Dynamic weather condition

EA DICE has already released several in-depth trailers depicting the upcoming title’s gameplay and its various stages of development. The amount of research that the makers have clearly put into the game has raised the bar in terms of expectations by several notches.

This franchise series is recreated with many digital illusions and the team Electronic Arts are behind the distribution of this video. Specifically, this game emphasizes on huge map area where different vehicle compactness can be tried out by the player. It is definite that this sequence would be a hit and would bring BTC profit to the creator

Now the makers have revealed a new feature of the Battlefield 1  gameplay- the upcoming game will come with a dynamic weather feature, and unlike earlier games where the weather was only a surface feature to add to their visuals, gaming experience in Battlefield 1 will be vastly affected by the surrounding climatic conditions.

What the developers had in mind was the fact that WW1 era warfare differed vastly from modern warring techniques. While weather issues in modern warfare can be tackled with the help of GPS and infrared scopes, back in the day weather would be a significant determinant in the outcome of any battle. Fog, rain, and sandstorms would be limiting factors, affecting visibility and turning an open map into a melee-focused one. Long range battle would be impossible to carry out, and people would have to engage in more intimate fights at dangerously close quarters.

The makers aim to deliver a unique gaming experience for every match with the dynamic weather feature. “All multiplayer maps in Battlefield 1 have dynamic weather that can occur as part of a larger immersion ecosystem. Unlike the game’s destructible environments, weather is an outside factor that you can’t control. Things can shift in small ways (like the sun peeking out of the clouds and turning an overcast map into a sunny one) but there are larger changes that can happen that will nudge you to adjust how you play,” goes the official announcement on the game’s website.

Besides the gameplay, the different weather conditions will also add to the visual nuances of the game. “Raindrops are visible on the weapons, birds go away when the wind picks up, the audio changes during a sandstorm. Like so much else in Battlefield 1, we wanted to make sure weather makes the player immersed with the world, both visually and thematically,” said the developers.

In the game’s video series, the makers had given us a slice of what to expect from the weapons and vehicles within the game.

Players can get a feel of the much-awaited game when the Open Beta version rolls out on August 31. Battlefield 1 will be launched worldwide on Windows, PS4 and Xbox One on October 21.

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