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Metal Gear Survive Trailer, Konami’s new title without Hideo Kojima


New Gears of War 4 trailer introduces the Enemy

This prior series projects the rebirth of Metal Gear. The play starts with the total devastation of an off-shore building that was the military campaign area of the Big Boss, the main villain protagonist. All residents get almost killed and lay the villain to a coma stage for long years. Everything was going well on the planet and suddenly one day, he regains his memory power and comes back to original life. He understands that he lost his huge empire that was the result of his hard work of many years. He challenges his rebirth and take it as a life of revenge and restructuring his lost powers.

Further consequences regarding this dangerous situation are not known. However, the producer of the story has taken the effort of publishing and popularizing it from the experiments conducted in various directions. He has also tried to make this game compatible and supported by mobile phones and other similar machines so that it is easy to get franchised and hit the profit sector. Again, this turned out to be a turning point in the lives of the director and producer which ended up with the shifting out of the director or the creator from the making of this famous play. It is been heard that the maker left the unit after taking the contacts of the folks already working with the unit. This was for starting an independent firm in future. Thus, like the sequel in the game, the real-life base of the game also had fallen apart.

It took nearly three years for the left team to figure out the conclusion for the play and this was one of the big- budget or mass film developed by them under the Fox-engine software that was once designed by the left person with the only intention to preserve the whole work done till that point.

Thus, it was a historic movement that turned out to be completely different and exciting from the previous versions. More like mysterious organisms and hidden wrecks come up to take you up. Dig this complete summary here.

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