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For Honor Release Date, Features, Gameplay, News and Updates

For Honor: Every once in a while, the creators of the acclaimed Assassin’s Creed franchise surprise us with a standalone offering that have us experiencing the unexpected. With 2014’s Watch Dogs, Ubisoft did this to great acclaim before turning it into a franchise with this year’s Watch Dogs 2. And there’s more on the way- the upcoming fantasy hack and slash video game, For Honor, is another such offering from the house of Ubisoft, and from the looks of it, it will be amazing to blade our way through enemies across its beautifully designed medieval settings.

For Honor

For Honor Release Date 2017

For Honor is inspired by the great mythical warriors of the past and it will be the first standalone IP from the developers to come out in a while. We know that Ubisoft is not one to do anything lightly, and the new game already looks and feels the part. With only its multiplayer aspects being highlighted initially, the creators have assured fans that there will be a single player campaign to look forward to as well. However, making For Honor an always online title has been one of the most surprising decisions undertaken by Ubisoft. But even then it will be difficult to deter fans from this new gem, as the alpha tests have returned a lot of overwhelmingly positive feedback. And Ubisoft has already made some pretty sweet announcements to combat the inevitable displeasure of fans in this regard. As of now, there is a beta on its way which fans will be able to take a shot at starting January 26, and you can already sign up for it on the game’s official site. So we felt like there was no better time to do a round-up of all that we know about the new IP. Read on.

For Honor Story, Features, and Gameplay

For Honor, as we have mentioned, is a medieval hack and slash video game with a fantasy setting. It brings together some of the most revered and glorious military factions from around the world, namely the Knights from the West, the Vikings from the North, and the Samurai from the East. We all know that Ubisoft games are great at telling the stories that we want to hear. Assassin’s Creed may be a real money-spinner, but the studio has taken the time to deliver a lot of unique, and more relatable stories and perspectives as well. So whereas the Watch Dogs games have shown us the other face of technology, the upcoming Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands will uphold the plight of a small but gorgeous country overpowered by the evils of the drug trade that has consumed the region. The reason why we are excited about For Honor, in particular, is that it is a breathtaking mixture of myths and legends combined with awesomely realistic combat. Here are a few of the features that set the game apart.

Story/ Plot: The story of For Honor is a complex and intriguing- it deals with the age-old wars between the greatest heroes this world has ever seen. Thousands of years ago, the earth was led to a near apocalyptic state by the evil destroyer Apollyon. The few survivors that remained struggled to remain alive in a world that was utterly in ruins. But where the Knights, Vikings, and Samurai could have forged a treaty amongst each other, they took to fighting, killing each other, due to an inherent lack of trust for one another. This has continued on for millennia to come where those involved in the hatred don’t even remember the reasons why they began to fight. Down the years, they have been afforded several chances to fond peace with each other, but every time that has happened, their chances were ripped apart by Apollyon, who continuously manipulate them into being in a constant state of war.

Setting: To sum up For Honor in a few words, the game is an action hack and slash title set against a medieval fantasy world. It packs in some of the most legendary heroes from all corners of the world in the midst of a war that threatens to tear the lands apart, yet never comes to a rest. From the trailers we have seen till now, mythology plays a big part in what sets off the events (Apollyon is an ancient figure of destruction from the Greek and Biblical myths). Players can expect to be taken from the ruins of England to the Samurai houses of Japan, and the story trailer has shown us one faction travelling across waterways to attack their enemy.

Maps: For Honor will include extensive maps that feature a whole range of landscapes. But while the game’s locations will be beautiful, they will also be challenging. Expect the battlefields to be huge with a number of different locations within each with their own advantage or disadvantage. Environmental elements can also be similarly manipulated by the player. The devs have announced that after the game’s release, they will update the maps via DLC which will be available for free.

Characters: In For Honor, there are multiple options for the players in terms of playable characters. While the three main factions are broadly divided under Knights, Vikings, and Samurai, each of these has several classifications. So what we’ll have on our hands are three distinctly broad combatants and skill sets, with each fractioning out into multiple others to afford great variety to the game’s combat system. In theory, each of the game’s playable factions is subdivided into several different categories (Vanguards, Assassins, Heavies, Hybrids) and each has its own specific skills. For instance, the Heavies, much like the Shugoki warrior we saw among the Samurai in the Vikings story mode, are huge and strongly built, and their blows are formidable. But they are rendered slow owing to their massive build. The Assassins, on the other hand, are extremely fast but can cause less damage. The Hybrids, like their name suggests, can combine the best attributes of each sub-category to be used in combat. In the single player story mode, there are several main characters with their o9wn unique backgrounds to play as- the Kensei, the Raider, and the Warden, each representing the Samurai, the Vikings, and the Knights respectively. They will be accompanied by the Orochi, Nobushi, Berserker, Warlord, Peacekeeper and the Conqueror to name a few.

