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Mafia 3 New Video shows off Lincoln Clay’s “Precision Killing”

Mafia III is quickly becoming our favourite title in terms of the sheer cinematic treatment of its trailers. The makers recently released a new video that basically flaunts all of the brutality that makes Lincoln Clay, in the most unapologetic of ways. And what makes Clay so formidable? Why of course, it’s his weapons.

Mafia 3 New Weapons Video

The trailer that you can watch on Gamespot sees an ongoing trial which is investigating where Clay gets all his weapons sourced from. We soon find out that Clay was introduced to a huge weapons smuggling racket by one of his underbosses, which in turn gave him access to every single kind of arms and ammunition that one can wrap his head around, including rifles, shotguns and even rocket launchers. But while guns were an obvious choice, Clay’s arsenal soon grew to accommodate a large array of explosive devices, including C4 and Molotov Cocktails. And then, of course, there is the use of knives; we can see Clay stabbing one man straight in the eye without flinching the tiniest bit. Quite rightly, the trailer describes him as a “precision instrument of death.”

Judging by the video, Clay had no use for subtlety, for he wanted the mobs on his kill list to know that he was coming for them. In order to do that, Clay did not need half of the weaponry that he has had the leisure of using to take them down. Essentially, he is  a man with “a talent for violence.”

To give a brief idea about Mafia III, the upcoming game has Lincoln Clay at its centre, a Vietnam veteran who is on a mission to build the ultimate criminal organisation to take on the Italian mob to avenge his slain friends. It belongs to the action-adventure genre and proceeds through a third-person perspective, where the events are mainly presented through flashbacks

Lately, the makers have been pretty forthcoming about several of the game’s aspects. The creators recently shared a video where they described the many ways of earning cash as Lincoln Clay. While you can earn a bunch of money by killing the racket bosses, you can make nearly double the amount if you succeed in recruiting them in your service. Moreover, the writers of the game also suggested ways to safeguard your earnings so that you don’t end up losing a chunk of it after you die. There are also a bunch of things you can do with your money, the most obvious ones being acquiring weapons and upgrading your vehicles.

An additional draw of the game is the soundtrack, for which the developers have gone to great lengths to curate some of the best defining tracks from the 60s to uphold the spirit of New Orleans in 1968 (New Bordeaux in the game).

Mafia III is set to launch worldwide on October 7 for PS 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Mafia 3 New Video shows off Lincoln Clay’s “Precision Killing”
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