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GTA 7 Release Date

GTA 7 Features: What’s Next

The developer has 45 years of ideas for the game. His plan is successful so far and in future his strategy or the implement on the GTA 6 and GTA 7 will get the acknowledgement surely. The unprecedented zeal of Rockstar to break the monotony features of the game to keep the game different with his inventory ideas and techniques will de-stress the mental condition. There are many factors in the it will be quite different from its predecessors like GTA 5 and GTA 6. People love the difference with richness or the innovativeness of the features. The contemporary techniques of the game are exclusives and will make the difference in the lives of many in terms of gaining happiness and satisfaction.

The most important goal of the game developers is that the players receive the game enthusiastically. They accept or reject a game very easily. Some negative reviews and the game can be in the dumps and with that their future too. Gamers visit the online forums and leave their comments about the game being entertaining or not.

In many moments while playing the game you will not feel bored. The excitement and adventure is everywhere enabled in it. So discover some of the great features we would rather see in the GTA 7 which will define the level of standard of the game.

Change in leading character

The main character of the game GTA 7 will be unlike the previous version of the GTA. As you all know who have played the game GTA 5 there was extended leading characters with list. In GTA 6 there will be only one female character as it is rumored. In GTA 7 what is in the scene, there could be scope of having again the one female leading character in the upcoming version of the GTA. But again and the again the introduction of the only female character can be boring. So Rockstar should take some stride and make difference in this sector to keep the interest alive for the game in per releases. The extraordinary punches from the developer that’s all we are expecting for the developer no doubt.


When it comes to location there is always buzz around whether it is GTA 6 and GTA 7. The more and more locations are there in per upgraded version of the game as per rumors. But what exactly will be structured in the game still fishy. GTA 7 will have possibly some city with fake name but it will appear like the real. There is huge chance of not to limit to the America continent only but there would rather more options than the predecessors in terms of locations. So the inclusion of maps in it is something that we want to see.

More medium of transportation

There could be huge number of cars, helicopters, airplanes, motorcycles, bicycles and more in GTA 7. So the players would be more privileged and get more fun in the game. Developers will give extra shot and gives us more option so the GTA 7 will appear far better and innovated with more technical ideas without compromising on the fun and adventure both. Rockstar cannot stay behind in making more rooms of the options in his per upgraded release of the game. He knows to build interest in the players with many fantastic vehicles in the cars and bikes.

More cities

In terms of making changes or improvement in the cities, the developers have the gut feeling to bring together the past of the cities so the players can visit more places. The traveling options will be extended that will make huge difference in playing the game with interest. So the GTA 7 with more cities will rock more and four thumbs up to it. The consistence of the more cities or states like Vice city, Liberty city, Los Santos and more is in the scene. So the players will pass through the unforgettable traveling experience in it. The entertainment is guaranteed.

Better shops and houses

The better shops and houses with better ideas will give more edge to the upgraded version of the game GTA 7. It is quite early to focus on GTA 7 and it lies. But at least we can reach to the reality or it can be taken under wrong conception. Shops will be more structured and buildings will be more and houses will be well decorated with stuffs. There would not be missing thing anymore what you were missing in GTA 5. It will fill that gap in terms of more building, houses and shops. There could be few stalls on beach or anything can happen to make the difference without giving anything damn to the players. Not necessarily you are going to have bigger everything than the  predecessors. It will highlight more in meetings and interactions.

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GTA 7 Platforms

The platforms support is amazing in case of GTA. It is compatible with all latest platforms we have around. GTA 7 is capable and controlled so it delivers good result with almost all the platforms available till date. The smooth running without buffering remarks the good presence of the game with the different platforms which is subjected to give priority to the full entertainment. Check which platform is more on GTA 7 side that will not give annoying performance.

PlayStation 5

It is saying that Sony will be coming soon with its new releases in the form of new PlayStation 5 in 2018. At that you will get to see the most probably the GTA 6 together. So it is good to say that PS 5 will be compatible and smooth with the both games GTA 6 and GTA 7. The PS 5 platform is absolute trust when it comes to play the game GTA 6 and GTA 7. You cannot be seen complaining about the game buffering and the slowness will not kill you anymore. It will not give birth to the problem.

