Fallout 5 Release Date, Features, Wishlist, Price, Trailer

Fallout 5 Release Date

Fallout 5 Wishlist Features: 11 Things We Really Want in It!!

With each passing days the excisitement around this game has been rising. In this article we will try to decode as much as 11 Fallout 5 wishlist features which we are expecting to be added in this upcoming action game.

  1. More Innovative Graphics

In Fallout 4 we have seen the graphics bit not upto the mark so we are in full demand to have the good graphics in Fallout 5 to compensate. In that way we will be able to connect with visual elements and having an improved quality will be great change. The developers need to put some effort to improve the animation and programming of the visuals to gain more players and this can be possible with the advancement of the textures and the enhancement is embracing.

People’s expectations from the gaming industry have become a major issue for the developers as the players are not ready to accept anything mediocre these days. They want the best graphics and the best voice and media and of course the best possible interactive console. They leave their reviews and suggestions on the official site and developers follow these carefully.

  1. Old Dialogue System

Fallout 4 is having limited dialogue and it became the factor of criticism. Instead people need to have more dialogues in the game to relate with the game and characters. There is great impact of the interactions in the game and dialogues should be natural. Fallout 5 will be coming with the vocal liveliness and its beauty will be seen once it will be released. Fingers crossed.

  1. New Engine

The performance of the Fallout 4 in terms of engine is not convincing. We hope that Bethesda will not repeat same mistakes and he will be coming with advanced engine for Fallout 5. So there will be no chance of pointing figure on the quality of the engine and its performance. The technical issues of the engine that cannot able to cope with modern gaming process so the improvement in that area is in dire need without say. Engine should be disguised greatly in presentation and penetration while gaming.

  1. Polished Combat

The Combat needs to be sharpened. The hitting enemies with the Combat are not very straight and accurate so the demand of the sharp and polished combat is obvious from Fallout 5. I hope that we are not asking for more than expected. The shooting controls need to be very accurate. It should be closely like real life so you will have more adventure in the game.

  1. Drivable Vehicles and fuel

The Fallout series fans have the longing to have drivable vehicles. It means cars, bikes, bicycles, and other transportations will surely appreciable. You can make the world go round. The vehicle we need to have in condition to drive and it should be active and promising. Bethesda should work in it and his little attention on the work of the vehicles and its power will make the Fallout 5 more rocking. The fuel efficiency will also be great and there will more fun when you have your own choice to customize your vehicle. This will bring great excitement and interest.

  1. Improved AI

The advanced AI will have the great help if you are looking forward to find the enemies for attacking on them. Attacking on enemies should be programmed with good timing and accuracy should be there in this process. The advanced AI will give power to the brain thing rather than something else.

  1. Hardcore Mode

The power of playing game Fallout is challenging. Its hardcore mode and the process in which the health items like Roadway and Stimpaks take a stride with time. The weight you can obtain and you need to involve in activities like drink and sleep. The stage is with full of difficulties even though it is popular in fans to cross over. Bethesda is open to not to use this in the latest Fallout series. But we are expecting to have it in the latest or upcoming version of the Fallout.

  1. User Friendly Interface

The Fallout 4 had the fault of having not smooth interface. We are highlighting the point as we want to have Fallout 5 upto date in that race. The selection of the favorite weapons is bit annoying and takes lot of time. Sometimes map seems to be in poor condition when handling it to have the route. So this error should not be repeated in Fallout 5 by Bethesda. The game needs to be more integrated and you need to feel per level that you are facing some challenges. It should not be like that you are reaching uselessly and easily. People needs a brain game so they want to be tough when finishing the levels. Bethesda will fix this issue in this upcoming game. Fingers crossed.

  1. The catchy story

The catchy story says lot about game and it attracts the players to dig deep and play. This indulgence makes them play the game with more engagement. The convincing and suspense story keeps the excitement level always at pick and makes you accomplish every level with big interest. In Fallout 4 the engaging story was missing though even the game has got the huge fan following but the story can be better and engaging.

  1. More Varieties

The Bethesda seems to be in hurry while narrating the story of the game. There is mission and killing the boss at the end takes more information into stride. People need to relate with the game with touching story while playing. Bethesda should not be indulged in the mission of finishing story in hurry so there would be lack of presentation in it. In future we expect him to be prompt in narration and makes room for all scripted events.

  1. Co-Op Multiplayer

This feature of Co-Op Multiplayer should not be limited or restricted. The Fallout 5 should be focused and it should lead the way to have multi players so nothing could stop the game to be fun and full of excitement. Bethesda was subject to give this opportunity in the Fallout 4 but somehow did not come up with this. So in this game we could make some engagement in that manner. The people would love to play the game with buddy and there would be certain amount of competition between the players to reach the goal or level of the game.

