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Resident Evil 8 Release Date, Wishlist, Rumors, News and Update

Resident Evil 8: Capcom’s critically acclaimed survival horror series is coming out with a new entry in 2017. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard will be a departure from the series essentials that we have come to expect from the past few instalments, but in a lot of ways, the game goes back to the roots of the series. From what we have seen so far, thanks to the many trailers and demos released, RE7 promises a brutal and hair-raising experience for those who dare. And boy, are we ready with a brand new Resident Evil 8.

There’s no question that the new game revisits the horror game genre in ways that we have seldom experienced, and Capcom has ensured that it stays memorable for being the best anniversary gift for wife that fans of the Resident Evil franchise have ever received. But if this is the new model that the developers have adopted, veering away from all the joking and combat, then is this what they’ll be doing in the titles to follow? In the question of Resident Evil 8, they may, or they may not.

Resident Evil 8

Resident Evil 8 Release Date

Resident Evil is one of the most renowned gaming series in the world, and with their latest venture, Capcom has shown that evil can go far deeper into our psyche. And it is not always possible to ward them off with guts and glory. Sometimes, a scared, clueless man on the hunt for his missing wife is all we get to fight zombies as, instead of wisecracking characters who are far too sure of themselves in the face of certain death. We’ve had the latter before; we want more of the new type. And yes, it is possible that Resident Evil 8, the next main entry in the series, will follow the model of its immediate predecessor.

Resident Evil 8: What will it be like?

With RE7: Biohazard, Capcom has shown us the wide number of approaches that survival horror games can take to scare the living daylights out of fans. Horror is the main keyword here, and the new game will have that in oodles. And you only get to play alone. After hosting such a scare fest, we don’t know if the creators will think of reverting back to the earlier action-packed themes of the franchise, or if they’ll want to explore more solitary stories like this. Basically, Resident Evil 8 could go in both directions.

Like we’ve said, and we’re sure fans agree, there have been a great many number of games that belong to the first category. But if getting scared is what you’re after (and FPS horror games are better than any horror movie you can watch), then you, like us, would be all for the newer one. In fact, we’ve seen this latter kind emerging as the new trend lately, probably as a response to all the generic zombie fighting games we’ve played all our lives. In fact, RE7 is not the only such title to be coming out next year, with Outlast 2 Gun Media’s Friday the 13th: The Game and Red Barrels’ Outlast 2 both coming out by March 2017. So perhaps this is the strain we can expect Resident Evil 8 to follow? It all depends on Capcom’s vision for the games to follow, but the studio does have a taste for the classics.

Resident Evil 8: Features, Rumors and Wishlist

It is possible that Resident Evil 8 will be the furthering of the genre that Capcom explores with RE7. The latter may be a reworking of the series in its thematic elements, but it is a lot similar to the 1996 original (incidentally called Biohazard in the country of its origin). The first RE game had two direct sequels following it, titled Biohazard 2 and Biohazard 3 respectively, and these games were more narrative and puzzle-solving oriented- something that the later games slowly moved away from. But with RE7, Capcom is revisiting the classic style of the games. And it seems pointless to do something new and then throw it all away by going back to the gunplay-oriented shenanigans we saw emerging later from the series. So yes, Resident Evil 8 could be a follow up to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Let’s get down to our wishlist for Resident Evil 8.

Story: At this moment, it is difficult to say anything about the story of Resident Evil 8. We haven’t yet got our hands on RE7 and we don’t know how it will end. But whether the new game finishes Ethan’s story or not, there will always be more to tell. If RE7 has a cliffhanger at the end (which seems plausible- we can’t imagine him getting out, nor can we see him beat every lurking undead in the game), then Resident Evil 8 could be a direct continuation of its predecessor in terms of the story. And as we’ve already seen, this kind of a game works best in first-person. So we’re probably looking at an outlay very similar to the 2017 game.

Bring Back Raccoon City: While RE 7 was a unique addition to the series, it was also a homage to the early days of the Resident Evil franchise. Notable elements (including the very title itself) felt like a direct throwback to the original game. If Capcom decides to walk down a similar route with Resident Evil 8, meaning a wonderful combination of nostalgia and new kind of storytelling, we are sure there are a million ways they can think of incorporating the iconic location from the 1996 title.

Resident Evil 8 Characters/ Protagonist: RE7 relies on the solitary narrative of Ethan, a man on his own who gets stuck inside a nightmarish mansion with interesting inhabitants. Capcom has made it clear that the game will not have a multiplayer mode to ensure the best horrific player experience that we can imagine. Of course, then, RE7 has only one protagonist to suit this flavour, but what if the creators gave this a little spin in Resident Evil 8? We love the idea of a solitary narrative, but at the same time, Capcom could introduce several new characters in Resident Evil 8, each with their own story. In that case, we would be able to immerse ourselves in several stories, but separately, instead of clattering and destroying the all-important horror aspect with more than one character at the same time.

