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Dying Light 2 Release Date, Wishlist, Rumors, News and Updates

Dying Light 2: Techland’s 2015 zombie-apocalypse title Dying Light may have felt like something that the creators had begun but couldn’t really finish. That could not have been a great thing in a market swarmed with zombie survival titles, but one cannot deny that Techland’s game, while it did follow some of the reigning cliches in the genre, introduced a new kind of freshness to the same. In the end, Dying Light was an enjoyable game that had its fair share of praiseworthy elements; drawbacks were aplenty, but there is a reason why we like it so much. And that is why even though Dying Light 2 is still currently unconfirmed, we have great hopes for it. So we are here to compile all our thoughts about the prospects of Dying Light 2 in one place. Read on.

Dying Light 2

Is the sequel to Dying Light really underway at a Techland studio?

Why Dying Lights 2 Has Potential

Some critics pointed out that the 2015 original tried to achieve a kind of faux-seriousness that ultimately left it dangling somewhere uncomfortably in the middle. Hardcore fans, however, will swear that it had the potential to be a step towards something of an improvement in zombie games overall. Add to that the fact that it has been highly speculated that Techland’s developers did not have nearly as much time as they needed to flesh out the game in its entirety. That is something that tends to happen when you need to stick to a deadline. Which is why, on a related note, we really appreciate Starbreeze’s decision not to commit to a deadline just to please fans for their upcoming next entry in the popular Payday series. After all, we all saw what happened to No Man’s Sky. Dying Light, to its merit, definitely did not meet a fate like that, but it did leave a lot to be desired.

To speak of the positives of the first game, critics praised several of its gameplay elements. We especially liked the dynamic day and night cycle- night time in Dying Light seemed to suck dry whatever traces of humor the game wanted to implement, and we are not complaining. We also loved the unique combat system, which relied heavily on weapons and a healthy dose of parkour for scaling difficult areas. But that could not make up for the bunch of technical issues that it came loaded with. As a result, there were some unpardonable inconsistencies in gameplay, making it impossible for us to control our character in scenarios which we should have been perfectly prepared for.

Dying Light 2 is Techland’s window of opportunity to address all of those issues and deliver a better, tighter game. And as is evident from their focus on unique gameplay in the first game, the next one stands a chance at getting all that the first game had and more.

Dying Lights 2: Is it Happening?

The short answer to that would be that nothing is confirmed, so let’s not pay mind to speculation. But it is so much more complicated that that. A sequel to Dying Light has been rumored for a long time now, but while it is true that the creators have not yet said anything about its development, it really looks like they have big plans for it. If we are to trace the entire timeline for whenever we have heard mentions about Dying Light 2 (straight from Techland, no less), we see a clear pattern that hints that the next game is actually in development. We will refer to different publications for this purpose.

Dying Light was supposed to come out in 2014, but finally came around in 2015. The developers had committed to their fans that the game would receive regular updates and improvements, and they stuck to that. After launching two DLCs and a number of updates to address the technical issues, a new expansion, titled Dying Light: The Following was released in February 2016. However, talks about a sequel started floating around long before that.

In 2015, after the release of Dying Light, game producer Tymon Smektala told Videogamer a few things about their plans. After the publication inquired Smektala whether they were thinking about Dying Light 2, this is what he had to say: “Of course, we’re not talking about [Dying Light 2] just yet, but the reason for that is that it is too early. We have lots of very ambitious ideas so first we need to check if these ideas are even doable with the tech that the current consoles provide.”

What this indicates is that even though the creators were not willing to talk about the project, they were definitely sitting on ideas. And the good news was that they were willing to scale new heights, which, in Smektala’s opinions, could make the games more advanced than what current gen consoles can handle. Does that mean that Dying Light 2 would be launched with the next gen consoles that are coming up soon? Who knows, but in the end, this is definitely good to hear. The original game, despite all its merits, fell seriously short on the technical front. We all know that an overhaul is very much needed, and it is great to know that the developers are already on top of it.

Moving forwards in time, Eurogamer spoke to Techland CEO Paweł Marchewka in May last year, who said that the company was working on two brand new titles at the time. But while we were quick to think that one of them could be Hellraid, the upcoming fantasy action title that was put on hold so that the developers could follow up the first Dying Light with regular updates and new content, that is apparently not the case. Alongside confirming this, Marchewka described one of the titles in the making briefly, but steered clear of shedding any light on the other one.

