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Mafia 4 Release Date, Wishlist, Gameplay, News and Updates

Mafia 4 Release Date: Mafia 3, the third instalment of the fan favourite gangster gaming series, came out in early October. Since then, not a day has passed when fans have not had something to say about the game. Even some of the avid gamers are already vouching for a early release of the Mafia 4 game. Reviews have mostly been positive; critics and players alike have praised the game’s theme, storyline, and soundtrack, but the gameplay has invited a fair amount of criticism. Despite that, the recently released game’s beautifully sketched depiction of New Bordeaux and its vengeance-driven protagonist, Lincoln Clay have been close to enough to hook players.

Mafia 4

Mafia 4 will have a dynamic new protagonist.

But as the story goes with any successful gaming series, the forums are already brimming with plenty of questions about the upcoming fourth instalment in the series, named for the time being as Mafia 4. Interestingly, a few sources already have a fair bit of things to say about Mafia 4, even though much about it may still be shrouded in speculation. But judging by the shared public enthusiasm, it appears that Mafia 4 will happen. After all, Hangar 13 came pretty close to achieving perfection in Mafia 3. It would be a waste if the developers did not take things a notch further by improving upon their ideas and launching something that fans will remember for a long time. Let us take a look at what we may be expecting from the upcoming title in the Mafia series.

 Mafia 4 Story and Plot Details

We are not going to lie, Mafia 3 has one hell of a story. The game is set in a fictional rendition of New Orleans and has at its centre a Vietnam veteran named Lincoln Clay. After Clay returns to the city, he aims to hunt down the mob bosses responsible for the murder of his associates. For Mafia 4, we predict that the new game will both retain some of the previous game’s characteristics, as well as reinvent itself completely in terms of its setting and characters.

Setting: Mafia 4 is more than likely to follow in the footsteps of the general style that the games in the Mafia series have been adhering to. Considering that the earlier games have reproduced the decades between 1930 and 1970, we are expecting Mafia 4 to also portray a similar kind of retro setting. The 1980s are a great time to explore socially and culturally, so perhaps 2K will consider basing the upcoming game on the classic era. As for its location, Mafia 4 will certainly introduce us to a new locale based on another American city.

Characters: The games in the Mafia series have always churned out some great character sketches. With the last released game, the creators have broken away from stereotypes by making the protagonist a man of mixed race. The love for an Italian flavour still lingers throughout and we are not complaining, but we think Mafia 4 will take the stride forward and bring more diversity by way of its characters, whether based on race, or even gender.

Mafia 4 Gameplay, Feature Rumors

Mafia 4 calls for some serious upgrades in the gameplay aspect. One of the biggest letdowns of Mafia 3 was its weak gameplay mechanics which felt jerky and unimaginative at several points. The fate of any game rests mainly on its gameplay, and despite Mafia 3’s vast open world, detailed story, and its wonderful array of cars and weapons, it has been quite dissatisfying to play. The creators of the series will surely rectify all of that, and as a result, Mafia 4 will be better than ever. Compared to mafia 3, Mafia 4 will have a bunch of new upgrades in its weapons inventory and cars, though we admit that topping the weapons of Mafia 3 will be a challenge. The previous game featured everything ranging from rocket launchers for some explosive fun to knives for melee combat. Besides the existent In Mafia 4, the makers may introduce things like crafting to assemble our own guns and cars.

Weapons: Compared to mafia 3, Mafia 4 will have a bunch of new upgrades in its weapons inventory and cars, though we admit that topping the weapons of Mafia 3 will be a challenge. The previous game featured everything ranging from rocket launchers for some explosive fun to knives for melee combat. Besides the existent In Mafia 4, the makers may introduce things like crafting to assemble our own guns and cars.

Trading: Mafia 4 will retain the previous game’s trading practices that help the player opt for continuous upgrades to their cars and weapons. For this purpose, Mafia 4 will expand upon the previous game’s earning system. Players can make some serious cash by taking down each of the rackets sprinkled along the city. Some methods or skills used by the player will fetch them more money than others. Moreover, they will also be able to utilise the fallen antagonists to make them richer.

Narration: We liked the framed narrative type storytelling of Mafia 3, where one character is seen sitting in a trial and talking about all things related to Lincoln Clay. It gave the game a cinematic feel in between missions. Mafia 4 may retain this trope and incorporate it with some more flair. 2K is certainly capable of that.

Missions: Mafia 4 will be an open-world title and its missions will be open-ended, giving its players endless opportunities. Players can opt for several approaches towards completing a mission, and each of their decisions will affect the final outcome. Players will be able to make decisions about whether to go deal with a mission stealthily or if they want a big showdown. Character relationships will also play a big role in how you can conduct your businesses, so would managing your subordinates with tact.

Mafia 4 Game Official Trailer

With Mafia 3 released just last month, development for Mafia 4 is yet to commence as the developer is presently busy with launching post-release material for Mafia 3. This means that a trailer for Mafia 4 is still far from being a reality. However, we can assure our readers that we will update as soon as an official look at the game, be it a trailer or a poster, is launched.

Mafia 4 Release Date

It’s true that Mafia 3 came out only recently and the developers will be kept busy in the near future addressing all the issues that the game came with. We think fans can look forward to quite a few Expansion Packs and DLCs over the next year for Mafia 3, so perhaps the developers will not be jumping into a new game right away. But a little look at the games’ past history will show that 2K Games has never quite felt the need to hurry through their releases. Mafia, the first game in the series, came out in 2002, but work on Mafia 2 was not begun until 2004 with the game finally becoming available in 2010. Six years later, we got our hands on Mafia 3. But as we can see, the developers are certainly closing in on the gap between instalments, giving us hope that perhaps the development of Mafia 4 will commence by late 2017. Also, we are certain that 2K and Hangar 13 will take all the criticism for Mafia 3 in stride and tweak all the elements to come up with a stellar instalment. So taking all things into account, we will go out on a limb here and say that Mafia 4 may indeed be dropped by 2020. However, 2K Games is a pretty big name in gaming, and they are already associated with the possible development of some other titles thought to be in development (Borderlands 3, for instance). Considering that, Mafia 4 may be pushed back to a later date.

Mafia 4 Price

The price for new games has been soaring in the past few years. Mafia 3 was launched at the price of $59.99 for the PS4, Xbox One, and the PC. The price was significantly higher than both the earlier instalments of the series, which were launched way back in 2010 (Mafia 2) and 2002 (Mafia). Considering that Mafia 4 will not see the light of the day before 2020, we are guessing that the game will be priced at around the $70 mark. But this is purely speculation, and we have to wait to find out about all the finer details about Mafia 4.

In conclusion, we can be certain that Mafia 4 will be a serious improvement upon the underworld action-adventure gaming scenario that we came across in Mafia 3. If all goes well, we should hear something about the upcoming game in the not too distant future.

Mafia 4 Release Date, Wishlist, Gameplay, News and Updates
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