Block and report players on Xbox One – Simple Steps

Ever since Xbox One launched internationally, it has been our favorite gaming console. That does not interfere with the fact that there are many insufferable players who we would be better off without. They make the entire gaming business look bad which most definitely is not the case. To ensure complete peace of mind while playing games on the One, you must go through our guide of how to block or report players on Xbox One.

How to Block and Report Players on Xbox One

How to Block and Report Players on Xbox One

As the reader knows, it is only with the help of the Xbox Live that original Xbox experience truly comes alive. Having said that, some of the players may as well be banned from live gameplay. In order to block and report players on Xbox One, there are some ways which we will explain to you in this post within a minute.

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There are some conditions under which you can either block or report any player on the Xbox One. These are the steps.

  1. First and foremost, simply press the Xbox button that is located on your personal Xbox One controller.
  2. Press the LB option. This will help you reach the People tab.
  3. Select simply Find someone.
  4. Type in the player’s Gamertag. Once done, the player’s own profile will be opened.
  5. Select now from the two options: Report or block.
  6. Select Block. The player/user will be blocked immediately. This will also ensure that you are not disturbed any longer.

Note that the report option which you see is only effective in flagging the user in the gaming community. To ensure that there is no further commotion, we recommend that the user should use the Block option.

Before you Start Blocking or Reporting:

There are certain sensitive criteria that need to be fulfilled before you block request is accepted. You can only block or report content or players if:

  • If the user’s profile content is deemed inappropriate. Thie may include falsification of presented information or data, incorrect or misleading statements, or anything in that vein.
  • Unsuitable content that is shared with other people and may have offensive content of sexual or any other nature.
  • Any other violation of any rules of Microsoft and Xbox conduct that the users may need to necessarily be fond of.
  • Any form of cheating as defined by Microsoft will also result in a ban.
  • Finally, it must be remembered that any reporting and blocking of the users will take some time to be in effect. In case you wish to expedite the process, make sure that you mention the word urgent in the title of the complaint.

Wrap up

Now that you know how to block and report users on the Xbox One, use that decision judiciously. In case you are caught trying to malign someone for no reason at all, it will be used to block you instead. Comments are welcome.

Block and report players on Xbox One – Simple Steps
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