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Call of Duty 2017 Release Date, Wishlist, Rumors, News and Updates

Just as the developers promised, we have finally got hold of some real information about Call of Duty: WW2, including a brand new trailer (scroll down below to the Call of Duty 2017 Trailer section). The clip contains actual in-game footage, but while it doesn’t shed major light on the gameplay aspects, Sledgehammer co-founder Michael Condrey has shared some insights. The updated information can be found under the Release Date and News and Official Details sections.

Update: The creators of the acclaimed franchise have confirmed that Sledgehammer’s 2017 contribution will be called Call of Duty: WW2. This puts to rest all the speculation we had heard about the setting of Call of Duty 2017 and its possible relationship with the 2003 original. At this point, we do not have much more to go by besides the title itself and a poster, but there is a live reveal coming up on April 26. We hope to know a lot more about the game then. 

A lot of interest has been sparked since the announcement, and as is to be expected, the rumors and information leaks have not stopped pouring in since. Before we come to know more about Call of Duty: WW2 from the officials, these rumors, which are based on some marketing materials that have leaked help shed some light on several aspects of the game that are still shrouded in mystery, including a possible release date and a campaign story. According to these, the campaign in the new game will be based around the D-Day landing in Normandy and involve some of the most notable battles throughout Europe during the WWII. Some multiplayer elements have also been highlighted, and we hope to learn more about them later. 

Most importantly, the leaked materials suggest the launch information for Call of Duty: WW2. The game is supposedly slated to be released on November 3, 2017. We will be able to confirm these soon enough, so come back for updates. Meanwhile, go over to the official COD: WW2 webpage for more information. 

Call of Duty 2017: We know that it’s coming, and we’re excited about it. This despite the fact that the Call of Duty franchise has failed to live up to its longstanding reputation for some years now. The creators involved with the franchise seem to be well aware of that too, and they introduced a three-year development cycle for the games back in 2014. And as the main players at development were only two at the time, Activision introduced a third one: Sledgehammer Games. After producing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare back in 2014, 2017 is all set to be Sledgehammer’s year again. Before Sledgehammer became a primary COD developer three years back, the American studio that has been in existence since 2009 had contributed to 2011’s Modern Warfare 3, which as we all know was tremendously well received. Their 2014 game was also a critical and commercial success. Which is why we’re looking forward to Call of Duty 2017, especially after 2016’s installment was widely considered to be a disappointment for fans.

Call of Duty 2017

Call of Duty 2017 Release Date could be in November

But despite the fact that we’re pretty certain about Call of Duty 2017 being in development, not much is known about the upcoming game at the time. We know that we have just stepped into 2017, and we’re not expecting the next Call of Duty game to emerge until November this year. But what makes it worse is Sledgehammer’s incessant teasing ever since the fag end of 2016. The studio celebrated Christmas last year by sharing an image via Twitter which showed off the famous M1911 pistol for their next project. While that piqued our interest, the countdown teaser that they unveiled on the first day of the year added more to the intrigue. But why are we so intrigued when we already knew all along that Call of Duty 2017 has been in the making for a while now? Read on.

A Look Towards the Past

The answer to that is, it looks like Sledgehammer‘s game could well take the route of the past, and that has provided us with several reasons to be excited over the upcoming title. When Call of Duty first came out in 2003, the game was set during the era of World War II. In fact, all the games in the original trilogy had similar time settings, whereas the later games adopted more modern time frames. However, as the series has expanded even further, the most recent games have been placed further and further into the future- as if we don’t have enough of those already. And to cite last year’s example, Infinite Warfare took players out into space to battle their way through. And we all know how that worked out. So yes, one reason why we’re hyped is because Call of Duty 2017 could bring us a story that hits closer to home.

The second reason is that it looks like Call of Duty 2017 could revert right back to its roots with a World War II setting. Now we don’t have much to fortify our argument in favor of this point, especially as the M1911 was in production for a long time and has been in regular use in battles between 1911 and 1986. So essentially, the new game could be set during WWI or even the Vietnam War for that matter (more on that second one later). But we feel compelled to discount a possible WWI setting for Call of Duty 2017. For there have been plenty of games based on the 1914 “war to end all wars,” including 2016’s critically acclaimed Battlefield 1. And we haven’t seen one set during its massive successor quite as much as we would have liked in recent times. It is pretty clear that fans are pretty much done with the futuristic setting that the past few games have come with, so a look back at the series’ roots could prove to be a game changer. If Sledgehammer’s next entry did take the WWII route like the first three games, it could be a pretty nostalgic affair for those who have been associated with the series for a long time.

