fowler explains that while a player can get money by killing a racket boss, he will make almost double the cash if he succeeds in recruiting one. Also, recruiting a racket boss will be more beneficial for your earnings in the long run.

There are also several things you can do with your accumulated cash, like spending it or transferring it to a safe place for future use. In the first case, players can spend their money to stock up on weapons or to upgrade their vehicles. They will also have access to explosives.

Whatever money the player will earn he can store that in his wallet. However, you can lose a substantial amount of your painstakingly acquired money in case your character dies in the game. This brings us to the second option, that is, how to safeguard your money.

When you have succeeded in acquiring some amount of money, you can call in one of the underbosses, who will come to your location in a car and pick up whatever cash you want to store for later use. The money will be placed in a safe location thereafter. The creators’ advice is that you do this at regular intervals to avoid losing your money. This is a sure way to keep your money from disappearing even if you die at some point in the game.

Overall, the video offers some solid insight into the game, but the one thing that stayed with us long after the video was over is the awesomely groovy background score. In fact, Mafia III boasts of one of the most epic soundtrack lists among recent games, featuring music that’s a perfect match for the era it portrays.

Mafia III Release Date 

Mafia III to launch worldwide on October 7 for PS 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Mafia III

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Trailer Archives-Gaming Phobia: The Gamers Den

Metal Gear Survive Trailer, Konami’s new title without Hideo Kojima


New Gears of War 4 trailer introduces the Enemy

This prior series projects the rebirth of Metal Gear. The play starts with the total devastation of an off-shore building that was the military campaign area of the Big Boss, the main villain protagonist. All residents get almost killed and lay the villain to a coma stage for long years. Everything was going well on the planet and suddenly one day, he regains his memory power and comes back to original life. He understands that he lost his huge empire that was the result of his hard work of many years. He challenges his rebirth and take it as a life of revenge and restructuring his lost powers.

Further consequences regarding this dangerous situation are not known. However, the producer of the story has taken the effort of publishing and popularizing it from the experiments conducted in various directions. He has also tried to make this game compatible and supported by mobile phones and other similar machines so that it is easy to get franchised and hit the profit sector. Again, this turned out to be a turning point in the lives of the director and producer which ended up with the shifting out of the director or the creator from the making of this famous play. It is been heard that the maker left the unit after taking the contacts of the folks already working with the unit. This was for starting an independent firm in future. Thus, like the sequel in the game, the real-life base of the game also had fallen apart.

It took nearly three years for the left team to figure out the conclusion for the play and this was one of the big- budget or mass film developed by them under the Fox-engine software that was once designed by the left person with the only intention to preserve the whole work done till that point.

Thus, it was a historic movement that turned out to be completely different and exciting from the previous versions. More like mysterious organisms and hidden wrecks come up to take you up. Dig this complete summary here.

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Dark Souls 4 Release Date,Speculations,wishlist, News And Updates

Dark Souls 4 Release Date to be settled within 2017)

Dark Souls 4: What are the odds?

For starters, it is too soon to say if there will be a Dark Souls 4 (if that is what the makers choose to call it). After all, it was only earlier this year that the newest game was released.

The whole Dark Soul sequence starts with identifying the giant dragons and monsters who were the strong rulers at that time. These immortal beasts resided over the dark land where everything was covered with fog and was extremely cold for human survival. Then came the flash of fire that brought light and heat to bring the Lord souls to life. The goodness of God soul was powerful enough to fight against these beast killers. Check this link right here now know more about the game story.

However, while we generally get to know about tidbits of information about upcoming sequels shortly after a release in a prominent franchise, there has not been a single piece of evidence that points towards the possible production of Dark Souls 4. Additionally, Dark Souls 3 was announced to be the final game in the series at the time of its announcement by Bandai Namco’s officials. So various publications took to approaching creators FromSoftware and Bandai Namco to find out about what’s in store for the future of Dark Souls.

