New Take-Two registered Red Dead Domain spotted Online

The domain name is reminiscent of one of the most popular elements from Rockstar’s other acclaimed gaming series, GTAGTA Online was introduced as the online component of GTA 5 in 2014 as an open world multiplayer game set in the city of San Andreas. GTA Online faced some serious technical issues immediately upon being launched, but the multiplayer went on to do huge business for its developers owing to its growing popularity, and more recent opinions have pointed out how it is one of the most attractive elements of GTA 5. Rockstar too has invested a great deal in GTA Online to ensure good feedback and resultantly, great sales.

Once a game gets good positive feedback and reviews then there is no stopping. Players all over the world compete with each other and the gaming community endorses the good games very happily. You can view publisher site and see the positive reviews and comments. People wait for any updates and new developments eagerly

But it is the new domain’s association with the Red Dead name that brings some questions to mind. Red Dead Redemption already has its own online multiplayer mode which supports up to sixteen players per session. But it is clear from Rockstar’s activity over the past few days that there is some big news in store pertaining to the series. Fans have been expecting to see a new title in the series for a long time which many suggest may be titled Red Dead Redemption 2. Yesterday, however, Rockstar shared a new logo fashioned after the look of Red Dead Redemption with its bleeding red background and later introduced a picture that showcased seven distinct gun-slinging and cowboy hat-donning figures in the distance set against a bright red horizon.

Though it is certain that Rockstar is teasing some new information related to Red Dead Redemption, it is not clear what exactly it is about. Many suggest that the images pertain to the long-awaited sequel to Red Dead RedemptionRed Dead Redemption 2, while others point out that Rockstar may be gearing up to adopt a similar business structure to GTA Online for the 2010 title. It is possible that the developer wants to work further on Red Dead Redemption itself before launching a new instalment in the series, as John Marston’s epic Western adventure has garnered glowing reviews and numerous fans worldwide ever since its release. Fans are expecting a re-release of Red Dead Redemption on the PS4 sometime soon, as recently Rockstar did the same with Red Dead Revolver, the first title in the series.

What exactly Rockstar has planned next for the Red Dead series awaits to be seen.

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