Call of Duty 2017: Name Games

Update: We’re aware of the speculations surrounding the game supposedly going back to its roots with a WWII setting, but its looks like these might have been all too true. A new leak surfaced via YouTuber TheFamilyVideoGamers‘ channel last week, where the vlogger showed some pictures and box art for the upcoming Call of Duty 2017 game, each of them carrying the title Call of Duty: WW2. The email tip that TheFamilyVideoGamers received was sent from someone who identified himself as Anonymous. But while most of us found it appropriately hard to believe, it appears that the leaks had some solid grounding. Some unnamed sources close to the project have confirmed to Eurogamer that COD 2017 will indeed be called Call of Duty: WW2. Activision is yet to comment on the matter, so it’s not official yet. But chances are we will find out the truth behind all the racket about the naming soon. Especially if Activision returns with their own booth at this year’s E3, we sure hope to hear something or the other. We recommend taking everything with a pinch of salt until then. 

So as things stand right now, none of the speculations about Call of Duty 2017 is confirmed. However, now we might have come upon the name that the creators have decided upon the next entry in the acclaimed franchise: Call of Duty: Lethal Combat. GameRant reported that in the aftermath of the SAG-AFTRA strike, the list of affected projects that was unveiled showed the name mentioned above. However, this still seems to be an issue that hasn’t quite been decided on yet, as another possible name for the project has come up in the diggings. This other title could be Call of Duty: Stronghold. 

Call of Duty 2017 News and Official Details

Sledgehammer has released a new video that details the ideas that have gone into the creation of Call of Duty: WW2. The developers talk about the kind of intense research they had to perform to get all the details right, for which they have collaborated with noted WWII historian Martin Morgan. Places the team has traveled to for this purpose include San Pedro, Luxembourg, and Germany. The video features Sledgehammer Co-Founders Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey who emphasize that the aim is to deliver a game that feels like an authentic retelling of the global impact the WWII was rather than being just another video game exploiting this particular historical setting. The art direction has been such that Call of Duty: WW2 feels emotionally dark, yet beautiful at the same time. We sure hope the creators live up to the kind of expectation the game is building up for fans, but then again, this is Sledgehammer. Watch the video below to get a better idea of what to expect (and have a quick glimpse at the in-game weapons and vehicles).

If you are wondering about some of the in-game aspects of the upcoming game, find them below.

Characters: Much of what Condrey has said tallies with the marketing leaks that surfaced after the game’s announcement. The official details comes from GamesRadar who spoke to Condrey to probe into the game’s different aspects. It also looks like our prediction from watching the trailer was not entirely wrong- we are going to get a diversified narrative, thanks to the different characters and the narratives they bring in.

For starters, the 2017 edition of Call of Duty will show the WWII as what is really was- “a global cause.” Which for the developers obviously meant that focusing on a single narrative would take a lot away from the setting’s realism. The new game will have multiple playable characters, and while only two have been revealed so far, players will encounter “a German family and two sisters,” a British officer named Crowley, and Cormack, an officer of African-American descent. Condrey explained the reason behind expanding the cast to include so many backgrounds: “The Allied force was a global force, the German force, the Axis force, was more than just the Nazis. It was Germans as well as other nations involved, and so it was important for us to not… this isn’t an American war, this isn’t a story of an American squad – this is a global cast and so you’ll see some really powerful performances on both sides of the war.”

The two main characters will be soldiers from the 1st Infantry Division named Red Daniels and Zussman, with Daniels being the primary protagonist. But Condrey has confirmed one other playable character, that of Rousseau, a Frenchwoman fighting for the Resistance.

The Importance of Assistance: It is clear that Condrey and his team wish to move away from a unidimensional portrayal of the war. The idea is that no one soldier, no matter how brave, can ever execute everything that a war demands on his own. This is where the idea of assistance comes in- in Call of Duty: WW2, you will rely heavily on your squadmates to provide you with security by sharing ammo and other necessary things. The kind of help you get will depend on your individual squadmates, and the ammo sharing aspect is only one of many others that you can expect from them. However, remember that your friends can die, and that can potentially leave you increasingly helpless.

Weapons: Quite obviously, you can finally bid adieu to the futuristic weapons of the previous games and take your pick from an arsenal of the most iconic rifles of the 1940s era. These will include, but not be limited to “SMG-44 and the Garand, the rifles, the SMGs like the Thompson or the Grease Gun,” Condrey said.

Say Goodbye to Old Features: It is clear that Sledgehammer is taking a wholly different approach in building their own COD installment. And in achieving that, the developers are bidding adieu to some of the features that have become almost synonymous to the franchise. In this particular case, Call of Duty: WW2 will not come with Unlimited Sprint.

More details will follow through as they come.