What we do know is that the mysterious new game is being developed at the Polish developers’ Wroclaw studio, the same one that developed Dying Light. But the CEO did happen to actually mention “Dying Light 2” in the context of Dead Island when he said that the former was a more important title for the company (he was eventually cut off by the company’s PR rep, it seems from the article). This may be a vague hint, but it does make one wonder if they have been advised to be hush hush about the game when they really want to talk about it.

In all honesty, making Dying Light 2 has to be an exciting venture for Techland. And this was not the only time that the developers made a slip. In a video that featured a seemingly surprise tour of Techland’s studio, we clearly see a zombie-like character being worked on.

When asked about this character’s possible connection to a Dying Light DLC on Twitter, lead designer Maciej Binkowski denied it, albeit in a somewhat cheeky manner. In our opinion, and if we have to be really hopeful, what this could mean is that it was related not to a DLC, but to a whole new game altogether.

So what do we make out of all this? One thing is for sure, that Dying Light 2 occupies a large part of the studio’s plans for the future. And in our very optimistic mind, Techland has already started working on the sequel (we really hope this is true). What do our readers think?

Dying Light 2 Wishlist Features

We know the much awaited sequel to Dying Light is on the way, we just don’t know when. Another point to be remembered is that Techland seems like they are really invested in the title. So yes, we can hope to see some major improvements in Dying Light 2. Here are a few of the things that we don’t mind seeing in the upcoming game.

Destructible Environment: We love that Techland is thinking ambitiously of the sequel to Dying Light, and their desire of more capable platforms to launch the new game makes us think that it will have a lot of features upgrades. We wish to start off with a partially destructible world because a lot of new games are aiming at doing it. Although we are yet to see a really good representation of the technology with our own eyes, the developers over at Techland are definitely capable of making it happen. Consider the advantages- you can use it to get out of nasty situations, it might make dealing with the infected at their absolute most terrifying much more exciting, and it could ultimately make the multiplayer way more involved. It would also make for a huge improvement over the original.

New Maps: Dying Light’s open world was an extensive area that allowed for free exploration and scavenging. The urban environment was nearly perfect in our opinion and traveling from place to place, breaking into buildings looking for stuff and beating zombies while you’re at it. All in all, we loved Harran and all its nuances, and we would love it if the next game had to do something with the same city. One idea that we have on our minds is adding new maps and locations to expand the city itself. In Dying Light, Harran is surrounded by some beautiful landscapes which would be really challenging to explore. So what if the mountains and forests that lie on the outskirts of the city could be actually turned into playable areas? Not only would it offer a completely new way to play a Dying Light game, but the connection with the first one wouldn’t be lost either. A win-win in our opinion.

A New Survivor Mode: One thing that would really set apart Dying Lights 2 would be a super challenging Survivor Mode, where the main aim would be to survive. It would also be really cool if this mode took place in the surrounding mountains of Harran, if the creators were to include them as playable areas. Players could scavenge the area for their own survival, and that could include hunting around for new weapons parts or even food. For this purpose, we would love to see the crafting system being expanded to include heavier weapons and ammo, and we should also be able to carry more useful items to help us survive the adverse conditions.

Dying Light 2 Trailer

Hopefully Techland will announce something soon, but until that happens, this section will remain barren. Check back for updates though.

Dying Light 2 Release Date and Platforms

We have no real information about Dying Light 2 being in development- only a couple of reports and some speculations that suggest that the game might be in development. So unfortunately, we don’t know when the game will release. However, we have to admit that it looks like Dying Light 2 really is in development, or at least somewhere on the cards for Techland. We should be able to hear something soon.

Coming to the question of Platforms, the game should be released across all the major platforms. Techland’s talks about wanting to deliver an amazing game might mean that the game could be launched alongside the next generation of consoles, so nothing is really clear at this point.

Wrap Up

It looks like the developers wish to make the kind of game that they wanted to create with the original (but fell short of that) with Dying Lights 2. While little is known about the actual game itself, we have a very good feeling about the next one. However, we might not hear anything concrete about the sequel very soon, so until that happens, tell us what you liked about the previous game and what you want to see in the next one.

Dying Light 2 Release Date, Wishlist, Rumors, News and Updates
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