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Dynasty Warriors 9 Release Date, Features, Rumors, News, and Updates

Dynasty Warriors 9: Not that we were short of material for Dynasty Warriors 8, but it was about time when developers Omega Force finally announced the next full game in the classic hack and slash gaming series. While official word about Dynasty Warriors 9 was long overdue, we already knew that some kind of an announcement was on the way when Omega Force’s representatives told Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu that better things could be achieved with a new entry. So in truth, fans have been waiting in earnest for some solid confirmation. And now that we have got what we wanted so bad, it is time to take a look at the possibilities for Dynasty Warriors 9. But before that, let us do a history check as always.

Dynasty Warriors 9

We don’t know anything about the release date of Dynasty Warriors 9 yet, but so far the game sounds great.

What on Earth is Dynasty Warriors 9?

Chances are if you belong to the younger generation of gamers, you don’t have a clue about what Dynasty Warriors. Sure, you may have heard the name being thrown around in a couple of communities, but didn’t think you needed to look into yet another Japanese action extravaganza. Well, let us tell you that you were wrong. Not simply because many of these older series form the pillars of the gaming community that we have today, but because of a whole lot of other reasons.

Now we know that a video game is perhaps not the best way to get history lessons. But let’s face it, at least you get to be acquainted with some of the most important names that shaped the course of history. In case of the Dynasty Warriors series, Omega Force fashioned it after the well known Chinese historical text, Records of the Three Kingdoms. Well, technically, it is based on publisher Koei’s 1985 gaming series, Romance of the Three Kingdoms (based on the text) and is a spin-off in itself. That has not dulled the popularity of Dynasty Warriors, which had begun way back in 1997. In fact, the reputation that the developers have earned over the past decade has largely been based on this particular franchise.

Since its advent, Dynasty Warriors has gone on to spawn an extensive series comprising of eight main titles (as of now), along with numerous add-on content and of, course, spin-offs. What had actually begun as a traditional game in 1997 was taken forward as a hack and slash series where players were encouraged to slay their way through the levels to unite the three kingdoms in the final level. The series collectively have also graced a large number of platforms, though at this time it is not clear which platforms other than the PS4 might be getting Dynasty Warriors 9.

What We Know So Far about Dynasty Warriors 9

Very little is known about Koei and Omega Force’s upcoming ninth main installment in the famed Dynasty Warriors series. But if we are to take all the little snippets into account, it can clearly be seen that Dynasty Warriors 9 will be a standout title for reasons more than one.

The creators have let out small but significant details in their interactions with Famitsu, which the folks over at Gematsu have duly translated for all of us to see. Let’s take a look.

Authenticity Is Key: Like the first eight games in the series, Dynasty Warriors 9 will also be focused around the conflicts during the Three Kingdoms era, so the overall feel of the game’s progress will be similar to those of the earlier titles. Also, don’t expect any elements to challenge the course of history. However, a few differences are in order. Firstly, there are plans to implement new stories for each warlord (without affecting the authenticity if the story). Another point to note is that what period you will play in depends on the character you have chosen to play as. So if you have chosen a character who belongs to a specific era (obviously), you will only be able to play that specific era. Lastly, be ready to bid farewell to the exaggerated costumes that we saw until Dynasty Warriors 8. The creators have made it clear that the costumes and props will be more reflective of the actual time periods they represent in history.

Additionally, a new warlord, Cheng Pu, who has a dual-headed spear as his weapons, is also confirmed for the game. Sounds a lot like a reworking from the ground up? Read on.

Open World: For the first time in the history of Dynasty Warriors, the upcoming game will come with a huge open world environment brought together by one gigantic map. Most of the traversing on ground will be done on horseback, but there will be ways to travel faster. You should also expect to swim across rivers and take your own sweet time to get across, depending on the size of the water body you are crossing. It will be the same with cities, speaking of which there will be ten or more of those.

Combat Systems: Unlike previous installments, battles in Dynasty Warriors 9 will not be broken up into different stages but instead take place across the map in accordance to the era the player is participating in. Attack and capture methods are also being reworked to suit the new structure of the game.

Dynamic Environment: The game will feature dynamic weather systems, much in the same way we saw it in EA’s 2016 title Battlefield 1. This means that weather changes, like rain or mist, will have a direct effect on the clarity of the player’s vision. This will be accompanied with a dynamic day and night cycle to make the experience more immersive. These can be used in the player’s advantage.

Platforms: As of now, Dynasty Warriors 9 is being developed as a title for the PlayStation 4. To recall, the 1997 original had been exclusive to the PlayStation. But since the more recent games had also been launched on the Xbox One and Windows PC, perhaps we will hear something about those subsequently.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Wishlist

Since we have some clues about just how massive a reworking Dynasty Warriors 9 is going to be, we can expect there to be significant broadening of aspects on different levels. While we are sure Koei Tecmo and Omega Force already have the best bots covered, we feel like this is a good time to state a couple of the things that we would love to see in the upcoming game.

A Look Towards the Past: We know that this is perhaps not going to happen, but we would really like the new game to focus less on the hack and slash mode of action and be more story and gameplay oriented. Considering the rich historical references that the creators have at their disposal, wouldn’t it be great to have a game that actually lets the player live out the way ancient Chinese warriors did at the time- using strategy, amassing huge armies, and using them to get ahead and defeat others. After all, there is no real dearth of hack and slash games at present.

Consistent AI: While Dynasty Warriors 8’s artificial intelligence system was pretty great, we think it could have been done better. We hope that was what the developers had meant by saying that the last game could have been a much better improvement upon the DW 7. Some of the earliest games in the series were known for their consistent AI systems, and we would love for the devs to bring that back.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Trailer

We don’t have anything to post here at the moment, so look out for updates.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Release Date and Platforms

Developers Omega Force and publishers Koei are yet to say anything on this front. During their most recent interactions with Famitsu, the creators had stated that the game’s development is still more than halfway to go, so we don’t think we will hear anything about the Dynasty Warriors 9 release date anytime soon. At the most, we will take a wild guess and say that the game could come out in 2018, but no earlier.

As for the platforms, we already know that the game is being built for the PlayStation 4 at present and there is currently no news of any other platforms.

Wrap Up

The creators have promised us a huge reworking, and by the sound of it, that is exactly what we are about to get our hands on when Dynasty Warriors 9 finally releases. We will keep feeding this post as more official information pours in, so make sure to check for updates. We would also love to hear about what our readers expect from the upcoming game, so go ahead and make good use of the comments section below. And while you’re still here and interested in something of a different flavor, check out our write-up on Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part 2, due sometime in 2018.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Release Date, Features, Rumors, News, and Updates
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