New Mafia 3 Video Demonstrates How to make Cash and Retain it

New Mafia 3 Video Demonstrates How to make Cash and Retain it

In the video, Andy Wilson, the game’s Executive Producer, Adam Bormann, Lead Gameplay Designer, and Ed Fowler, Senior Writer for Mafia III come together to explain the various means by which Clay can earn some serious dough in New Bordeaux, a fictional city based on New Orleans, in the 60s. The good news is, there are several ways you can earn varying degrees of cash, starting with taking out the enemy. But there are more ways to optimise your earnings; for example, you can force an enemy gangster to tell you where they’re hiding their stash.

You need to have some money or points to buy the different tools and credits to move forward in the game. You may use the points to get another life or boosters. Keep the money safe so that you can use it at some strategic times in the game. You should avoid losing the money as it is valuable in the entire game plan. Click for more info and understand how to do it.

Another way to ensure that you earn more is by recruiting Racket bosses. Fowler explains that while a player can get money by killing a racket boss, he will make almost double the cash if he succeeds in recruiting one. Also, recruiting a racket boss will be more beneficial for your earnings in the long run.

There are also several things you can do with your accumulated cash, like spending it or transferring it to a safe place for future use. In the first case, players can spend their money to stock up on weapons or to upgrade their vehicles. They will also have access to explosives.

Whatever money the player will earn he can store that in his wallet. However, you can lose a substantial amount of your painstakingly acquired money in case your character dies in the game. This brings us to the second option, that is, how to safeguard your money.

When you have succeeded in acquiring some amount of money, you can call in one of the underbosses, who will come to your location in a car and pick up whatever cash you want to store for later use. The money will be placed in a safe location thereafter. The creators’ advice is that you do this at regular intervals to avoid losing your money. This is a sure way to keep your money from disappearing even if you die at some point in the game.

Overall, the video offers some solid insight into the game, but the one thing that stayed with us long after the video was over is the awesomely groovy background score. In fact, Mafia III boasts of one of the most epic soundtrack lists among recent games, featuring music that’s a perfect match for the era it portrays.

Mafia III Release Date 

Mafia III to launch worldwide on October 7 for PS 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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