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The Best Manager Mode Squad of young players which you can use in the EA Sports FIFA Franchise:

FIFA is a revolution when it comes to virtual football among game buffs of all genres. For someone who has never played football in real life, FIFA is their ultimate connect which can take them closest to the real life game possible and it is easily the most played game in the whole world. The EA Sports product which was launched way back in 1998 for the first time has come a long way in terms of advancements. And definitely, the most exciting mode in the game is no doubt the Manager career mode.


The Manager mode in FIFA, especially from the 2012 version onwards have given almost a life-like approach to the actual scenario in the life of a football manager. Easily the most exciting campaign to be a part of, FIFA Players all around the world rack their brains to end up with a perfect squad to continue their career with. The idea of buying big players at the managerial level seem intriguing as no real money is lost but for all the FIFA buffs who plan on making a low-budget team consisting of young players, this is the piece to read.

The Squad listed below has ratings from the last released FIFA 16 from EA Sports. However, the same players Mentioned will make an Equally impressive team in the FIFA 14 and FIFA 15 versions as well.

Trust me!

The Squad listed below is in the classic 4-3-3 counter-attacking formation laying special stress on pace and shooting ability of the players in the team. And it’s hugely effective.

Goalkeeper: Thibaut Courtois (Chelsea)

The 24-year-old Goalkeeper is a Chelsea player in the game and is a huge prospect for a long term team. The left footed Belgian International has an overall rating of 86 with a potential of 90 in FIFA 16. His best stats are: gk reflexes 88, gk handling 87, gk positioning 86, gk diving 84, reactions 81. His reflex in the game itself is tremendous and is one of the most effective goalkeepers in the game.

Best possible alternative: Marc-André ter Stegen (Barcelona)

Right Back/Right Wing-Back: Dani Carvajal (Real Madrid)

Another 24-year old, Dani Carvajal might prove to be a slightly expensive buy considering he is a Real Madrid player but he is definitely worth every penny in the game. With an overall of  82 with a potential of 85. Carvajal has got a 2-star skill moves rating which is impressive for a defender. His pace is a really good plus if played as an RWB and has impressive stamina as well as defensive statistics. His best stats are : stamina 86, sprint speed 86, marking 85, slide tackle 84, aggression 83. He is also a pretty good distance shooter in specific situations though his long shot rating is just 36. Speaking from experience.

Best possible alternative: Hector Bellerin (Arsenal)

Right Centre-Back: Marquinhos ( Paris Saint-Germain)

Just 22 years of age, Brazilian international Marquinhos certainly has one of the best player ratings for defenders in the game. With already a host of experience, the PSG player has tremendous defending stats as well as high points in aggression and interceptions. He has an overall rating of 81 with a potential of 87. The Brazilians best numbers in the game include slide tackle 86, stand tackle 85, marking 84, interceptions 84, jumping 84.

Best possible alternative: Luke Shaw (Southampton)

Left Centre-Back: Raphael Varane ( Real Madrid)


Again a comparatively expensive prospect, Varane is probably the best young centre-back since FIFA 14. The Real Madrid regular has a brilliant height which makes him tremendously effective in both offensive and defensive corners. His heading abilities in terms of goal scoring are commendable in the game as well. Varane has an overall rating of 82 with a potential of 89 and has got a 2-star skill moves rating.

Best possible alternative: Aymeric Laporte (Athletic Bilbao)

Left Back/Left Wing Back: Gaya (Valencia)

21-year old Spanish youngster Gaya has an overall rating of 80 with a potential of 85 and 2-star skill moves rating. The perfect young talent for the Left wing back position, Gaya has tremendous speed on the overlap and will produce best results if paired with an equally fast winger on the left-hand side. His best stats are : sprint speed 90, acceleration 85, balance 85, crossing 84, agility 83.

Best possible alternative: David Alaba (Bayern Munich) though he will come at a hefty price.

