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God of War 4 Release Date, Gameplay Features, Rumours, News and Updates

God of War 4: The God of War series has been in existence for the last decade and has appealed to fans for its seamless blending of mythology and a storyline steeped in action. But while the games in the main series were mostly based on Greek myths, the upcoming entry, simply titled God of War, will have its focus on old Norse myths.

God of War 4

A still from the upcoming God of War game (we’ll call it God of War 4 at times for clarity).

The upcoming God of War game, or God of War 4, has been described by developer Santa Monica Studio as a reboot of the original series while still aiming to maintain continuity with the older installments. For example, Kratos returns in the upcoming installment of the franchise, but there will be significant changes in the way his character is presented or the way the story will proceed.

God of War 4 has been in development roughly since the time the last game was released. The developers affirmed in late 2014 that they were working on a new title in the franchise and that the game was in its initial stages of development. It was also hinted that it would be something of a departure from the earlier entries.

God of War 4 Latest News

With the game having been in development for a long time and updates being pretty sparse, fans have been getting jittery. The developers have also been questioned by fans on this account on their social media pages, and the queries range from what is keeping the creators from launching the game to the possible story details. Thanks to this report, we now know a couple of things about God of War 4.

First off, it looks like GOW4 will be set at a time way prior to the Vikings, so if that’s something you have been looking forward to, it is not happening. After a fan asked game director Cory Barlog if some of the iconic Vikings would make an appearance in the game, Barlog said: “Our story takes place in a time well before the first Vikings so I don’t see them appearing. Sorry. “

There’s more. If you are worried about why the game has been taking so long in the making, Barlog assures that nothing is wrong. It is normal for a big game to take its time in development, for that would ensure that the end result is as enjoyable as the creators intended it to be. He also added that the game is making great progress, and that it is looking better by the day.

God of War 4 Official Trailer

God of War 4 was officially announced at this year’s E3 with the developers giving fans a look at the upcoming title’s gameplay mechanics with a new trailer. The new video established the fact that Kratos in the upcoming game will have a son whom he will act as a mentor to. It shows Kratos giving his son his mother’s knife and teaching him how to hunt. The two are also seen tackling enemies that they encounter in the forest. While the trailer begins cinematically, it showcases some of the combat that players will experience through the course of the game.

God of War 4 Plot

As mentioned earlier, God of War 4 is officially titled God of War due to the fact that it is actually a reimagining instead of being a direct sequel to the last game in the series. The creators have said that with the new title, they want to leave the world of Greek mythology behind and focus on something new instead. Before settling on Norse mythology, they had also considered the rich myths that Egypt had to offer before concluding that the latter would be at odds with the atmosphere of isolation that the game so heavily relies on.

The plot of God of War 4 revolves largely around Kratos and his son, Atreus. Fans of the earlier games in the franchise are aware that Kratos has often been portrayed as an antihero of sorts. In the new game, the rage that had earlier driven the character will be much more toned down, and director Cory Barlog affirms that the God of War reboot “is about Kratos teaching his son how to be a god, and his son teaching Kratos how to be human again.” The boy’s mother will also have an important part to play in the game’s story.

God of War 4 Gameplay

Combat: The next God of War game will be played from a third person perspective. However, players familiar with the series may expect to be in for a surprise when they get their hands on the new title. The gameplay in the next installment will be a wholly changed affair, with Kratos’s weapons getting a significant facelift. Instead of the arms that he was known for using earlier, the God of War 4 will see Kratos wield a magical axe that comes back to him after he hurls it at an enemy to take it down (quite like Thor’s hammer). Barlog has confirmed that the axe that Kratos is seen using in the gameplay trailer is steeped in history and has a deep connection to the boy’s mother. Other than fighting with weapons, there will also be a significant amount of hand-to-hand combat. Considering that the game is yet to get a release date, we think it is safe to assume that this section is still under development. So expect to see a lot of new elements.

Kratos’ Son: Another thing to be noted is that the player will be in command of Kratos’s son at crucial points in the game, though perhaps not always directly. The boy will be useful for strategic purposes throughout the game and prove handy with smaller weapons. The creators have a button dedicated to him, so his contribution to the game will be significant. He can distract enemies, shoot arrows, and help in important pursuits such as exploration and puzzle solving.

Game Modes: God of War 4 will not have multiplayer, or that’s what we have been told until now. 2013’s God of War: Ascension was the first entry in the franchise to have come with a multiplayer mode, something that was generally well received. But if you were hoping for the same to find its way into the upcoming game, it seems you’re not in luck.

An Open world? The God of War series is centered around exploration and exploitation, and the earlier games have excelled at that particular trope by weaving together strands of different myths to make up a complex storyline. However, for God of War 4, we would like to see it being taken forward by several notches. One great way to achieve this would be to go open world, something that we feel has been sorely missing from the games. If done well, it could mean many amazing things for the title. God of War 4‘s story will be somewhat different, and we imagine the mechanics would be altered as well. So an open world could pose many unique possibilities indeed.

Sadly though, the creators have stated that the new game will not be a truly open world title, but have some elements borrowed from it.

God of War 4 Release Date and Platforms

Title Release Date
God of WarMarch, 2005
God of War IIMarch, 2007
God of War: BetrayalJune, 2007 (Mobile)
God of War: Chains of OlympusMarch, 2008
God of War IIIMarch, 2010
God of War: Ghost of SpartaNovember, 2010
God of War: AscensionMarch, 2013
God of War2017 (Tentative)

As of now, God of War 4 is expected to get a Fall 2017 release for the PlayStation 4. A specific date has not been presented yet. We will let you know the exact God of War 4 Release Date, as soon as we get any official confirmation.

Coming to the question of platforms, the God of War franchise has since its beginnings been exclusive to the PlayStation (except one that was released back in 2007 solely for mobile platforms). So with that and the fact that Sony is publishing God of War 4 like all the games before it in mind, it is safe to say that the upcoming entry will be launched for the PlayStation 4. The possibility of support for other platforms has not been shed any light on, but that seems unlikely.

Wrap Up

God of War 4 will be a reimagining of the series that will focus on the necessity and consequences of change. Now all there is left to do is wait for the creators to announce an actual release date.

God of War 4 Release Date, Gameplay Features, Rumours, News and Updates
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