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Crackdown 3: Release Date, Gameplay, Updates

Crackdown 3: If relentless destruction gets you going, then Microsoft’s next title, Crackdown 3, might just be the one for you. The upcoming game being developed by former head of Realtime Studios and series creator David Jones’s studio, Reagent Games, has created a lot of hype about never before seen gameplay style, thanks to its “100 percent destructible environment” powered by Microsoft Azure’s cloud services. After months of speculation from fans about the possibility of a new Crackdown sequel, Crackdown 3 was finally unveiled during Gamescom 2015, with an official introductory trailer which flaunted both the game’s massive scale as well as its developmental progress.

Crackdown 3 Release Date

Crackdown 3 comes many years after the second game in the Crackdown franchise, which was launched in 2010. While Crackdown 2 was published by Microsoft, its developers had changed from Realtime Studios (who were responsible for the 2007 original, Crackdown) to Scottish developers, Ruffian Games. The upcoming third title, therefore, is an awaited one for fans for whom David Jones’s involvement has nostalgic value. But that is just one of the reasons why so many gamers are looking forward to it.

Crackdown 3 Gameplay:

Crackdown 3 is a sandbox-style third person shooter game, where players will have access to a number of weaponry and transforming vehicles to fulfil the game’s ultimate aim of stopping “a ruthless criminal empire” from taking over the “once glistening metropolis” that it is set in. Microsoft officials had stated earlier that while the game will be set at a future date to the first Crackdown title, its events will depict an alternate timeline to Crackdown 2 rather than come after it in chronology.

But there’s much more to Crackdown 3, where every inch of the in-game surroundings will be fully destructible in certain modes. In terms of gameplay, players can expect to be mind-blown by the sheer amount of possibilities that the game’s completely destructible environment offers. As David Jones has explained on several videos, players can use this to their advantage in strategic terms. For example, if you need to cross a river in the game, but the bridge is out, you can fell a building (pretty much like a tree) to make it fall across the river, which will then allow you passage over it. So basically, every single thing in the game can be used to a player’s advantage.

However, this scope will only be available on the game’s online multiplayer mode as it relies on Microsoft Azure’s mammoth computing powers (said to be twenty times greater compared to the Xbox One), to unleash the game’s full scale destruction abilities. Offline modes of the game will only provide access to a limited amount of destruction.

Crackdown 3 System Requirements

The system requirements listed below for Crackdown 3 are unofficial, but we guarantee you that we’ll update this section as soon as Microsoft releases the details. For the time being, take a look at the table below that lists the tentative requirements.

 Minimum RequirementsRecommended Requirements
Operating SystemWindows 10 64-bitWindows 10 64-bit
ProcessorIntel Core i5-4460 3.2GHzIntel Core i7-4790 @ 3.6GHz
GraphicsAMD Radeon R7 260X, or, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760
AMD Radeon R9 FURY X, or, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980Ti
DirectXDirectX 12DirectX 12

Crackdown 3 Release Date:

Crackdown 3 has already been considerably delayed from what was largely anticipated to be a 2016 release. It is quite understandable that a game of this large and promising a scale might need a lot of tweaking and fine tuning before it rolls out for players. David Jones’s message on the game’s official webpage reads:

“Crackdown 3 is a game built for the future with a multiplayer experience that will redefine what it feels like to play games, and as we continue to work on this, it has become clear that our original timeline of delivering multiplayer to fans this summer, while maintaining the size, scope and quality of the game, would be challenging. Our top priority is to give gamers an experience they have never seen before at a scale never thought possible, and sticking to our original timeline would have compromised that goal.”

Additionally, sources have said that with Microsoft’s line-up of this year’s releases already prepared, a title as highly-anticipated as Crackdown 3 will not be crammed into that.

So for now, we have to be satisfied with the vague promise of a 2017 release for Crackdown 3 without the assurance of an actual date. The game will be released for both Microsoft Windows and Xbox One. It will also be an Xbox Play Anywhere title, which will enable players who buy it for one platform play it on the other one as well.

For further updates, stay tuned.

Crackdown 3: Release Date, Gameplay, Updates
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