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FIFA 18 Release Date, Features, Wishlist, System Requirements

FIFA 18: FIFA 17 is coming out for fans in a few days, and while the upcoming game has already got rave reviews for most of its aspects, the game is seemingly not without its faults. But EA is known not to sit silently on their mistakes, and FIFA 18 will certainly be a big improvement in terms of where FIFA 17 has lost some of its fans. So here we are, compiling a list of what could make the next entry one of the best football games in recent years when it comes out later this year.

FIFA 18: Release Date, Features, Wishlist

FIFA 18 At EA Play 2017

There is no news of when exactly fans will be able to get their hands on FIFA 18, but the upcoming EA Play event, to be held between June 10 and 12 at the Palladium in Hollywood, California, might give you the chance to try your hands at the title. The publishers will use their own standalone event to communicate important news about the titles in the works and their future plans ahead of E3. A number of upcoming games will be demoed during this year’s EA Play, and it has been confirmed that FIFA 18 will be among them.

FIFA 18 Wishlist

Graphics: FIFA 17 promises to offer some of the best graphics in recent years, thanks to the recent addition of the Frostbite Engine. Compare it with any other soccer game in the market and you will see the difference in the detailing in visual mechanics and fluidity of movement in the players.

However, simple glitches are becoming increasingly frequent and many have already been reported from around the world. Those who have played the demo of the game have complained about a range of anomalies like missing body parts on players to warped faces. So the first to feature on our FIFA 18 wishlist is the need for better, smoother graphics performance to go with the detailed animation.

Speaking of the animation, this aspect could also use a touch of refinement. While we are not complaining about the overall fluidity, managers and referees feel a little lifeless when seen up close. An improvement in the complexity of the animation will help alleviate the feeling that we’re playing shells of human beings.

Better AI: We would love to see FIFA 18 hike up its standards by adding more intelligence to the opposition. This means that they should be able to learn quickly the style that a player implements into a match and up their own game the next time. This would result in less predictability of the overall game.

Another detail that fans have on their minds is making the teams more like their real life counterparts. There’s no point in playing against a team that is known for their particular kind of footballing if they cannot be represented as such in the game. For instance, if someone is playing against Barcelona, then the AI should be able to emulate an overall style that depends more on passing, laying stress on keeping the ball. And if you play against Real Madrid, it gets a little weird when the game becomes more possession-oriented rather than the signature counterattacking football which is typical to the team’s style. So for FIFA 18, a serious AI upgrade would be super cool, making the game feel more realistic.

Story Modes: FIFA 17 is the first game in the series to include a single player story campaign, which most likely aims to draw in players who aren’t much used to playing football. But it could end up being a draw for hardcore football fanatics as well, by allowing them to assume the role of a young footballer and preparing for a career of glory. For FIFA 18 too, this could be a great trope to use to draw in more gamers as well as bring a refreshing change for FIFA veterans.

Gameplay: Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing bad about FIFA 17’s gameplay techniques. But FIFA is often about so much more than just matches, and focusing on all these additional aspects leads to a slower game pace at times. The FIFA 17 demo is proof enough of that. So for FIFA 18, we hope the developers work a little on the pace of the matches in the upcoming game.

Women’s Football: FIFA introduced women’s football back in 2015, which was undoubtedly one of the best things about the game that year. The new feature came in with 12 National teams, but their incorporation was not as extensive as their masculine counterpart. And we don’t quite understand the trepidation surrounding it a couple of years on. This is especially because the women’s games were great and very satisfactory to play. But the fact that they were brought on in only a couple of modes was disheartening. 

Crowds: That crowd animations need major improvements to look more realistic is no secret, but we don’t just want them to be upgraded visually. What we want them to be is more lifelike. The galleries are where the heart and soul of a football match lies, and we would really like to see that being the case in FIFA 18 too. One idea we have is enabling players to make Tifo for a particular team. Perhaps we can start off with smaller choreographies, but as we progress, nothing would make the games sweeter than if we were to flaunt our own dynamic Tifo, much in the manner of what we see in real matches.

We understand the need to go slow with any new feature, but we’re at a loss as to why there weren’t any significant upgrades that were made in the following entry. Perhaps EA has been hard at work to expand it much further and bring it into the upcoming game. If that is the case, we should be able to see a more thorough implementation of the women’s games in FIFA 18.

FIFA 18 Updates

It is probably clear from everything written above that we are really rooting for FIFA 18. While we know that the game is definitely coming, what’s making fans so impatient is the sheer number of possibilities that EA could explore with installment. Sadly, though, in such cases, we rarely get to hear anything from the creators themselves about their plans, so at this moment, everything is a matter of conjecture. Well, not quite everything, for EA officials have actually given fans a pretty big news regarding what the near future holds for the franchise.

To elaborate, we now have official news that FIFA 18 is getting, among a number of other things, a brand new platform support. We love that EA is thinking about expanding their horizons and opening up their acclaimed gaming series to newer ideas, but what makes this piece of news even more exciting for us is that this new platform is none other than the Nintendo Switch.

The announcement was made by EA’s Peter Moore when he opened up to say that a separate version of FIFA 18 was being built exclusively for Nintendo’s upcoming console. And in that vein, it appears that the FIFA game that owners of the Switch will get is being designed differently. As Eurogamer points out, EA’s press release regarding the upcoming EA Play event mentions two different FIFA titles- FIFA 18, and EA SPORTS FIFA on the Nintendo Switch. While increasing its reach as far as platforms are concerned is definitely good news, it is not yet known if the Switch version is being built on the same kind of updated technology as the mainstream versions.

