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Prey (2017) Release Date, Gameplay Info, Updates

The upcoming 2017 game by Arkane Studios and Bethesda Softworks, titled Prey, has been described by its makers as a “reboot” of the 2006 first person shooter game of the same name originally developed by Human Head Studios. Plans for a sequel called Prey 2 were announced shortly after the release of the original title but were scrapped mid-development for a number of reasons. The rights to the sequel had already passed to Bethesda Studios and subsequently to Arkane by 2013 in a complicated series of events, and the rebooted, same-name version of Prey (2006),  was finally announced by the two at the 2016 edition of E3.


Raphaël Colantonio, CEO and director of Arkane Studios, has said that the new version of Prey was born out of Arkane Studio’s own ideas, and not from the 2006 title. As the developers proceeded with the project, they realised the similarities between the two and decided to use the same name as they were able to.

The introductory cinematic trailer of the new Prey was launched at the June E3 event, and the official announcement described the upcoming game not as a sequel, but a “reimagining of the franchise from the ground up… with an added psychological twist.” The makers also announced that the only common feature that the new game had with the cancelled version was the presence of aliens. Afterwards, a gameplay trailer of the new Prey was showcased during the 2016 Gamescom event, which showed off a number of cool in-game variations, weapons and of course, the enemy.

 Prey 2017 Gameplay

According to the developers, the new game follows the story of Morgan Yu, who has been the subject of some morally dubious experiments. Decision making will be an important aspect of the game, and players will be able to decide their preferences from the very beginning, starting with Wu’s character attributes (including gender). We will assume the role of Morgan as s/he wakes up in the year 2032 on board the Talos 1 which has been taken over by a mysterious alien force intent on hunting down everyone in the space station. Morgan must fight them and at the same time find out the secrets that have led to the present conditions. Players must rely on the weapons that the character finds in the space station, and use their sound wits and “mind-bending abilities” to survive.

Exploration, an integral part of the game, will be continuous rather than level based, which means you might at any time need to revisit a place where you have been before for other reasons. Also expect your in-game decisions to have significant repercussions, which will ultimately impact the ending of Prey for you. The game relies heavily on what you find during your exploration of the ship and how you can use them to your advantage. The new hardware trailer gives a brief glimpse of the gear you will have at your disposal, including some mean gadgets to help you survive. “Welcome to the Hardware Labs aboard Talos I. It’s here that many of the station’s gadgets, gears and weapons have been built,” reads the trailer’s description. “Take a look at just a few of the items you’ll have at your disposal when facing the alien threat in Prey. Along with a wide range of abilities (both human and alien), Morgan Yu has a full arsenal of killer gear. From his simple wrench to a powerful shotgun to more exotic devices, Morgan has more than enough options to suit his needs.” Watch the clip below.

The gameplay trailer/teaser that was released by Bethesda at the Cologne event in August proved to be more insightful in terms of what to expect from Prey. The new trailer focuses on many of the game’s intriguing features, including the unique Mimic ability that actually allows one to transform into inanimate objects to help him get through difficult places. The first half of the trailer focuses on the game’s weapons system, distinctive among which is the Gloo Cannon that lets players freeze enemies in their place and then set off a Superthermal, which causes an explosion to eliminate the targeted enemy.

Prey Mimic Matter

Next, the trailer shows off the game’s unique Mimic system, which lets the player transform into a coffee mug insane, right?), and this avatar allows him to get through a small opening into an otherwise locked enclosure. This ability will have widespread implications throughout the game as it could provide a boost in the exploration of hard-to-reach places on the spaceship.

The second half of the gameplay trailer takes players outside the space station, but we do not get to see what function the outside space will play a setting to the game.

Prey Release Date

Get ready to play Prey when it releases this year on May 5. The game will be playable on the Windows PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Prey (2017) Release Date, Gameplay Info, Updates
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