Play Station 4

PS 4 is also current and give hope to play better the game like the GTA series games. It will not stand in the way of your entertainment while playing the virtuous games like GTA 6 and GTA 7. There is no doubt that PS 4 by Sony will give good control to the game GTA 6 and GTA 7. It also will be smooth in PS 4, though we can be little confused about the performance of the game with PS 4 but most probably the structure is heading towards the positivity and the game will be regulated properly in the PS 4.

Play Station 3

The 10 years of successful journey of the PS 3 but now PS 3 will not able to support the new version like GTA 7. This upcoming Rockstar game is faster and better so you cannot expect the PS 3 to support. Though it has plenty of platforms so I do not think there will be any issue for the players to have the latest play station for them to support the high-end games like GTA 6 and GTA 7.

Xbox Two

The web world is so illustrative to the rumors of the latest game GTA 7. Xbox 2 by Microsoft is in the scene and you can see it releasing very soon in 2018. So surely you can see Xbox to support the game GTA 7 and GTA 6 as well. Xbox 2 will be fantastic with all latest game and there is huge hope with this to make the game run without losing its smoothness.

Xbox One

Xbox One is also great supportive for the latest games. Xbox one will be 10 years old when we will have GTA 7 around with us in full swing by then. But due the latest specifications Xbox One developer will make the latest game run GTA 7. So for the Xbox One user there will not be headache to download any other platforms to play the game.

Xbox 360

Xbox 360 has completed its 10 years and it is the great supporter by Microsoft for the game lovers. But regretfully few months back Microsoft announced that Xbox 360 will not support any game in 2016. So you cannot able to see the GTA 7 and GTA 6 to play under its support. Xbox 360 users need to download another alternative to get the support of the game.


GTA 7 PC version will be released also. So, PC users can take the sigh of relief.  On the PC the game will be smoother, better and faster if you have upgraded hardware on your PC. So the GTA 7 Release date will also bring a much better PC gaming experience for the GTA lovers like us. The PC version is coming in GTA 7 that is somewhere giving many people relief as in India in many houses there are PC users more than laptop and tablet.

The conclusion with above discussion is that the GTA 7 will support PS 5, PS 4, Xbox Two, Xbox One and PC. So you will not have any issue with these platforms while playing this upcoming game. These platforms are easily available so you do not need to worry about playing GTA 7.

GTA 7 Release Date: When is it?

Grand Theft Auto October 1997
Grand Theft Auto 2 September 1999
Grand Theft Auto III October 2001
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City October 2002
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas October 2004
Grand Theft Auto IV April 2008
Grand Theft Auto V September 2013
GTA 6 2019 (Unofficial)
GTA 7 ??

It will take long time in coming in the scene. 2022 can be the year of release for GTA 7 as per the previous structure of the GTA series. We are still waiting for the GTA 6, so the official Release date of GTA 7 is not yet officially mentioned by the Rockstar we are filling the air in hot balloons only. Anything can happen we can be close to the rumors or very far from it as well.

GTA was released in 1997, GTA 2 was released in 1999, GTA 3 in 2001, GTA 4 in 2008, GTA 5 in 2013, GTA 6 in 2018 and GTA 7 in 2022. So we are still expecting green signal of Rockstar about the GTA 6, some people is heard saying that GTA 6 will be around in 2017 while some people is directing that release of GTA 6 will be 2018. So what we can say about GTA 7, it is best known as unknown of the fact so we can believe only on the basis of the earlier releases of the GTA series.

Final Words

There are plenty of big fan of GTA series and there is no surprise if its fans are making story about the game’s latest releases. We are known to the fact that we are at the very early stage for pointing any of the tantrums. The GTA 7 wishlist is huge and the game is far from the scene still we are interfering our indulgence into the latest releases of the GTA 7. But take it further as we are not ready to keep it aside from the point.

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