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NBA 2K18 Release Date, Gameplay Features, Wishlist, Rumours and Updates

NBA 2K18: 2K Games is famed for churning out a new game every year in its acclaimed virtual sports gaming series that have retained their old fanbase as well as acquired newer ones with each newly added instalment. The NBA 2K series is no exception to that. The basketball gaming series developed from the very beginning by Visual Concepts is one of the longest running sports-inspired video game franchises in existence, having been first released way back in 1999. Back in September this year, the NBA 2K series got its eighteenth instalment with NBA 2K17. Despite some critical shortcomings, the game has been widely well-received by fans everywhere. Needless to say, the world is eagerly looking forward to what is going to be the nineteenth main entry into the hit franchise, NBA 2K18.

NBA 2K18

NBA 2K18 Release Date (Probable)

NBA 2K18: Will it happen?

Considering the peak of success and increasing popularity that the games have seen in the past and continue to see in the present, there is certainly no question for 2K deciding to pull the plug on the series at this point. Moreover, the release of the last game went to show on a major level all the changes that the series needed to gain the number one spot among the basketball games series in existence alongside it. While NBA 2K17 was well-received by fans, critics commented quite harshly on some of the improvements that the new game failed to bring over 2015’s instalment. Moreover, while the game played out well on some consoles (mostly the ones from Microsoft), other versions have not been nearly as smooth. It is widely believed that NBA 2K18 will have to come with some major overhaul in the technical as well as creative departments to be able to bring to fans what they want. While we know that there will always be room for improvement in a series that churns out a new game every year with consistency, it is evident that fans are waiting to see some real upgrades in terms of the story and gameplay. Considering the fact that NBA 2K17 came out in September this year, we may assume that the devs are already hard at work on the upcoming title. So with that in mind, we will say that NBA 2K18 will come out when we expect it to. And we are also hopeful that the game will introduce us to some great new changes that will change the slackened advancement that the series has been seeing over the last few years.

NBA 2K18 Features and Wishlist

Among all the features that NBA 2K18 could come with, we are pretty sure that 2K and Visual Concepts will retain some of the most popular ones from the previous entries in the franchise. The series have made a lot of fans in the past few years by the inclusion of a number of player modes. Some of the ones we’re expecting to make a comeback in NBA 2K18 are the MyCareer mode which allows players to personalise a player according to their liking and play out his entire career and the MyTeam mode, which requires players to carefully form a team from the ground up and get them ready to compete and win. Some of the modes that were re-introduced in NBA 2K17 after a hiatus are also likely to make an appearance in NBA 2K18. Among them are the MyGM and MyLeague modes which will task the player to be at the very helm of the entire proceedings of the NBA.

They will manage the teams that they are in charge of, make crucial financial decisions, choose players for the team, and market the team properly so that they have a great many fans in their support. However, we do hope there will be certain cool tweaks at the very basic level. Coming to the possibility of additional modes, we think 2K has a long way to go in order to perfect them. So keeping that in mind, we think the creators would do better to focus on improving the existing ones rather than belting out new modes for NBA 2K18. But the modes are only a small part of the NBA 2K series, and there is a lot more that we’re presently looking forward to seeing in the upcoming game. Here’s a list of them below.

New Engine: The last game to come out of the franchise undoubtedly had the potential to be an awesome game, and on some platforms, certain elements really did find an opportunity to shine through. However, 2K Games have always tried to make the titles in the NBA series into larger than life experiences rather than just a game. The MyCareer mode, in particular, is proof of that. However, creating a new game every single year while continuing to reinvent the series is a tough business, and that has seen quite an amount of reflection on the technical aspects of the game. With NBA 2K17, there were some serious issues with the graphics and player models have often been reported as being inconsistent.

Besides that, the new game suffered from a bunch of other technical problems, thus resulting in a dissatisfactory gameplay experience for many fans. Additionally, while the creators had paid a lot of attention to detail with the animation on the sidelines like crowd movement, they felt glitchy during several instances. All this has to do with the old engine that the game has been running on for a while now. This is one reason why despite being a much simpler game, players have enjoyed the experience of EA’s NBA Live 16. It lacked all the excesses of NBA 2K17 while delivering a smooth gaming experience. So one of the things that we desperately wish to see in NBA 2K18 is a refurbished engine that will be good enough to handle the high graphical content of the game. This may also be the answer to all the terrible face scan glitches that we have experienced on NBA 2K17.

New Additions: Some of the things that would be exciting to see in the upcoming NBA 2K18 game are the ones that could make the game feel closer to the sport. We think that Visual Concepts and 2K Games have achieved a fair bit of authenticity over the years, especially with the match commentaries. But there is always room for more. One of the things that fans of the game are rooting for is pre and post-match interviews, just like we have in the actual sport. If the creators added something like this to the new game, it would certainly be an impressive leap towards an experience that feels closer to the heart.

Another interesting thing on many a fan’s wishlist is the ability for the player characters to have real-world experiences. This would allow a gamer to live out not only the career of the player they play as, but also live out their lives outside of the court.

NBA 2K18 Release Date

The NBA 2K games have consistently been pushing out new titles in the series around the months of September to October. The last two games, specifically, have been released in September, and with each time, the date has been pushed ahead. With NBA 2K18, there is little doubt that the game will be released sometime during mid-September, with the Early Tip-Off edition coming out about a week before the official release. There may also be separate NBA 2K18 Release Dates for PC/console editions and mobile platforms.

Wrap Up

To conclude our article about the upcoming game, it is safe to say that with or without all the additions that we wish for, NBA 2K18 will be a successful game. But whether we see new in-game elements or not, we certainly do hope that the creators will address the looming technical issues that still continue to plague the game.

NBA 2K18 Release Date, Gameplay Features, Wishlist, Rumours and Updates
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