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Dawn of War 3 Release Date, Gameplay, Features, News and Updates

Dawn of War 3: There will be no dearth of RTS titles in 2017, with Halo Wars 2 coming out in February and a number of other games slated for launch during later in the year. Dawn of War 3, developed by Relic Entertainment and Sega in association with Games Workshop, falls under this roster, and though we do not yet have a set release date for the upcoming game, there are a lot of reasons to be looking forward to it.

Dawn of War 3

Dawn of War 3: What is the hype about?

Dawn of War 3 is the third instalment in the widely appreciated Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War series, that first came out in 2004. The franchise has been based on Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 universe and has so far been exclusive to the Windows PC. What sets the games apart from a lot of other real time strategy games is their engaging narrative, woven around the intricate backstories of several different factions, and the involved gameplay. The latest game in the series to be announced, Dawn of War 3, has been on the cards for a long time now and is the first main instalment in the series to come out since 2009. While the 2004 original was generally well received by critics for its intricate tactical gameplay, the sequel was considered by many as somewhat of a soupy mess. But thanks to what we have seen about Dawn of War 3 so far, we have reason to think that the new title has great potential.

Those who have tried out the playable demos have already said that it plays out more like a traditional RTS game, but with enough cool elements to attract new players. Dawn of War 3 is set way ahead into the future in the forty first millennium and will have the most massive scale that we have seen in the series so far. The new game is set on the planet Acheron and will bring together the three legendary factions that make it back from the earlier games, namely the Space Marines, the Eldars, and the Orks. The events are set in motion by the discovery of a mysterious new weapon that has the potential to level everything in sight. The three warring factions find themselves in a tussle which ultimately becomes nothing short of a struggle for survival for each of them.

For Dawn of War 3, the creators have promised fans the most epic scale battles and the most well-developed cinematics that we have seen in RTS games in a while. The cinematic reveal trailer that came along with the announcement of the game showed off some of that, and subsequent reveals have also gone to showcase some parts of the gameplay. Now we all know that the cinematic visuals seen in trailers are hardly reflective of what we generally get to see in the gameplay, but whatever we have seen until now goes to show some really neat mechanics. Besides that, Dawn of War 3 will boast of some really cool features too. Here are some of the things that make Dawn of War 3 a much anticipated title for RTS fans.

Dawn of War 3 Features and Gameplay

What makes Dawn of War 3 unique is its intricate storyline that combines the perspectives of the different warring factions. There are mainly three groups that players can choose to play as- the persevering Space Marines, the sophisticated Eldars, or the brutal Orks, and each faction has its own advantages and disadvantages. But while the groups are familiar, expect a lot of changes among them, including ability upgrades and newer types. Fans should expect to see an amalgamation of sorts of the mechanics of the previous games, the best of which will be making a return. In addition, there will be a huge graphical overhaul with improved animation, all thanks to the new engine that the game is being built on. So how will you be playing the game? Let’s take a look.

Dawn of War 3 is primarily a strategy based game where players will have to make the most of the resources at hand. This means that they will have to employ a lot of strategy to ensure that they have what they need at all times. The resources are varied, and what you will need to buy with them can be very expensive. So it will help to keep your eyes open. Dawn of War 3 will have both a single player campaign and a multiplayer. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Single Player: In the Dawn of War 3 single player mode, players will be able to play as the Space Marines, the Eldars, or the Orks. “This universe has no heroes or villains. Through alternating missions you’ll soon learn the combat advantages of Space Marines, Orks, and Eldar,” reads the game’s official page. What we understand is that players will have to don the hats of each faction as they go about the game’s campaign, but what this means in terms of the missions is yet unclear. While not much is known about the story itself, we know that each faction will have their own massive walker units with their own epic gear, so be prepared to have some fun on the battlefield.

Multiplayer: Not much information here as of now, but with three different factions with their distinct battling styles and different masterminds leading them we can expect to be the kind of online brawl that we have come to expect from the most epic of titles. But what interests us is the potential here. We know that Dawn of War 3 will have both PvP and co-op, but the fact that the single player mode itself takes on a multi perspective shape in the upcoming game leaves us with one big question. Will the same narrative style be employed in Dawn of War 3’s multiplayer as well? Relic hasn’t revealed much about it yet along with a lot of other things, but we’re hoping there will be more light shed on this matter soon.

Combat: Considering that players will be able to play Dawn of War 3 as all three of the playable factions, combat in the new game is going to be an intriguing mixture of different techniques spanning each of them. The devs have already promised fans that the battles in Dawn of War 3 will be representative of the massive scale of the new game, and we’ve seen some of that in the trailers. One of the most prominent additions in this respect is the giant war machines that each faction will be equipped with. From the Imperial Knights of the Space Marines to the Wraithknights of the Eldars, and the Gorkanauts of the Orks, we know there will be some colossal battles when these are pitched against one another. But however damage they are capable of causing, players will need to figure out and be mindful of how to best use them. For like everything else in Dawn of War 3, the walkers have their weaknesses alongside their strengths. In this case, their massive scale can often be quite an impediment in the face of a small but precise unit.

Coning to where you can expect to take your battles, Relic says they will take place on both land as well as up in space. Needless to say, there will be dedicated vehicles and special weapons for these purposes. Combat will be of both the ranged kind and hand to hand, and suitably, players will be able to get hold of both kinds of weaponry.

Dawn of War 3 Trailer

Besides whatever little bits Relic has shared about Dawn of War 3, most of the information that can be weaned has been from the few videos that the creators have been kind enough to share. While none of these give out great details of what we may expect to see in the upcoming game, there are some vivid glimpses into some of the core elements that these have afforded. Check these out, along with the cinematic announcement trailer, below.Dawn of War 3, most of the information that can be weaned has been from the few videos that the creators have been kind enough to share. While none of these give out great details of what we may expect to see in the upcoming game, there are some vivid glimpses into some of the core elements that these have afforded. Check these out, along with the cinematic announcement trailer, below.

Dawn of War 3 Release Date and Platforms

All we know is that Relic and Sega will be ready to launch the game within the year, that is 2017. But there is no telling yet precisely when we will be able to see Dawn of  War 3. Considering the fact that the creators have largely been mum about the actual components of the game till now, we think fans have a bit of waiting to do still. Our hunch is Dawn of War 3 will be released sometime during the second half of 2017, but that’s just speculation on our part. What we do know for sure is the platform: like its predecessors, the new game is coming for the Windows PC. There might be plans for other platforms as well, but we’re unaware of that at the moment.

In Conclusion

Dawn of War 3 will be an exciting game if it manages to strike the elusive balance between being a great strategy game and an engaging story. And going by the previous games, Relic has certainly achieved the same before. But the highlight this time is the fact that a lot of time has passed since we saw a last main entry into the series. Which means that many of the thing need to be done differently to appeal to the rapidly changing tastes of modern RTS fans. We know Relic has promised us a lot (without actually revealing much), so they do have a lot to live up to. But despite the hazy outlines, there is no denying that Dawn of War 3 has great potential. We looking out for more details about the game from its makers, so be assured that you will come to know about them as soon as we catch wind of anything. Keep an eye on this post for more info about Dawn of War 3 release date and gameplay.

Dawn of War 3 Release Date, Gameplay, Features, News and Updates
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