As you all know the fans expectations are very high. The do not ask for the rework of the Fallout 4 from the developers. They want just fresh ideas and modification. Bethesda has to very keen to understand the audience need and work on it otherwise they will make the game like flop show. He should interestingly build up the ideas to create the difference and serve something that makes sense and worth. It should not be for the sake of filling stuffs and it should be anything. It is just like taking the fans for granted.

Which Platforms Fallout 5 will support?

The platforms should be sharp and should be the reason behind the smooth running of the game. The Fallout 5 is made to be compatible with almost all the platforms so you do not need to download other alternatives to make the Fallout 5 run in better way.

PlayStation 5

It is everywhere in the news that Sony will announce its new releases in the form of new PlayStation 5 in 2018. Most probably we can see the Fallout 5 near about. So PS 5 will be compatible and smooth with full support. The PS 5 for this action game will make a difference in technology and there will be newness and freshness in that combination. Once it will be out you will see its strength with the different latest games including Fallout 5.

Play Station 4

PS 4 is latest and makes you play the game better. It will not collide and will never make you annoyed with its performance when you are playing the games like Fifa 17, GTA 7 or Fallout 5. They are compatible with each other. Is there any doubt that PS 4 by Sony will better command the game Fallout 5? It for PS 4 also will be smoother, sharper and the quality delivery we can expect from this blend.

Xbox One

Xbox One is also boon for the latest games.  Xbox One developer will make the latest game run like Fallout 5 as it is promising and capable enough to give priority. So if your system is upgraded with Xbox One you do not need to download any other platforms to play the game.


Fallout 5 PC version is effortless and smooth runner. On the PC it will be smoother, better and faster when you have latest and finest hardware on your PC. The PC version for this forthcoming game will let you play the game without interruption and the better performance will make you play the game more often..

Fallout 5 Rumors and News

As we all know that Fallout 4 was released back in November 2015 and now Fallout news and rumors are heading over undoubtedly. They are making huge buzz on the game. Developers are yet confused to announce anything officially now. It seems that he is waiting for the right time to reveal anything before people. Fallout 4 has lot of attraction but left people astonished somewhere with its few drawbacks. So it will compensate all the flaws that we had experienced in the Fallout 4. We are not very sure about the plot of the game. This video game will go ahead from the point it ended last. There will be no scarcity of entertainment in storyline Fallout 5. I do not think people would be surprised if the game will be released 3 or 4 years ahead. So many changes developers have to create to make his game perfect and worthy to play.

Fallout 5 Release Date: When is it??

Fallout 5 release date matter is not revealed officially. But you cannot stop people talking about the release date people are excited about it to be Bethesda is keen to launch his game but he have to be prepared with all the integrated features and it will rock the game lovers soon. Fallout 4 has been great with its fan and its fans push the Fallout 4 at the great level. This is the biggest game releases in recent time. The Fallout 5 is in the pipeline and there is rumor to have pre production of the game. This high intent RPG Fallout 5 Gameplay will support the minimum system requirements or not. With its release many factors will come before you. Ryan Alosio has given the voice of the character for Deacon in Fallout 4 who has posted the images in Instagram which have revealed about the pre-production of the game. Ryan has removed the images soon after realizing his mistake for that leak. But from this action of Ryan we got a green signal for the game released within 2 years. It seems like Release Date of Fallout 5 will come in around 2017 or 2018.

Fallout 5 Trailer

Trailers of Fallout 5 have been splashing in You Tube channel or on internet. But there is no official trailer from Bethesda leaked yet. I think it will take time in exposing the trailer of the game. This is the reason why we did not get any green signal from the Fallout 5 developer Bethesda. Fans are crazy and we cannot stop ourselves uploading the trailer which has been created so early.

Fallout 5 Price

The price of the Fallout 5 is not officially mentioned by Bethesda. But we can guess the price from the previous releases of the Fallout series. Fallout 4 was priced at $ 59.99 so there is limitation of extending the price for the upcoming series. So, it should be around $ 80. The price of the Fallout 5 for PS 4, Xbox One and PC is $ 79.99.

Final Words

We are extremely conscious for the new game. This Fallout 5 is exciting video game that will kill your boredom. Fallout 5 will not give us reason to complain with its functions and features most probably. Fallout 5 release date, trailer, storyline and price focused in this article so you can check the updated news and rumors here. The flying high solution for the game lovers and it is answer to your complete entertainment so you will never dislike it. Wait is longer but the result will be better as the improved current gen graphical pattern, less bugged, advanced technology for the pro gamers, dual ending and many more factors that will attract you towards the game.

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