Needless to say, there have been varied answers to all these questions. For instance, From Software’s president Hidetaka Miyazaki said during an E3 press meet in 2015 that the Dark Souls series will not end with Dark Souls 3, despite the publishers having stated otherwise earlier. As Videogamer reported, Miyazaki’s comments helped shed some light on the matter when he stated via a translator that Dark Souls 3 would not be the end to the franchise. However, he stated that the uniqueness of the series would lose out on its value if the studio went on churning out one game after another, adding that whatever FromSoftware decided to do with the series would mark an enormous turning point both for the series and for the studio as well.

However confusing this may have been, fans were egged on by the comments to look forward to Dark Souls 4. In later interviews, though, Miyazaki gave pretty contradictory answers saying at one point that the studio was ready to move on. He even added that his company was already working on a brand new title, though he did not reveal what it was at the time. But then he told Polygon during this year’s TGS: “As president of From Software, I’m not completely denying the possibility of bringing back the franchise (Dark Souls) in the future,” after confirming that Dark Souls 3 was indeed the last installment for the time being.

However fans may want to perceive Miyazaki’s comments, he has made it clear more than once that there will be no Dark Souls 4 in the near future. What we may see could be certain elements taken from the Dark Souls games and implemented into a brand new IP. This latter prospect is exciting, as this could mean either a completely new hack and slash title from the studio, or a crossover of some sort featuring the world of Dark Souls. But whatever we have heard till now points towards one single direction: that there will be no new game to look forward to in the series immediately. But the developer assured that fans of Dark Souls 3 will have their hands full till 2017 in the form of new downloadable content.

But despite all this, fans are still trying to keep hopes alive for Dark Souls 4.

Dark Souls 4 Features and Gameplay

To speculate over the features of an upcoming game in a series that has already been declared done by the developers is about as fruitful as aiming at something in the darkness. But if we do consider the above information carefully, we’ll see that there are enough gaps that suggest that Dark Souls 4 is not entirely impossible. It may be that the next game in the series will not be happening anytime soon, but in Miyazaki’s own words, “There could be someone else in my company who wants to work on new installments (of the Dark Souls series).” So if there ever is a Dark Souls 4, these are a few things we would like to see.

New Engine for Dark Souls 4

While Dark Souls 3 was a massive hit with critics due to its immersive themes, gameplay, and story, one of the major disappointments had to do with the game’s technical handling. But the lagging frame rate was far from being the only problem. For a game that released in 2016, its gameplay felt outright archaic and predictable thanks to its linear maps that failed to add character to the game. So first off, we’ll start with the need for a new gaming engine for Dark Souls 4. By the time From Software comes up with the new game (if ever), gaming technology will have improved a lot more. We already have games like Crackdown 3 coming up which feature fully destructible worlds on multiplayer. Another fast growing aspect of gaming is speedily evolving VR tech. Not that we’re saying Dark Souls 4 should be crowded with a bunch of superficial features, but the possibilities of a game built on a powerful engine are endless. So we could finally have a Dark Souls game with a massive open world and top-notch mechanics.

Dark Souls 4 Story

Going by what Miyazaki had said earlier, a new Dark Souls game may be a turn in a completely new direction for the studio. We think that means that Dark Souls 4 could be a reinvention of the series from the ground up. While it is more than likely that the new game will retain the series’ mystical strain, a major change could be brought in terms of the plot and settings. Ever wondered how a Dark Souls game would play out in a futuristic, or post-apocalyptic setting? It may seem to be quite a stretch for now, but retaining the hack and slash mode of action against such a world could give us something to look forward to in a world overrun by zombie titles.

Dark Souls 4 Combat

In Dark Souls 3, players encountered different types of enemies, each with their own unique behaviors. This lent the scope for a number of different combat styles and special abilities. The weapons in the game were also equipped with two basic types of attacks, a standard one, and a higher powered, more impactful one. All in all, combat in Dark Souls 3 was satisfactory. But for Dark Souls 4, we need way more than that. An improved AI system could really fire up enemy response in the new game, and a wider array of weapons could be added to aid combat.

