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Battlefront 4 Release Date, Features, Wishlist, Rumours, News and Update

Battlefront 4 Release Date: Anything to do with the Star Wars universe will inevitably send fans into a frenzy. And when that’s a video game where you can choose the side to be on, the madness is amplified many times over. When the Star Wars: Battlefront game first surfaced in 2004, it was well-received. The sequel to it, launched the following year, received even more critical acclaim due to the addition of a number of new elements. The game became a fan favourite in its own right for being a much more expansive, and engaging, experience.

Battlefront 4

Battlefront 4 Gameplay

Battlefront 4: The Beginning of a Comeback

The wait for the next game i.e. the Battlefront 3, however, went on to be stretched nearly a decade. And what we finally had on our hands as the third instalment in the hit sub-series was not exactly a sequel,  but rather a reworking of the earlier games. It was great, really. The gameplay of Star Wars Battlefront (2015) was replete with all the exhilarating action that one could think of. For fans of the Star Wars movies, the breathtaking visuals scored a perfect ten, coming very close to replicating everything that they expected to look like.

But it still fell short. A game produced by EA and DICE is bound to raise the bar in terms of popular expectations, and yet Battlefront 2015 failed on a level that is far too unforgiving- the content. That Battlefront 3 (if we want to simplify things) felt like it lacked depth, and it is a common complaint among those who have been with the game for a while. Plus there’s the repetitive feeling, not to mention the loads of bugs that require a gazillion patches to fix. Overall, Battlefront 3 may have been a huge commercial success like a Star Wars title this good looking is bound to, but it still lagged seriously behind. But there’s hope for the franchise yet.

Earlier this year, Polygon reported that EA officials revealed their plans to release one Star Wars game every year over the next few years. Moreover, they announced that there will be a new Battlefront game (Battlefront 4, to simplify things some more) in 2017 itself. Battlefront 4, or Star Wars Battlefront II (2017), is already in the works, and it may very well be the game that we were looking ahead to the first time around.

Quite obviously, Battlefront 4 will simultaneously be the fourth main entry in the Battlefront sub-series and the sequel to the 2015 reboot, as its title so clearly suggests. But it will still be a Star Wars game, so whichever way EA classifies the upcoming game, we are ready to have our minds blown.

Battlefront 4 (Star Wars Battlefront II 2017) Possible Features, Gameplay, and Wishlist

While not a lot is known about what elements the fourth game in the Battlefront series will come with, there have been a few hints and suggestions from the creators. Add to that the fact that we pretty much know all the things that can be improved upon from the upcoming title’s immediate predecessor, and that gives us a rough idea about what we might get to see in the 2017 instalment i.e the Battlefront 4. Let’s start with all that is certain- when the makers announced Battlefront 4 in May this year, they said that all of EA’s Star Wars games will incorporate elements from the new Anthology films (constituting of three movies, including the recently released Rogue One) along with the original films. Which means that we can expect to see everything from the classics to all the glorious reimagined stuff.

That Battlefront 4 will be a visual stunner leaves no doubt in our minds, but this raises a lot of questions about which characters we’re going to see in Battlefront 2017. But while the officials have not shed any light on that front, they have confirmed that the new game will have a revamped single player mode, which was one of the most critically panned aspects of the earlier game. Let’s move on to what else is inevitable, or at least possible, for Battlefront 4.

The Bare Bones: To begin with, it is more than likely that Battlefront 4 will take after its predecessors in terms of the basics- meaning that we’ll be able to play the game from either the first or third person perspectives, and we can switch when we like most of the time. You can expect to see the usual Star Wars milieu, and a bunch of playable Star Wars characters to be featured from the new films. You may play as either a soldier of the Rebellion or as a Stormtrooper.

Battlefront 4: Things we wanna see in it

Next Level Space Battles: Battlefront 2015 may have been praised for its gameplay, but some of the things it lacked stuck out like a sore thumb. The game’s maps included a number of planets from the Star Wars universe, and battles could take place in any one of them. The battles themselves were largely satisfactory and realistic, but alas, its scope was limited. One of the major disappointments that fans had with the last game was the absence of space battles. Especially when EA is involved; and so many new games are taking space exploration to a whole new level altogether. Adding one expansion with a space-based maps felt more like salt to our wounds. For Battlefront 4, EA would certainly do well to include full-blown space destruction, complete with the ability to explore enemy vessels, uncover their secrets, and fight them from the inside. Adding vast new maps could also enable us to explore the massive Star Wars universe more in depth, from planets to space.

A Deeper Player Experience: Another thing that was notably upsetting about the earlier game was the shallow experience it delivered, which is kind of a hard thing to achieve with a Star Wars game. With the kind of scope that the creators had the liberty to fully utilise, the game they offered us felt dull and repetitive at most times with little content to satisfy players. Coming to the modes, the multiplayer with its ability to accommodate 40 players at the same time may have been a better performer, but the single player was totally wrecked. Not only did it completely lack a campaign, the elements that were playable offline were a lost case. For Battlefront 4, fans are eagerly hoping for an improved single player with a solid campaign mode.

Thankfully, however, this desperate cry has reached EA’s ears in time, and the officials have said that they’re working hard on improving the experience. They acknowledged that while the multiplayer was well-received, fans were not happy with the single player, adding that with the next game, fans will not be disappointed with the solo mode. But while they didn’t mention anything about a campaign, we think there are a number of stories that can be made into that, what with all the new films coming up that the game will borrow from.

Battlefront 4 New Characters: We know this one feels like a given considering the fact that the upcoming game will borrow from the new films, but we feel like thinking out loud about all the amazing characters we could see in the new game couldn’t possibly be redundant. The last game had a bunch of classic characters that we could take control of, but being able to manipulate more of the people we love or hate would greatly add to the fun. So in Battlefront 4, we want to see a host of new characters being added to the game, not as part of DLC, but with the game’s initial launch itself.

Battlefront 4 (Star Wars Battlefront II 2017) Trailer

The development of Star Wars Battlefront II (2017) is well underway, as we already know. So it shouldn’t be long for us to get a glimpse at how the new game looks, be it as a teaser or a gameplay trailer or a cinematic reveal. Unfortunately, EA is yet to reveal any of these, so stay tuned for updates.

Battlefront 4 Release Date (in 2017?)

EA has already announced that Battlefront 4 is slated to come out in 2017, though they haven’t revealed a more precise window of release. However, the games in the Battlefront series have always aimed for a September to November launch. The 2015 game came out in November. So we think that Battlefront 4 Release Date will be sometime during October to November 2017. The game will be playable on the Microsoft PC, Xbox One, and PS 4.

Wrap Up

We think it is safe to conclude that Star Wars Battlefront II (2017) will be something to look forward to. Not only will it improve upon the elements from the last game, but we are expecting a slew of big changes to give us the game that we have all been expecting for a long time. That EA is listening to fan reactions is a huge plus. We hope to hear a lot more about Battlefront 4 in the upcoming months, and we’ll update all the new information here. Don’t forget to let us know how you want the new title to represent the Star Wars universe in the comments below.

Battlefront 4 Release Date, Features, Wishlist, Rumours, News and Update
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