The Switch, which took everyone by surprise when it was confirmed because of its hybridity, is due to be launched in March 2017. And FIFA 18 expected to come out sometime in September. This would give the game’s developers ample time to understand and implement the kind of modifications that might need to be made before it is finally launched.

At the moment, it is not known if the Switch version of FIFA 18 will be released alongside all the other platforms or separately.

There’s something else to look forward to in the upcoming game as well. Chances are that you loved the single player story mode from FIFA 17. The Journey, which was first introduced to the series last year, had the player take control of a young aspiring footballer named Alex Hunter and guide him throughout his career as he treads the path to success. The campaign was one of the driving forces behind the massive success of FIFA 17, so there’s little surprise in the matter of EA’s decision to bring it back for FIFA 18.

While season 2 of The Journey is certainly confirmed for 2017, EA has not revealed too many details about it. However, we are really excited about all the new characters and multiple storylines that the creators have hinted at. While last year’s season was much appreciated, it did feel a little unidimensional. So yes, it looks like this year’s entry will be much more dynamic.

FIFA 18 System Requirements

There were some significant technical changes made to the FIFA series last year with the creators opting for the Frostbite engine to build the game. EA also makes some notable graphical upgrades with each new installment, and this will likely be the case in FIFA 18. However, we expect the new game’s requirements to retain some similarities with FIFA 17. The specifications listed below are not official, but they should give you an idea of what to expect. We’ll update this section as soon as the creators make an announcement.

 Minimum RequirementsRecommended Requirements
Operating SystemWindows 7 64-BitWindows 7 64-Bit
ProcessorIntel Core i3-2125 @ 3.3GHzIntel Core i5-3570K @ 3.4 GHz
GraphicsAMD Radeon R7 260, OR, NVIDIA GTX 460AMD Radeon R9 270, OR, NVIDIA GTX 660
DirectXDirectX 11DirectX 11

FIFA 18 Release Date

FIFA is a legendary football series that began back in 1993 and since then EA has delivered successive installments of the game annually for its fans. FIFA 17 is set for release on September 27, so going by the history of the game in recent years, unless there is an unexpected delay in development, FIFA 18 will be set for release in September 2017 across most available platforms.

Title Release Date (US)
FIFA International SoccerDecember 1993
FIFA Soccer 95November, 1994
FIFA Soccer 96September, 1995
FIFA 97October, 1996
FIFA: Road to World Cup 98June, 1997
FIFA 991998
FIFA 2000September 30, 1999
FIFA 2001November 8, 2000
FIFA Football 2002October 29, 2001
FIFA Football 2003November 2, 2002
FIFA Football 2004November 4, 2003
FIFA Football 2005October 12, 2004
FIFA 06October 4, 2005
FIFA 07October 3, 2006
FIFA 08October 8,2007
FIFA 09October 15, 2008
FIFA 10October 20, 2009
FIFA 11September 28, 2010
FIFA 12September 27, 2011
FIFA 13September 25, 2012
FIFA 14September 24, 2013
FIFA 15September 23, 2014
FIFA 16September 22, 2015
FIFA 17September 27, 2016
FIFA 18September, 2017 (tentative)

Wrap Up

With all the possibilities that could end up materializing, we think FIFA 18 definitely has the potential to become the biggest game in the franchise yet. Last year’s entry was a pleasant surprise in a number of ways, and we can all be sure that the folks over at EA are hard at work to come up with some delicious new features. Speaking of that, if you have any thoughts about what could be added or tweaked for the better in the 2017 installment, let us know. And make sure to come back for more updates about the FIFA 18 game.

FIFA 18 Release Date, Features, Wishlist, System Requirements
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  • I think FIFA 18 should have a story with other leagues. I mean 17 is confined to the premier league only, we would also love to see indoor soccer( FIFA street soccer )

  • you should do a legend mode because people want to see the likes of henry ronaldhinio and xavi on the game so you should pick three different legends and have it based on their lifes how they became the great footballers they where. because it would make the game more intresting you would get more buyers that includes people who really like role playing games i would no that for a fact because i played fifa 17 i tought the alex hunter career vmode wasw brillant but if you could do one based on how the legends became the greats that would be excitibg i know i would buy the gaqme and also include the alex hunter career mode again but have it based on the world cup 2018

  • I want to see from FIFA 18 is be able to ask for more money or for an extension contract when you’re playing the career mode because it sucks that you have to move away just to get money and I would like to stay in my favorite Club but to ask for more money or an extension contract so that’s what I would like to see more of that and not the same. Not only that but other things as well like to have your own storyline to start off as in the Youth Academy or to start up that somebody noticed you and that’s how you got into an academy and you started playing. I mean I can go on and on with the list of things that that needs to be changed but it’s going to be up the game creators or the EA to decide on that or frostbite as a new technology is so I really hope there’s new things for fifa 18 because I don’t want to be disappointed again don’t get me wrong I love FIFA 17 but we need new things.

  • more women’s national teams also go back fifa 16 penalty kick version. more non online acheviements like win a match as a user controlled goalie, use all subs. alternate uniforms would also be nice. I think it would be cool to be able to referee a game to see what it is like and open an achievement if you do.

  • hello everybody, me i want that We add more teams and show many manager in the match, i want also We add an option which can help us to give our pro in carreer our own name

  • Many things to improve on accurate info on players and teams.Improvements to make it less predictable ingame play.Do not make players which are fast slow or poor,inventers should rather take their time than to rush all these things.If possible really try to give the real stadium of every team rather than defaults.

  • I think fifa 18 should include managers beening able to demand more money on contract extension, request transfer for national teamd and also another story like the journey

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