Weapons: Each character type and their classes are unique, which means that they all have different skills, weapons, and armours. In all the footage that the creators have released until now, we can see that the weapons are pretty typical of the classes that deploy them. For instance, the Knights use longswords, the Vikings use axes and spears, and the Samurai use traditional Samurai blades (Katana, Nodachi) and Kanabos. There are also halberds, double-sided axes, flails, and a host of other weapons to be taken advantage of when engaging in combat. Each character type also wears a specific kind of armour to make them distinguishable. Besides traditional weapons, the characters will have a number of handy objects to make approaching the enemy or attacking them easier. For example, the Vikings use ropes with anchors to help them scale the high Samurai walls in the Vikings story campaign.

Combat: The creators of For Honor have promised that the game will have the most varied, in-depth, and satisfactory combat system, and so far it looks awesome. The Alpha tests have driven fans crazy for this very reason, and Ubisoft even shared a response video featuring several players’ experiences with the game. For Honor’s combat system is a fascinating combination of careful strategy, melee combat, and far-off attacks. Players can obviously make good use of the weapons from their character’s inventory, but there is a host of other ways to eliminate the enemy. This is where the environment comes into play- you can throw your enemy into a fire is you like, or if you’re at a significantly elevated position then you can simply lead them to fall down. In fact, being well above the battlefield where the others are fighting is a good way to gauge the situation from a privileged position and formulate strategy. Also, attacking a particular enemy from different angles will have different kinds of impact on them. There are also different feats and perks to earn for players while fighting. One mode is called the Revenge Mode, which when activated, enable the player to cause more damage on the enemy while at the same time being stronger on the defence front.

Ubisoft has named the carefully constructed battle mode of For Honor The Art of Battle, which puts players “in total control of their heroes.” Combat in For Honor, says the creator, is made to feel ultra-realistic, as if the player has a weapon in his own hands. The combat moves have been created through motion capture technology for which Ubisoft engaged professional martial artists and stuntmen. However, the devs maintain that the controls have been kept simple for good playability.

Multiplayer: For Honor was initially announced as a multiplayer title, and players can choose to play as any of the multiple factions in the game. You can choose the gender you wish to play as and customise the character accordingly. But players will have to exercise caution while playing co-op, as attacking their teammates accidentally will result in that member being killed, like in real battles. There are five main multiplayer modes to participate in, known as Dominion, Brawl, Duel, Skirmish, and Elimination. Dominion supports four players on each team in which the aim is to capture several zones in the battlefield. Brawl is a two by two mode in which one team needs to be entirely eliminated for the other to win the match. Duel is a one on one play, and Skirmish is a four versus four timed mode. The last one, Elimination, is also a four by four play in which the team that eliminates all of the opponents will win the match.

Campaign: The story campaign in For Honor is playable by oneself, though playing it will also require players to be connected at all times. The campaign mode can also be played as a two-player co-op, or in split screen.

For Honor Trailers

Ubisoft has till date released a number of trailers alongside some significant amount of gameplay footage. Besides the cinematic reveal trailer, there are also the story trailer, beta announcement trailer, and a gameplay walkthrough to give fans a good look at what they should expect. Check them out below.

For Honor Release Date, Platforms, and Price

For Honor releases on February 14, 2017, for the Windows PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The standard edition is currently listed on Amazon at $59.99, while the Deluxe Edition which comes with extra content will set players back by $10 higher. For the Gold Edition which will come with a season pass along with all the Deluxe content, fans in the US will have to shell out $99.99.
Wrap Up

Hopefully, by now our readers can see why they should be excited about For Honor. If you really want to get your hands dirty, we suggest you sign up for the Beta that will be playable between January 26 and 29. There’s very little time left before the new game launches, so we expect more news to surface in the days to come. We’ll be back with new updates as they surface, and in the meantime you can check out what we think about Call of Duty 2017.

For Honor Release Date, Features, Gameplay, News and Updates
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  • The game “For Honor” absolutely killed it at E3 2016. The game’s director Jason seemed just as excited as the fans when he was talking about the gameplay. I enjoyed the sheer level of strategy employed by its simple controls. However, while its multiplayer combat is still as intense – its solo campaign isn’t up for the fight.

    For the author of this article, nicely & informatively written. I really enjoy reading your well-researched game reviews & news.

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