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NBA 2K19 Release Date, Wishlist, Trailer, News, and Updates

NBA 2K19: This year’s NBA 2K18 game has brought a full year’s wait to a close. At the same time, we know that we have another year’s wait right ahead of us. Thanks to the stringent routine pattern that 2K Sports has stuck to over the (nearly) last two decades, there is little doubt that we will be graced with what can safely be called NBA 2K19 for now. Although we don’t expect to hear anything about it before the next year has begun, it isn’t too early to talk about all the things that could do a world of good to the new game. Especially now that we are freshly in the wake of NBA 2K18’s release in September 2017, we figure that there is no better time to take a look at the possibilities of NBA 2K19.

NBA 2K18 Gameplay

NBA 2K19 Release Date: When Is It Coming Out?

There isn’t much brainstorming to do here. Before NBA 2K18, NBA 2K17 came out on September 20, 2016, while the installment the year before was opened up to the public on September 29 for consoles and PC. In fact, the launch window for 2K’s prized money spinner has veered comfortably between the months of September and October, with the general trend reflecting an intention to push it up the calendar. So fans, at least the optimistic among us, already know that NBA 2K19 release date will be around mid to late September in 2018. But notice how we spoke of being optimistic? That was because although the new game has been at the receiving end of a lot of appreciation over the few days following its release, most fans know that it’s time for an overhaul in the game mechanics. So unless the creators wish to forego the ground changes and stick to developing a new game on the existing technology, there may be a delay on the cards. But it’s too soon to say anything right now.

NBA 2K19 Platforms

NBA 2K18 has been released for every major platform in existence. That means anyone who owns one of the following- Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows PC- can buy the game. However, for next year’s game, we believe that it is safe to assume that 2K will skip the last gen consoles and only stick to the eighth generation platforms.

This assumption has an especially strong basis in light of 2K Sports’ other successful sports sim franchise, WWE 2K. 2K has made it very clear that the latest game in the series, slated for an October release this year, is an eight generation platform exclusive. So while up until the last year, WWE 2K games had its platforms in common with NBA 2K18 (sans the Switch, of course), WWE 2K18’s platforms are limited to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC besides Nintendo’s latest platform. And there are no doubts that NBA 2K18 will follow in the footsteps of WWE 2K18. It only takes one to show the way, as we saw earlier this year when NBA 2K18 was announced to come to the Switch. While speculations raged on, 2K was silent about the possibilities of WWE 2K18 coming to the platforms; but soon after the trailer release, cover star Seth Rollins confirmed that a Switch release was indeed happening.

It just doesn’t make sense that 2K would kill off support for older platforms for one franchise and sustain it for another, especially when NBA 2K19 is not due until another year at the very least. Expect the new game to come with support for the Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and the PC. At the same time, however, Microsoft has discontinued selling the Xbox One, with the Xbox One S and the yet to be launched Xbox One X remaining on as representatives of latest gen hardware. This may also indicate that NBA 2K19 will come with an upgraded version for the One X.

NBA 2K19 Wishlist

NBA 2K19: When Will It Go Into Development?

Chances are that Visual Concepts and Take-Two Interactive already have men on the job. Although the games in the NBA 2K franchise are released every year, the technology is almost always under the scanner for possible improvements. And if you had a series to sustain with one game coming out every year, then you would probably be working on ideas not just for the next title in the pipeline, but for the series as a whole. So while there is no news of NBA 2K19 actually being in development (and it won’t be going into active development anytime soon), we are sure that the creators already know the direction they want to take.

Not that we want them to forget all about the latest game that is literally just days old with audiences and jump into making the next one. Most fans still haven’t gotten around to exploring all the new features that have been brought in, and we also expect some significant updates to NBA 2K18 over the next few months. Needless to say, the time will be a busy one for 2K, considering they have so many different projects on hand. But at the same time, it is not a stretch to imagine that Visual Concepts has their ideas in place. Having said that, we don’t expect a public announcement for NBA 2K19 before the first half of 2018.