Dark Souls 4 System Requirements

Quite obviously, it is really difficult to tell right now if your PC will be able to run Dark Souls 4 on account of the fact that we’re entirely unsure of its existence. But if it sees the light of the day in a couple of years, then we’re hoping that the specs mentioned below will ensure a smooth run.

Minimum Requirements Recommended Requirements
Operating System Windows 7 64-bit and above Windows 10 64-bit
Processor Intel Core i5-3475S @ 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7-4960X @ 3.6 GHz
Graphics AMD Radeon HD 7870, or, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 AMD Radeon R9 290, or, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
Direct X DirectX 12 DirectX 12
Storage 70GB 70GB

Dark Souls 4 Trailer

If ever in the future FromSoftware shares any information about a new game in the series along with a Dark Souls 4 trailer, we will be sure to update this section.

Dark Souls 4 Release Date and Platforms

Title Release Date
Demon’s Souls February 5, 2009 (Japan)
October 6, 2009 (USA)
Dark Souls September 22, 2011 (Japan)
October 4, 2011 (USA)
Dark Souls 2 March 11, 2014 (USA)
March 13, 2014 (Japan)
Dark Souls 3 March 24, 2016 (Japan)
April 12, 2016 (USA)
Dark Souls 4 ?

We imagine that a new Dark Souls game would need around three years in development. But the trouble with settling on a possible release date for Dark Souls 4 means that we have to know when the game’s production begins. Seeing as there is no information about that, we can’t say for certain when we’ll see a new game in the series. But if it does see an announcement sometime in the near future, Dark Souls 4, like its predecessors, will be playable on the Windows PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

In conclusion, nothing is certain about the prospects of Dark Souls 4. But whenever the devs think they’ll be ready with another bout, fans will be waiting.

Dynamic weather condition

EA DICE has already released several in-depth trailers depicting the upcoming title’s gameplay and its various stages of development. The amount of research that the makers have clearly put into the game has raised the bar in terms of expectations by several notches.

This franchise series is recreated with many digital illusions and the team Electronic Arts are behind the distribution of this video. Specifically, this game emphasizes on huge map area where different vehicle compactness can be tried out by the player. It is definite that this sequence would be a hit and would bring BTC profit to the creator

Now the makers have revealed a new feature of the Battlefield 1  gameplay- the upcoming game will come with a dynamic weather feature, and unlike earlier games where the weather was only a surface feature to add to their visuals, gaming experience in Battlefield 1 will be vastly affected by the surrounding climatic conditions.

What the developers had in mind was the fact that WW1 era warfare differed vastly from modern warring techniques. While weather issues in modern warfare can be tackled with the help of GPS and infrared scopes, back in the day weather would be a significant determinant in the outcome of any battle. Fog, rain, and sandstorms would be limiting factors, affecting visibility and turning an open map into a melee-focused one. Long range battle would be impossible to carry out, and people would have to engage in more intimate fights at dangerously close quarters.

The makers aim to deliver a unique gaming experience for every match with the dynamic weather feature. “All multiplayer maps in Battlefield 1 have dynamic weather that can occur as part of a larger immersion ecosystem. Unlike the game’s destructible environments, weather is an outside factor that you can’t control. Things can shift in small ways (like the sun peeking out of the clouds and turning an overcast map into a sunny one) but there are larger changes that can happen that will nudge you to adjust how you play,” goes the official announcement on the game’s website.

Besides the gameplay, the different weather conditions will also add to the visual nuances of the game. “Raindrops are visible on the weapons, birds go away when the wind picks up, the audio changes during a sandstorm. Like so much else in Battlefield 1, we wanted to make sure weather makes the player immersed with the world, both visually and thematically,” said the developers.

In the game’s video series, the makers had given us a slice of what to expect from the weapons and vehicles within the game.

Players can get a feel of the much-awaited game when the Open Beta version rolls out on August 31. Battlefield 1 will be launched worldwide on Windows, PS4 and Xbox One on October 21.

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