Kingdom Come: Deliverance trailer showcases stealth mode

The upcoming non-fantasy medieval video game from the stable of developers Warhorse Studios titled Kingdom Come: Deliverance aims to go big on the element of reality as it was during the era portrayed within. So while most of us are used to the middle ages being depicted as involving all kinds of fantastic creatures, the newest trailer of Kingdom Come: Deliverance showcases a whole different, and more realistic, alternative.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance trailer showcases stealth mode

The developers released the trailer during the recently concluded Gamescom 2016, and while it acts as a capable document to many of the game’s realistic features, like fighting techniques, it also teases how the stealth mode will be used in the upcoming game. As pointed out by some viewers, the stealth feature is showcased in the gameplay trailer multiple times as the main playable character sneaks up behind several men and eliminates them successfully.

The player in the video is able to take down men on the road as well as men seated atop their horses with sufficient skill without his victims being aware of the impending attack. But the trailer lacks the accompanying in-game sound effects, making it difficult to understand how solid the stealth mode will be. However, unlike most games where players are put at an advantage about whether they can be spotted by the enemy by special prompts, the Kingdom Come trailer doesn’t show any scope of that.

The main character in Kingdom Come is Henry, the son of a blacksmith who has been recruited by a noble for various tasks and missions. Henry is the sole survivor of a rampage that killed his entire family and destroyed his home. The game is set in the medieval Kingdom of Bohemia.

Earlier trailers of the game have managed to set it miles apart from existing combat role-playing titles by way of its realistic depiction. Players would not only require to train extensively to help them survive combats, but basic activities like eating, drinking and sleeping are equally important for sound functioning. Moreover, food cannot be hoarded indefinitely as in reality it would rot.

Other examples of the game’s realism are that the main playable character’s state of appearance will affect how he is treated by others within the game. Wearing dirty armour or being in a generally dishevelled state will result in people being reluctant to talk to him.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is set for release in 2017 across platforms including Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance trailer showcases stealth mode
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