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Far Cry 5 Release Date, Features, Gameplay, News, and Updates

Far Cry 5: Ubisoft made the announcement for Far Cry 5 as part of their earnings report in May this year along with several other titles, such as a brand new Assassin’s Creed entry and a sequel to 2014’s The Crew. Since then, the developer-publisher has revealed a slew of new things related to Far Cry 5, and some of them look just plain ominous.

The Far Cry series started off in 2004 with the Crytek-developed original, but Ubisoft acquired the full rights to the franchise shortly thereafter, and all subsequent entries have been since developed by Ubisoft. Since its announcement, Far Cry 5 has kicked up a lot of controversy, because many consider much of its subject matter to be relevant to the current political situations around the globe. That might not have been Ubisoft’s intention when starting out with the game, but suffice it to say that it has drawn a lot of attention.

Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 Story and Characters

The main story of Far Cry 5 revolves around a group of people who have come together to combat a sect who call themselves Eden’s Gate. This sect is led by the fanatical preacher Joseph Seed, whose firm belief is that the people in his town are steadily headed towards destruction, and he can deliver them from evil.

In true fanatic manner, however, the group headed by Seed is more of an oppression unit, as opposed to their claims of being the agents of salvation. The aim is to forcibly convert the people of the town, and those who resist meet with unfortunate ends. Intimidation and coercion are the main tools of the sect, along with generous helpings of violence.

But Seed is not alone- he has help from his equally power-hungry siblings who oversee the proceedings of the organized criminal activities that the sect perpetrates against the residents. Furthermore, their professional records make them even more suited to the task. His two brothers are each a lawyer and a former military personnel, while Seed’s sister, Faith, has adopted a very different approach.

It seems like there is no one who can dare stand up against the oppression of Seed, and any attempt to take him in and put an end to his “reign” ends up in murder. Even men of the law are not spared, and several of them die when they try to arrest him.

It is during this tumultuous time that the game is set, and the player finds himself amidst all of this radicalism. Their duty is to fight back Seed and the Eden’s Gate, and to this end, they join the resistance group that is steadily rising to overthrow Seed. The player must play Far Cry 5 as a lawman whose aim is to arrest Seed. But considering the fates of those who have tried to do the job in the past, it sure as hell will not be easy. In executing his duty, the player will have help from the residents of the town. These characters include a local Church leader who was deposed from his church by Seed’s gang, a woman whose family had been murdered by Eden’s Gate, and a cropduster pilot who wants to eliminate the evil of Seed and his “brothers” to make way for a better future.

Far Cry 5 Setting

Coming to the setting of Far Cry 5, the game’s events will unfold in a fictitious town in Montana called Hope County. The fact that the game deals with a town consumed by radical extremism in the US itself has prompted many to draw parallels with the current conditions sweeping the country.

Far Cry 5 is an open world game, and from what we have seen so far from the teaser images and videos, the locale will feature some beautiful mountain ranges and open fields. All very ominously eerie, of course. The beauty of the setting serves as the perfect contrast for the terrible way things unfold in the game.

In true Western spirit, there will be a lot of animals and hunting to look forward to. We already know that there will be some deer to hunt, along with fishing. Other than that, birds figure largely in the game, along with farm animals and even bears. Animals will be of great importance in how you proceed through the game; check out the gameplay section below to know more.

An open world game has its advantages, and we can already see a fair bit of vehicles in the game. That does not stay limited to cars, by the way. A chopper can be seen in the trailer itself, along with what looks like a cropduster, which is a given considering that one of the characters aiding the player is a pilot.

Besides that, the developers have indulged in a ton of religious iconography, with forced baptisms (or was it actually murder?), and the symbol of the sect that resembles the Cross, but is far more ornate.

Far Cry 5 Gameplay (Official Video Included)

Character Customisation: The main playable character in the game is the new sheriff who has been charged with the duty of arresting Seed and his maniacal followers. However, in Far Cry 5, players will be able to create their own character. This is a marked difference compared to what we have seen in the earlier games. The player has complete freedom over how they want their character to appear, so expect to delve deeper into customisation, beginning with selecting their gender and building them up the way they like.

Open World: We already know that Far Cry 5‘s world will be navigable by a number of different vehicular types. So while we don’t quite know how big a world we are going to get, we do know that you can fly some planes. That has got to mean big, right?

There will be other ways to explore the world of Far Cry 5 as well (such as travelling on foot or taking a boat), and you the player can partake in several different activities. Besides hunting, you will also be required to recruit new people to the resistance in order to strengthen your chances against the enemy. And yes, there is a map editor too.

Combat: Far Cry 5 will be playable from the first person, and there will be a focus on close quarter combat like never before. So expect to engage in massive brawls with the enemy with blade-type weapons or clubs or even go hand-to-hand. There will be a bunch of guns too, of course, but there is more. You will be able to plant explosives and hurl grenades, as well as go crazy with a rocket launcher. For simpler yet very effective methods, you can stick to pistols and shotguns.

NPCs: This one is by far our favourite, because it doesn’t stop at people. Yes, Far Cry 5 will have two very important recruitment systems, one of which will be called Guns for Hire. Fore this purpose, the player will have to go about collecting fresh recruit from the local population to fight in their army against the radicals. This will help you tremendously when you’re in a tight spot, as it appears that you can call upon a recruit to attack your enemy at a particular time. But you will need to convince the people that you meet to join your cause. If you are successful, you will be rewarded with a wealth of allies, each with their own unique skill.

But as we said, this doesn’t just apply to people- the bestial counterpart to Guns for Hire is tellingly titled Fangs for Hire, and although we are not yet aware of all the animals that will be available for training in the game, we are certain Ubisoft will include some more formidable beasts than the farm cows that we saw in the trailer. We assume that there will be dogs, along with other commonly found animals of the area.

Multiplayer: Far Cry 5‘s campaign will be playable in co-op multiplayer with a friend, and this option will be available for every story mission.

Far Cry 5 Trailer (Announced by Ubisoft itself)

With Far Cry 5, Ubisoft rolled out the chills slowly over a period by releasing a number of short teasers before announcing the game with a full reveal trailer. While the teasers helped set the tone for what the game was trying to convey, the announcement trailer was more direct in showing the world in more detail. Subsequent videos gave us a look at the gameplay aspects as well. You can check out the Far Cry 5 trailer below.

Far Cry 5 E3 2017 Trailer

Far Cry 5 Release Date

Far Cry 5 launches on the Xbox One, PS4, and Windows PC on February 27, 2018. Additionally, there will be support for the PS4 Pro and the Xbox Scorpio as well.

Wrap Up

It is clear that Ubisoft is definitely aiming big with Far Cry 5, and it is very interesting to see the kind of reactions the game has caused among different groups. Needless to say, the new game will have a lot of contemporary significance in terms of the story, but we are keen to see how it will play out. if you are a fan of the series and see something different about the upcoming game, feel free to chime in using the comments section below. Also, seeing as the Far Cry 5 release date is still a while away, tell us what you would like to see in it.

Far Cry 5 Release Date, Features, Gameplay, News, and Updates
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