Call of Duty 2017 Features and Wishlist

There is a host of other things that could happen and we’ll move on to those now. At this moment, we can’t say anything for sure, and we certainly don’t think we’ll see a proper official announcement until the second quarter of 2017. Michael Condrey announced in an interview back in 2015 that Call of Duty 2017 was already in development, but other details are sparse. But we love the idea of exploring possibilities about what we could see in the upcoming game. Let’s take a look.

Location: Call of Duty 2017 is largely expected to be set sometime during the twentieth century (think of the gun), and it is also expected to center around one of the most iconic battles that took place within that time. But while many sources suggest the new game will make London its location during the WWII, one solid possibility is Vietnam. If you really think about it, it makes perfect sense. Sledgehammer’s last game, Advanced Warfare, took players to the east. And then there was Call of Duty: Vietnam, which got canceled due to scheduling problems. Also, the M1911 pistol was highly in use by the Americans during the Vietnam War. All of these have us thinking that Sledgehammer could, indeed, work upon the idea that they had started way back.

COD 2017 Characters: The Call of Duty games have always brought famous people onboard to lend their voices to their iconic characters. But for Call of Duty 2017, it looks like Sledgehammer could seek help from a highly sought after female actor. That’s right because the creators had earlier hinted that a female protagonist was in order for their new Call of Duty title. But as to who this character would be acted by, we are clueless. Let us know who you think it could be.

Single Character Story Campaign: Call of Duty typically has its solo campaign focused around a bunch of different characters, but we would like to see the single player in 2017 have only one single protagonist at its center. That would give the campaign more focus as well as add more depth to the story. This feature worked well in Advanced Warfare, and we wouldn’t mind seeing it again.

No Exoskeletons: We know the folks over at Sledgehammer are not crazy, so we are sure they have thought this over. But just for good measure, we do not want to see exo movements in a game that is based in the twentieth century; not even in our wildest dreams. Whether the game is set during WWII or in Vietnam, we want a pretty authentic, grounded, and absolutely terrifyingly serious experience in Call of Duty 2017.

Call of Duty 2017 Trailer

Call of Duty 2017 has officially been announced as Call of Duty: WW2, and the new reveal trailer shows off a little bit of what we are about to get. The new game will kick off in Normandy and follow through some of the most notable battles that took place throughout the European continent during what has been one of the most devastating wars till date. You get to see beach landings, some fiery weapons, a glimpse at wartime brotherhood, and some mean shooting as well as melee combat. But the highlight of the trailer for us is undoubtedly the kind of dichotomy it shows during the short time it runs, which tells us that perhaps we are not going to get a one-sided story. Take a look at it for yourself.

Call of Duty 2017 System Requirements

Minimum RequirementsRecommended Requirements
Operating SystemWindows 7 64-bit or aboveWindows 7 64-bit or above
ProcessorCore i3 3250 @ 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7-4790K @ 4.0 GHz
GraphicsAMD Radeon HD 7990, or, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680AMD Radeon R9 290X, or, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
DirectXDirectX 11DirectX 11

Call of Duty 2017 Release Date and Platforms

Update: The official release date for Call of Duty: WW2 is November 3, 2017, Actoivision and Sledgehammer have announced. They added that those who place their pre-orders for the disc or digital copies will get access to the game’s private beta. 

Going by the earlier games in the series, we can expect Call of Duty 2017 to be released by November 2017. We expect it to come out on the Microsoft Windows PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Take a look at pattern followed by the previously released entries to get a clearer idea.

TitleDeveloper Release Date
Call of DutyInfinity WardOctober 29, 2003
Call of Duty 2Infinity WardOctober 25, 2005
Call of Duty 3TreyarchNovember 7, 2006
Call of Duty 4: Modern WarfareInfinity Ward November 7, 2007
Call of Duty: World at WarTreyarchNovember 11, 2008
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2Infinity WardNovember 10, 2009
Call of Duty: Black OpsTreyarchNovember 9, 2010
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Infinity Ward and SledgehammerNovember 8, 2011
Call of Duty: Black Ops IITreyarchNovember 12, 2012
Call of Duty: GhostsInfinity WardNovember 5, 2013
Call of Duty: Advanced WarfareSledgehammer GamesNovember 4, 2014
Call of Duty: Black Ops IIITreyarchNovember 6, 2015
Call of Duty: Infinite WarfareInfinity Ward
November 4, 2016
Call of Duty 2017Sledgehammer GamesNovember, 2017 (probable)

Wrap Up

So now that we have compiled the reasons why we’re pretty hyped about Call of Duty 2017, it’s time for our readers to add in on it. Let us know in the comments section what you think Sledgehammer’s game could be like and why it could work for you. And while you wait for Sledgehammer to deliver an official reveal, you can read about our speculations for Dead Space 4.

Call of Duty 2017 Release Date, Wishlist, Rumors, News and Updates
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