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Meet Xander Haverfoek, Hitman’s new Elusive Target

The 2016 edition of the Hitman series which released back in March, simply titled Hitman, came with a new live gameplay feature that would introduce an Elusive Target every few weeks giving players a chance to partake in a mission that can only be attempted once. As their name suggests, these characters are elusive and cannot be spotted on the game’s maps or through other modes. The player has to find them through the various clues provided in the character briefing provided by the game. Up until September 2016, Hitman had introduced a total of 10 Elusive Targets; now for October, Square Enix has introduced a new Elusive Target named The Fixer/ Xander Haverfoek. Players can have their shot at hunting and taking down The Fixer until October 21.

Hitman Elusive Targets

According to the limited information provided by the briefing, The Fixer, “an attache at the Swedish consulate in Marrakesh”, is on his way to meet a courier in Marrakesh in order to transport a package of conflict diamonds originating from Zimbabwe which is estimated to be of around $1.4 million in value. The player will need to intercept in the matter by retrieving the package from The Fixer and also eliminating him in the process. The briefing adds that no concrete information about where the package is located is available, making the player wholly reliant on the whereabouts of the courier or The Fixer to be able to locate it. As is the case with all Elusive Targets, the player will have one chance at the mission, and there will be no way to start over if he fails or dies in the process.

Hitman, the third-person action stealth game follows the story of Agent 47, beginning at a time that is a couple of decades prior to the main events in the series. 47 is taken in by a handler who starts training him for missions where he shows great aptitude at becoming an assassin. The game’s new levels, or episodes as they are called, are released as updates each month by the developers. The final episode of the season will be released on October 31¬†and will be set in the extremely exclusive GAMA private hospital and resort in Hokkaido, where 47 will be required to locate two targets.

Hitman is playable on the Windows PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The retail version of the game will be released worldwide on January 31, 2017.


Meet Xander Haverfoek, Hitman’s new Elusive Target
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