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Dead Island 2 Release Date, Gameplay, Rumours, News and Updates

Dead Island 2: Several years after the release of Dead Island, Deep Silver announced that they were working on a new title in the series, simply titled as Dead Island 2. But since its initial announcement back in 2014 at Sony’s E3 press meet, the developers have revealed very little about the game. While fans are mostly sure that the upcoming game will follow the overall pattern of the first title’s “paradise to hell” pattern, not much else is known except the fact that Dead Island 2 will be set in California.

Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 Release Date

Dead Island 2 has already met with several bouts of delay following a number of changes in the developer team, prompting sporadic rumours from a few quarters that Deep Silver has cancelled the game altogether. Dead Island 2 was originally set to release in the spring of 2015, but that was later moved to 2016 citing issues in the creative process. The developers simply said that they had not quite achieved what they were looking for. At around the same time, it became public knowledge that the game’s initial developer Yager was dropped from the project due to creative differences and Deep Silver began looking for a new developer soon after. However, British developer Sumo Digital did not come on board until March 2016, and a few weeks ago the makers announced that the release date for Dead Island 2 had been pushed back to 2017. Due to the constant changes in the development team, there is very little confirmed information about Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 Gameplay Features and Rumours

Going by the limited gameplay footage released by the developers to date, Dead Island 2, much like its predecessor, will be a zombie apocalypse title to be played in the first person. However, the game is expected to implement a lot of upgrades to make it rise far above the first game in the series. For though Dead Island was praised for its overall atmosphere, many of its technical aspects were criticised, chiefly due to several glitches in the system.

Among the things that we know, Dead Island 2 will be set a while after the events of the previous game in several locations across California, including multiple prominent places in Los Angeles and San Francisco. According to the plot, the epidemic in California is bad enough for the whole of the state to be placed under quarantine by the US military. The game will feature at least four playable characters, each of whom will come with their own backstory and special skills to fight the zombies as well as human enemies. Weapons will obviously form an important part of Dead Island 2, and as we saw in the 2011 game, melee weapons will be given a priority for the ultimate zombie destruction experience. Players will also be able to craft their own weapons which will range from chainsaws to electric grinders. A co-op multiplayer supporting up to eight players is also expected to come.

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Dead Island 2 Release Date

Official information about Dead Island 2 at this year’s major gaming events has been next to nil. Except for a tweet earlier this year from Deep Silver which said that they were working on the game, not much has been heard. After a series of delays, Dead Island 2 is presently supposed to be released sometime in 2017 though a specific date has not been confirmed by the makers yet. However, the game can be found listed for pre-order on several online websites like Amazon which point at a release date of December 29, 2017.

Dead Island 2 Release Date, Gameplay, Rumours, News and Updates
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