Right Central-Midfield: Zakaria Bakkali (Valencia)

The Belgian footballer who is just 20-years old is pegged as one of the best young talents in today’s world and the same goes for FIFA. His overall rating in FIFA 16 is 76 with a potential of 84. Bakkali has got a 4-star skill moves rating which allows him to do a wide range of theatrics in the game if done rightly. His only weakness is his strength where he lacks a punch but that will be sure to pick up with the progress of the game. His best stats are: balance 92, acceleration 91, agility 88, dribbling 87, sprint speed 86.

Best possible alternative: Lucas (Paris Saint-Germain)

Central-Attacking Midfield: Angel Correa(Atletico Madrid)

Argentine Angel Correa of 21 years has been an excellent prospect in the FIFA career modes since FIFA 14. The youngster in the Atletico Madrid bench has the biggest highlight of CAM in form of a very high long shot rating of 82 which makes him lethal in areas where he can be made to shoot from a distance. His speed is handy in the middle of the park and has a very good work rate in the game.  His overall rating  is 77 with a potential of 88. Correa has got a 4-star skill moves rating and his best stats include dribbling 87, agility 87, acceleration 86, ball control 85, balance 85 apart from his distant shooting abilities.

Best Possible alternative: André Schürrle (VFL Wolfsburg)

Left Central Midfield : Wellington Silva (Bolton Wanderers)


Perhaps one of the fastest midfielders in the game, 23 year old Wellington Silva is the perfect young midfielder for a counter-attacking team in FIFA. His pace stats are phenomenal and also boast of a 5 star skill move rating. His overall is 76 in the game with a potential of 80. His best stats are : agility 93, acceleration 92, sprint speed 91, balance 90, dribbling 80.

Best possible alternative : Bruma ( Real Sociedad)

Right Wing : Juan Manuel Iturbe (Bournemouth)

Iturbe who is a Paraguay international of 23 years, is yet another exciting prospect in FIFA who has gone under-rated due to big names of big clubs. 4 star skill moves and 3 star weak foot ability make him a great potential winger on the right-hand side. The pacey youngster if paired up with Bakkali on the wing will prove to be an extremely effective combination which will lead to a truckload of goals if used properly. Iturbe has a FIFA rating of 77 with a potential of 83. He is left footed so he is very effective in cross goal shots. His best stats are acceleration 93, sprint speed 92, agility 92, balance 91, dribbling 85.

Best possible alternative: Iuri Medeiros (Moreirense)

Left Wing : Jese (Real Madrid)

The Real Madrid youngster has been a terrific prospect for the manager mode since FIFA 14 and has just got better. equipped with all the necessary attributes for an attacker of a counter attacking side, Jese is the perfect attacking package you can get at the age of 23. With a potential rating of 87, and a tremendous improvement rate, Jese’s pace make him a perfect winger down the left-hand side. He might be a bit expensive considering he is a Real Madrid player but he will definitely be worth the transfer money spent. Jese’s best stats include acceleration 90, agility 87, ball control 86, dribbling 85, sprint speed 85.

Best possible alternative: Muniain( Athletic Bilbao)

Striker/Centre forward: Victor Andrade ( V. Guimarães)

Another low key striker, Andrade can prove to be quite a prospect in the game if provided with correct support on both sides. His speed is crucial on the break and his long shot taking ability increases rapidly with the progress of the game. Considering the fact that he is 20 years old Andrade has a long scope for improvement with passing seasons. With 3 star skill moves and a potential rating of 83, the young Brazilian boast of speedy stats at quite a young age. His best ratings are sprint speed 92, agility 91, acceleration 90, balance 90, dribbling 80.

Best possible alternative: Luciano Vietto (Atletico Madrid)

There are  hundreds of young players in the game and it is practically impossible to test all of their on-field abilities but the above players are more than capable to give you a trophy-laden season.

If you use them properly that is.

The Best Manager Mode Squad of young players which you can use in the EA Sports FIFA Franchise:
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