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Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date, Gameplay Features, News, Rumors & Updates

Kingdom Hearts 3: Japanese game developer Square Enix’s upcoming action RPG was announced a full eight years after the preceding title in the series, Kingdom Hearts 2. But ever since the last chapter in the Dark Seeker saga was announced at the 2013 E3, the developer has dropped several hints about what we can expect from the upcoming game. Thankfully, at today’s date, we have a bit of information about the story, gameplay features, and the overall look of this power-packed upcoming action game. However, tiny snippets are barely enough to go by when you’re expecting a game as big as Kingdom Hearts 3.

Another significant question that surrounds the game is when Square Enix plans to release Kingdom Hearts 3, as a specific date is yet to be announced by the developer. With those factors in mind, let us take a look at all that we expect Kingdom Hearts 3 to come with and more.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date rumors

Kingdom Hearts 3 Story

Thanks to a recent development, we now know what appears to be the background for the story of Kingdom Hearts 3. The story surfaced a few days back on social media in the form of images with extensive writing in Japanese. Discerning fans soon ended up translating the whole thing for everyone’s pleasure and that along with the elements that we were already aware of make for an intriguing plot.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Setting and Characters: Kingdom Hearts 3 will feature a lot of different locales, thanks to its merging and overlapping of different worlds taken from the likes of Star Wars, Disney, and Marvel among others. This is evidently a result of Walt Disney’s acquisition of Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm since 2005. The creators of the upcoming game have said that different worlds will add to the variety of the gameplay, both in terms of story progression as well as technicalities.

The different worlds will also come with the characters that are unique to them. For instance, Rapunzel, Mickey, and Baymax will all come together in Kingdom Hearts 3, alongside the main protagonist. These characters will retain the qualities that they are known for and can use them strategically.

The protagonist of Kingdom Hearts 3 is Sora from the earlier games in the series, who will be accompanied in his quest by his best friend Riku, along with Donald, Goofy, and King Mickey among others.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Plot: The game follows the adventures of Sora as he sets off in search for the seven guardians of light and the “Key to Return Hearts” while attempting to thwart Master Xehanort’s plan to bring about a second Keyblade War. According to the recently leaked images, Sora in Kingdom Hearts 3 will be a much more grown up version of how we have seen him before. He will come to the realization that everything is being orchestrated according to the will of Master Xehanort and this is what Sora will fight against. In this final struggle against darkness, Sora, and his company will need to find the seven guardians of the light. While Sora is accompanied by Donald and Goofy in search of “the Key to Return Hearts,” Riku and King Mickey set out in search of a battle-scarred Keyblade wielder.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Gameplay

The upcoming game will retain many of the elements of its predecessors. Co-director of Kingdom Hearts 3, Tai Yasue, has been reported as saying that the makers have tried to build on the existing system for the next generation of players. This coincides with a previously heard news that the upcoming game may comprise of an enhanced combat and magical point system. Yasue also added that it may include the use of magical spells that will be a boost for the game’s environment. “If you shoot a Blizzard, for example, it creates a place where you can skate on the ground. We wanted the magic to dynamically interact with the environments,” he said.

“Drive Forms” that were previously seen in Kingdom Hearts 2 will return in Kingdom Hearts 3, with new forms being included. The Guard Form, for instance, in which the Keyblade is transformed into a shield can be made good use of by the player. The enhanced combat system of the game will allow the characters to team up to take down the enemies, several ones of which will be introduced in the upcoming game for the first time. Boss fights will also find their way into Kingdom Hearts 3. Moreover, the Artificial Intelligence that will drive the enemy characters will be much more improved and responsive, making wins much more satisfactory.

Keyblades can be transformed according to the player’s needs but the transformation will be dependent on the particular world it is in. Not only can the Keyblades transform to different weapons, but their scope will be even larger. What that means, however, we are uncertain of at the moment.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer

The 2013 E3 announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3 was accompanied by a trailer that made direct references to all the titles in between the main games of the series. This confused many fans if it was necessary for players to be acquainted with all the previous to be able to understand the upcoming game’s story. Thankfully, however, the makers stated at a later stage that while having previous experience with the game would certainly lend an edge to players, it was not necessary.

Since its announcement, we have seen plenty more of Kingdom Hearts 3 by way of newer, more enlightening trailers and gameplay videos. All of them were clear pointers to the vast scale of the game with its multiple worlds and varied combat systems. Check out the one from E3 2015 below.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date and Platforms

As mentioned earlier, Square Enix has yet to set a specific date for the final launch of Kingdom Hearts 3. It is worth noting that the game’s listing on Amazon suggests a December 30, 2016, release date, but considering that it is just a placeholder, nothing is guaranteed. However, we think the game may be landing on our consoles sometime in the first half of 2017. The game was earlier announced as being developed for the PlasStation 4 and the Xbox One, but recent reports point towards the possibility of a PC version when the game finally launches. One other rumour that has been doing the rounds since early 2016 suggests that Kingdom Hearts 3 may also be released for the upcoming Nintendo Switch console which is supposed to be released in March 2017. We are not sure of this information as the creators have not commented on the same, but if this turns out to be true, a lot of gamers will be very happy indeed.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Price

Once again, there is no information on how Kingdom Hearts 3 will be priced, but the aforementioned listing suggests the PS4 version to be priced at $59.99. Considering that many of the recently released games have been priced similarly, this appears to be a legitimate estimation.

In conclusion, fans have been waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 for nearly a decade now, and the next few months will be chock full of excitement with all the reveals that we expect to come our way from the makers. With its massive scale, intriguing and immersive plot, and varied combat systems, we expect Kingdom Hearts 3 to reach new heights as the series draws to a close. We will update our readers about new information as soon as we pick up anything. Stay tuned.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date, Gameplay Features, News, Rumors & Updates
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