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Nintendo promises to boost production for Pokemon GO Plus accessory

The Pokemon GO Plus accessory was in quite a bit of demand after it was launched back in September. The accessory meant specifically for Pokemon GO, the game which had swept the world upon its arrival, is a wearable that players can use to get notifications about the game, such as ones relating to any Pokemon lurking nearby, without logging into the app.

Undoubtedly, the device was seen as a convenience for those who couldn’t get enough of the game. But while the demand for the Pokemon GO Plus was high, the supply did not quite live up to the needs. Now the device’s makers, Nintendo, have made an announcement that confirms their plans for increased production to meet the demands of fans around the world.

Pokemon GO Plus

“We launched the Pokémon GO Plus accessory on September 16th to provide a more comfortable play experience for Pokémon GO. Demand far exceeded our expectations and production has not caught up, leading to product shortages. We apologize to the consumers and distributors affected by this. We are planning to expand production as needed, and will continue to produce and ship additional units,” said Nintendo’s President Tatsumi Kimishima in this recent post (source: Gamespot).

This step may provide some necessary push to the game itself, as Pokemon GO’s popularity had been somewhat waning in recent times. The game’s numbers have seen a significant reduction compared to when it was launched, and Niantic has been doing everything they can to boost sales. Recently, the company rolled out an update which brings colour coding for eggs to provide players with valuable information required to hatch them. The update also brings more ease for owners of the Pokemon GO Plus accessory, which includes a new battery indicator for the device which will alert players of its conditions when they are in the middle of a Poke-hunt. A Halloween-themed in-game event was also started to draw players’ attention with more Pokemon and candy. Sadly, however, the update was met with lukewarm response by players who claim that it caused unexpected glitches.

Nevertheless, players are really looking forward to the Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update that is expected to arrive in 2017. Some of the new things it is expected to bring are fresh evolved forms, a number of new Pokemon, and Legendary Birds. It may also include some new functions for Pokemon GO Plus owners.

Nintendo promises to boost production for Pokemon GO Plus accessory
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