Here goes a brief summary of the primary one in the Resident Evil series.

The Exciting Resident Evil 0

This has the sequel events almost similar to that showcased in part 1 of the series. The game starts by focusing on an evil figure that is observing from high on top of a hill and this shot is equally shared by numerous leeches overtaking a speedy train. Meanwhile, the S.T.A.R.S team manages to reach the Arklay mountains as their helicopter crashes in the midway when they were set to enquire for the cannibalistic mission. Later, the Bravo team was able to take control of the train but Rebecca, the lady member of the team finds that it has the presence of giant leeches and other zombie agents.

Further, this woman joins for an ordeal with another survivor fellow, Billy Coen who is in the train and manages to communicate through a unique inventory system. This is been observed by the evil figure and directs the express train to the secret house where the Umbrella scientist William Birkin with the help of Albert Wesker, one of the members of S.T.A.R.S unit are working on their big illegal project. While the train crashes down, these folks merely escape from the train and start to explore the haunted-like building.

As soon as they realize that the experts have already developed their biological virus weapon, they set apart their mission to inform other team members. While she tries to escape, the tyrant figure appears and try to attack her. She is being rescued by Billy and finds out that the leech man was all behind the play and also, he is one to create the viral Queen Leech through his consistent experiments. Then, the leech enters the creator’s body and resides in his body altering his memory power and transforming his body to take a huge muscular shape.

The termination of the virus lab occurs when Rebecca purposefully hits the button for self-destruction which she sees when the Leech rapidly steps to chase her. The pair manages to escape from the building where the leech following them was heated up by the scorching sunlight and almost dormant itself for saving its life. Thus, there occurs the defeat of evil.

Rebecca manages to keep Billy’s involvement a top secret and the pair breaks up and moves towards taking up new tasks and challenges.

What would be the next game mission? I thought about this and soon the concerned Resident Evil team released the next series.