NBA 2K19 Wishlist: What To Expect?

NBA 2K18 has just been released, and the game has received widespread appreciation from gamers and critics in the few days that it has been around. The fact that VC and 2K were going all out with their material was made apparent in the months ahead of the game’s release. While reception for the title preceding it had been lukewarm, the reviews for the current title go to show that fans have embraced the new changes with open arms. The areas of improvements cover everything from bigger inclusions, massive gameplay updates, and everything in between. One of the most significant upgrades has been made to the game’s AI, whereby each player character retains the defining characteristics of their real-life counterpart both on and off the court, and much more (indeed, our example merely indicates the tip of the iceberg. To know more, go here). And then there is the Neighborhood, the new game mode that lets the player partake in a shared open world experience to interact with others and upgrade their player stats. Oh, and shop to their hearts’ content too.

So the question arises: what to expect from a franchise that has just belted out arguably its best game till date? Well, there is no denying that NBA 2K18 is a fine, fine game. But it’s not without its shortcomings, no matter how imperceptible they may come across as. So here’s looking at a few things that would make for great upgrades in NBA 2K19.

More Refined AI:  One of the biggest improvements for all to see in this year’s game is the improved Artificial Intelligence that we talked about above. The game feels so much more involving and realistic now with all the complexities of the sport actually being integrated into the game, and it is certainly not a fluke. One can only expect the upgrades to be taken to the idea mill for betterment by the time NBA 2K19 rolls around. And improvements it definitely needs. For instance, despite all the nuances being reflected in NBA 2K18 on the court, one can’t help but be faced with a situation where an AI-based player goes a little bonkers for their position. Although things have tightened up remarkably since last year’s entry, sometimes you’ll find the odd instance when the player just displaying the wrong movements or mismanaging passes. We are sure that these will be looked into for the next game, and the fact that they have gone this far this year only gives us more hope.

Increased Customization: NBA 2K18 introduces so many things that fans had been clamoring for that it’s a literal joyride to discover all the new features. But what takes the cake is the amount of customization afforded. Sprawled across every nook and cranny of NBA 2K18 is the scope to customize your player, be it in the new Neighborhood experience (that also ties into MyCareer, MyPark, and ProAm) or MyLeague. But customization is no more a skin-deep thought in NBA 2K18, with the creators having provided the scope for deeper customization for their players and literally designing their fate. In NBA 2K19, we would love to see something a little different, such as giving players the ability to play around with the surrounding elements a little. We’re sure 2K would come up with a way if they want to.

More Realism in the Sidelines: What we miss is more attention to the sidelines. The fans and spectators at any match are the life of the game off the court, and their reactions can make so much difference. Cheers and boos matter a lot, if you’ve ever been to a live match, and have the power to affect those on the court as well. Of course, it isn’t quite possible to tweak separate reactions in each member of the audience, but we would love it if there was a way to control certain reactions in the audience. Suppose your team is winning, and you want a part of the audience to cheer for you loud and clear. So you could select a section of the crowd and have them react positively. Negative reactions for the other team would also be great.

Finally, More Polished Gameplay: Nothing is more important than this, and we all know that NBA 2K18 while being a great game all around, looks like it has weaned every possible bit of power from the engine. The next step forward should be a major overhaul in that department, which, we believe, could be the answer to all the bugs that are still very much an issue.

NBA 2K19 Trailer

Hold on to your horses; we won’t have anything to show you here for the next six months at least. But count on us to make necessary updates the moment even a whisper escapes the creators.

Wrap Up

The NBA 2K19 game is yet to be officialized, but it is definitely on the cards. This year’s game has been the most enjoyable installment that we have had in a while, and Visual Concepts can only go forward from here. We simply hope that 2K makes the much-needed technical upgrades possible so that they get the game they deserve. Have an NBA 2K19 wishlist of your own? Keep the comments section busy.

NBA 2K19 Release Date, Wishlist, Trailer, News, and Updates
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