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Dead Space 4 Release Date, Rumours, Wishlist, News and Updates

Dead Space 4: Ever since the original Dead Space game came out in 2008, the franchise that it spawned in its aftermath has made many fans from all around the world. Not only were Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3 extremely well received by fans (whether newbies or those well acquainted with the previous instalments) and critics, the games went on to become some of the biggest commercial successes of their time. However, the wait after we last saw a Dead Space game has been a long and arduous one, especially with all the confusing rumours surrounding its fate. Here, we decode the enigma that is Dead Space 4 and try to straighten things out about what lies in store for fans who are eagerly waiting for a new iteration to be added to the third-person shooter series.

Dead Space 3

The Fate of Dead Space 4

It is to be noted that the earlier games in the Dead Space series have been quite irregularly spaced. The original game came out in 2008 with Part 2 coming out in 2011. Dead Space 3, on the other hand, was released fairly sooner in 2013. However, while the series remains a celebrated one, the hurried output from developer Visceral Games seems to have had its toll on the last game we saw. So even though some critics still praised the last title and called it one of the greatest action games to have come out in years, some saw it as a laborious continuation of a series which had overdone its old formula to death. Some also critiqued its apparent prioritisation of action over horror. However, fans loved Dead Space 3, and have been rooting for more ever since; which brings us to the question of Dead Space 4.

The rumours about Dead Space 4 started pretty early on, and it began on a negative note. One reputed gaming site which had a lot of nay to say about Dead Space 3’s execution published an article back in 2013 which said that any efforts for a next game in the franchise had been cancelled. Citing unnamed sources, the report in Videogamer said that the franchise had reached an abrupt end following poor sales records following its release. It further added that the previously upcoming game was already underway with a small group of developers when EA executives shut down the project. It also cited Frank Gibeau’s (of EA) earlier statement in an interview where he had the following to say about the future of the Dead Space franchise: “In general we’re thinking about how we make this a more broadly appealing franchise because ultimately you need to get to audience sizes of around five million to really continue to invest in an IP like Dead Space. Anything less than that and it becomes quite difficult financially given how expensive it is to make games and market them.” Upon its initial release, Dead Space 3 had a strong start, but gradually suffered from a lack of substantial sales figures. This fact, along with the report from Videogamer, led many to believe that Dead Space 4 was indeed cut off.

However, what followed soon after in the form of a response from EA was an ugly, and frankly confusing, bout. First, the contents of the original article were denied by an EA representative via social networking platforms. Then the publisher’s COO Peter Moore vehemently criticised the source and the site calling their work a piece of “Standard, shoddy website journalism recipe, born out of a desperate need to increase click-thru rates to support advertising revenue.” The publisher later clarified that the series had not yet reached its end, even though work on Dead Space 4 had not yet commenced. It will do us good to remember that the upcoming game was never announced in the first place.

Dead Space 4: Is it Happening?

Well, thanks to all the winding rumours, attacks, and counterattacks related to Dead Space 4, we aren’t entirely sure where the next entry in the series actually stands. But considering the ending of Dead Space 3, we are more than likely to get a Dead Space 4 sooner or later. As Visceral Games have not really stuck to a specific routine in their timing in between the games of the series, we find it hard to conclude that Dead Space 4 will not be happening just because three years have passed by after the last game came out. It was later announced that the developers were engaged in a new IP following Dead Space 3 (Battlefield Hardline), but that specific game came out in 2015. So we are not giving up on our hopes for Dead Space 4 just yet. Who knows? It might just be the game that they’re presently working on. Moreover, after what Steve Papoutsis, vice president and general manager at Visceral Games, had to say about retained interest of the devs in the series, we can dare to remain positive.

Dead Space 4 Features, Gameplay, Wishlist

At this point, it is difficult for us to say anything with certainty about what we may see in the upcoming title. But taking the previous game of the series into account, we may assume that Dead Space 4 will take the same storyline forward and it will bring back many of the characters from the earlier games, not excluding series protagonist Isaac Clarke. However, we are up for taking a few stabs in the dark for Dead Space 4. Read on to find out.

Bring back the Horror: Despite what some had to say, Dead Space 3 was an amazing action game with all its brutal combat woven into the storyline. However, we felt like it had dialed down on the horror element by several notches. That was a shame for a series that was created with horror as its backbone, and one which the creators had called the most terrifying game they could pull off. We’re sure EA had their reasons to focus on other aspects in the last entry. But a survival horror game without horror is essentially something that lacks a limb or two. Moreover, the business records of Dead Space 3 speak for themselves. This is why making Dead Space 4 a full-on horror treat for devoted fans of the series is certain to bring the series back up where it belongs.

Tools over Ammo: One of our favourite protagonists of all time was originally a ship systems engineer who, by way of fate, had to face off against some really bad and frankly maddening circumstances. The gameplay for the original Dead Space largely followed in this strain. Players needed to think on their feet about how to go about a certain kill so that they could be benefitted in the long run. After all, the necromorphs were pretty hard to take down using standard weapons, and the various tools proved to be more handy in eliminating them. Besides, they made the kills pretty satisfying for the horror fanatics in us. But this was largely missing in Dead Space 3 with the number of human enemies shooting up, hence warranting the need for military grade weapons over simpler but more effective methods. In Dead Space 4, we want to see the tools make a comeback in all their glory. Players should be able to assemble their own killing machines from any scavenged parts that they can find, making the approach to survival more strategic rather than wholly reliant on gun power.

VR Mode: With the release of Resident Evil 7, we can safely say that horror in VR is one of the most terrifying things that one can experience. Although it may feel a little claustrophobic for some, VR works pretty well with horror. The fact of the matter is, strapping on a headset wholly immerses us into the formidable world that aims to throw a scare at us from every possible corner. And we think the technology will be particularly well suited for Dead Space 4. The game is not expected to come out anytime soon, so the devs certainly have the opportunity to work on the tech. Moreover, if Visceral Games does aim to reintroduce horror in a big way, we can think of no better way to celebrate.

Dead Space 4 Trailer

Sadly, we don’t have anything to show you here. Considering the fact that there are sincere doubts about whether Dead Space 4 is in development or not, we can tell that it’ll be a while before we get to see anything substantial emerge from those associated with it. But we do hope that we hear an official announcement soon, which is pretty likely to come with a reveal trailer or a teaser. So feel free to stick around for updates.

 Dead Space 4 Release Date

In all honesty, we can only hope that Dead Space 4 is already in development, but based on everything that has happened so far, we’d say we have good reason to think so. After all, the creators are aware of the fact that fans have long been craving for a new Dead Space game, and Dead Space 4 will be the perfect platform to give them a good dose of whatever had been missing from the last game. Additionally, as Visceral’s GM stated, the studio also has a lot of interest in the series and there are opportunities to revisit the story. So we hope that they are busy working out ideas for Dead Space 4 following their 2015 release of Battlefield Hardline. If that is the case, then we should be hearing about the upcoming title sometime soon.

However, we think that the creators ought to take a bit of time to rethink the direction of the series with Dead Space 4, and we think they will. So considering all the odds and angles, we predict that Dead Space 4 will not be outed anytime before 2018.

To wrap it all up, we are looking forward to Dead Space 4 for more reasons than we can count. But the bottom line is, we hope Visceral Games and EA bring back the perfect blend of horror, survival strategies, and action that we had all come to love with the first two games in the series with their next venture. Let us know what would make Dead Space 4 the most explosive title in the series for you in the comments below.

Dead Space 4 Release Date, Rumours, Wishlist, News and Updates
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