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GTA 6 Release Date, Features, Rumors, Wishlist, Price, Trailer

GTA 6 Release Date: GTA 6 is in spotlight in recent time. It is also claiming that Rockstar is going to unveil his latest project Red Dead Redemption 2. It is a future project that will be released in 2018 to 2020 while Red Dead Redemption 2 will be seen very soon nearly within 1 year. This upcoming game is slim so it takes time in preparing it successfully. GTA 5 released in 2013 so everybody has set their eye on the most happening game ever termed as GTA 6…


GTA 6 Release Date

Users have great experience with the GTA 5 in terms of all good aspects so the level of expectation is so high for GTA 6 release date. GTA 5 has been the fastest selling videogame so its earning was over $1 billion when it was three days old game GTA 5.

GTA 6 Rumors: What to Expect!

There is flashing rumors all over the country about GTA 6 releases and its other details. But the rumor is not even as active as we were expecting. Rockstar is not even showing his participation in the news and views around this game. People are still very much confused about the game releases or if it is in the scene, will take long time to come in real appearance.

GTA online has also taken place and it is providing good range of revenue in the form of hundred of million dollars. We are at the skeptical end with no action and reaction of the Rockstar about the GTA 6 and at the same time out doubt get the boost with the presence of the GTA online. The setting of the game is not confirmed though the Techradar sources have claimed that the development of the game is on. Keep checking updates of GTA 6 we are updating at our best.

GTA 6 Release Date: When to Expect!

I have told the fact that there is no official mention from Rockstar about the release date of GTA 6.But I can gather with the few speculation, when GTA 6 will arrive. If you will follow the structure of the previous release of the GTA series then the game will be released in 2018 to 2020. As per the plan of the Rockstar for the invention of the its biggest map, Rockstar will take huge time upto 5 years in converting it into reality. Check the previous release of GTA series

GTA – 1997

GTA 2 – 1999

GTA 3 – 2001

GTA 4 – 2008

GTA 5- 2013

GTA 6 – 2020?

GTA 6 Developement: Quite Interesting!!

No doubt if GTA 6 is making its presence in the 2020 the preparation or the development of the game is under process. You can say the game is in very early stage of development. We even do not know the stage of the development. The game is propelled with 45 years of ideas so it is not ordinary project for Rockstar. He might be busy in giving this upcoming game the great features and real feel to the game. It is highly anticipated game so the years of ideas and concept will not go out of the sight whether it is releasing in a year or in 2020. Rockstar is quite busy in creating the new world and he is taking different US location to give his imagination for the game into reality.

You can imagine how difficult it would be to cover the entire US and creating a navigating map for it. May be GTA 6 is all about this we have in store. The game might be released with Sony’s Play Station 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Two and the game will be in the virtual reality support. GTA 6 will able to enjoy the recent version of the of the popular platforms which will quite compatible with the game.PS5 and Xbox Two releases  will be coming in 2018 to 2020.

GTA 6 Wishlist: The Most Amazing Part

GTA 6 will take almost three years to get released so we are still far from the facts of the features and specs of the this game. We should not get affected with the daily scoops and scandals of this upcoming Rockstar game. Daily rumors are paving the way with scandals and lot has been said about this game and we will be heard other form of rumors as there is lot of time yet to have 2020. . So we should move forward and let us talk about what we have our wishlist of the features: Kindly take your look and if you have any GTA 6 wishlist then you can add accordingly.

Female Protagonist

Earlier GTA series have strong male protagonists like trio, Franklin, Trevor and Michael for GTA 5 while in GTA 4 there is Niko. We had not in the GTA female character in supporting role but only in GTA 3we got to see Cataline. This time Rockstar needs to be more happening and the presence of the female protagonist will be the good source to show that female is not only a show piece. They can make bold decision and can support people to overcome the life in better manner. I will be happy to see the women’s strong character in the game and she will not only limit to remain in the poor light. Now she will have strong character and major part to play in the GTA 6. The voice of the protagonist will be of the Hollywood Star Eva Mendes. It is also claiming that female protagonist will be her male counterpart and voice behind the Eva Mendes’s real life beau Ryan Gosling will be. That would be great.

Multiple Locations

There is lot of buzz about locations of the GTA 6.It is capturing the bold spotlight from every corner. The GTA series had Vice City, Liberty city and San Andreas and there is new location like London and Alderney in the scene. There can be also inclusion of Chicago, New Orleans, Washington DC and Philadelphia. It is also true why go for one city if we can have two cities in this game. It is wonderful to have around multiple cities or locations to have more fun with game. GTA 6 may not be having the location Tokyo in the list. It is most probably going to happen so there will be few places or city in the locations map.

More Vehicles

There should be more vehicle option in GTA 6 unlike GTA 5. It would be exciting to see the vehicles like rollerblades and skateboards. It can go beyond imagination in terms of offering the best when it will have more vehicles and there would be more characters to run it then I think the game will be more happening. It will give the feel of innovativeness and Rockstar will gain more appreciation for his work.

More shops and houses

GTA 5 is better in house and shops at present but we are expecting to have something grand in terms of having house and shops. More shops and house will be giving more powerful look to the game GTA 6 and makes people feel like that they are getting upgraded version. It will make the game more fun and challenging. You can assume that you are basically in wonderland and the few stalls and buildings will let you interact better which can be in Vespucci Beach. What will you say about NPCs as it is more interactive with the female protagonist? The clear picture of the lying you side of the road and you are bleeding badly but passers-by is trying to help you by calling ambulance. It is good for the protection.

FPS Mode

FPS mode is good for the GTA 6 and Rockstar has made this in a manner that the whole game can be played with first person. The combat system has been changed but it will certainly not be the process we should get along. You can set your angle and style of viewing angle of the game differently. You can decide the way to view the angle or you want to set the angel so FPS Mode is helpful and fun.

Side Quest

The more side missions will offer great fun. So we will have increased side with more variations. It will make your missions accomplished faster and better. There will be multiple protagonist system. The pattern will be loved by all GTA 6 fan if it will be done by this way. Hope we can see that changes in this upcoming one.

More Fuel Gauges

The vehicle will have more fuel when you will notice that your vehicles require it. It has the set of fuel gauges that will never let your vehicles tank out of the fuel even in the long run. It will give great opportunity to our players and protagonist to utilize the full privilege of the game’s fuel and GTA 6 will accomplish it as GTA 5 fuel was not sufficient to cope with the long driving session.

GTA 6 Gameplay: How Advanced will it be?

The latest game will be featuring the latest version of the Gameplay. It will have more driving stunts than the GTA 5 offering. It means we will be around adventurous ride and it offers more plus point to players to play with great zeal. GTA 6 Gameplay will be different and it is more featured which is quite different from supercars of the GTA 5.


GTA 6 will be in the modern times. It is also dicey that game will go in the back time as it already did in Grand Theft Auto. That set up will be helpful for the game to be properly monitored.

GTA Online: A Great Move

GTA online success is amazing and it is giving more business than offline version. Its popularity online is gaining the more million bucks. The online visibility is also one of the reasons of having delay in GTA 6 release date. It will bring the possibility of the purchase in-game accessories and properties through their in-game wealth so whole credit will go to the GTA 6 micro transactions.

Everything is on track so far but we cannot wait longer for the game but no option left. It is selfish for me to say that GTA 6 should be around soon but it takes time to make the hi tech game…

GTA 6 Release Date, Features, Rumors, Wishlist, Price, Trailer
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