Multiplayer: Quite obviously, this draws on from our last point. We fully understand, and respect, Capcom’s decision to exclude a multiplayer mode for RE7. But if Resident Evil 8 introduces different playable characters, then we could have a multiplayer where we could all face the horrors together. But out of respect for their vision, maybe the mode would support no more than two players. But having someone facing the brunt of the undead with us could help us cope with the fear better without taking away the scares.

VR Compatibility: This one is a given as RE7 is already coming with Virtual Reality support for the PS4. The upcoming game is being on a new engine for this purpose, and the step is more or less experimental. But with the way VR tech is advancing, we could have something far smoother by the time Resident Evil 8 comes out. And this time, the VR Support could be extended to all of the platforms that the game comes out on.

Resident Evil 8 Trailer

The game is still far from going into development, so we do not hope to see anything substantial about the game anytime soon- not even a good look. Meanwhile, you can check out all about Resident Evil 7: Biohazard on our site. You’ll find gameplay, trailers, general info, and more about the upcoming 2017 game.

Resident Evil 8 Release Date and Platforms

Update: RE 7: Biohazard was released in January, and even though the game has been out for only a few days, it has been largely successful in terms of gameplay and pace. The newly launched horror fest has been a chart topper in a few countries, though sales haven’t quite lived up to expectations. Capcom is certainly not willing to sit on it, however, and has already announced plans for the first DLC to the title in the hopes of rekindling the numbers. We expect a few more to follow along with the addition of plenty of new modes, so we aren’t likely to hear anything about Resident Evil 8 anytime soon.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is up for release in January 2017. We imagine Capcom will be busy adding expansions to the game halfway through 2017 after its release. Plus the developer also has a Resident Evil 2 Remake in the pipeline, so we can’t be sure when they will find the time to really get into the next main instalment in the series after RE7. We don’t imagine they will hurry through either, for the upcoming title is expected to hit it big with players and critics alike. So don’t expect to hear anything about Resident Evil 8 anytime before 2018. As for its release date, perhaps a date sometime in 2020 will be plausible. When it does come out, it will be playable on the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. 

Wrap Up

Right now we’re in the mood for RE7, and we just can’t wait to get our hands on the new game. We also expect it to unlock a lot of secrets about Capcom’s plans for Resident Evil 8. Whatever be the case, we’re sure both the upcoming 2017 game and its sequel will be hard hitters. As a final word to our readers, if you have any suggestions for us, or have something to add to our list of Resident Evil 8 Wishlist, let us know in the comments below. you love to play this game on your budget friendly Gaming PC/Laptop.

Resident Evil 8 Release Date, Wishlist, Rumors, News and Update
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  • I’m hoping they put more traditional zombies back in the game. it doesn’t have to be solely zombies but I hat this “it’s kind of a zombie but kinda not really” just put zombies in there. RE7 is great but that is what it’s missing.

    • i am a 3rd person game lover too , but that does not make RE7 ‘ not good ‘ as you said , but yes , even i prefere a 3rd person RE8

  • I was introduced to Resident Evil 4 in 2008 when i was 12 , and at that time it took me around 8 months to complete as it was too difficult for me at the time, but as time passed i would repeatedly play RE4 for years to come, and as RE 5 came out , i got it for PC and i liked the game too but was not even close to what RE4 had offered me through years , it lacked the atmosphere , lacked the diversity of landscape RE4 had different landscapes like the village , the Castle and the Island, ( the castle being my personal favorite ) where as RE5 had a similar looking feel all along , what it lacked the most is the ” run for your life ” moments that RE4 delivered very often , RE5 also did not have a character that we get attached to, leon was a far more likable character than Chris and also leon did not punched huge boulders like hulk, instead had to run away from them and also the RE4 plot had some meaning to it, every Main Boss would make you feel like how worse is it going to be next ? RE4 also had memorable characters like The Merchant, Krauser , The Big Cheez, Louis, The re-generators, Salazar, honestly i dont even remember any of RE5 bosses, but still i liked the more shooter less horror theme of RE5 for its own fun, and later came RE6 which for me at that time was second best RE game after Re4 , it had quiet a large story line, had diferent path ways, different characters, ( and had brought back my personal favorite, Leon ) i enjoyed gunning my way through the RE6 for its own fun , and liked the concept of multiple characters with multiple stories , but all in all it lacked the puzzles and that run for life moments that RE4 offered, and then i felt that RE was evolving in a more zombie killing shooter game , rather than a puzzle solving survival shooter, and then i checked online what was with th eprevious versions of Resident Evil like the original RE, 2,3,zero, i played them all , and matter of fact i liked them more than i liked RE 5&6 and thew were more focused on giving you nightmares and the game made you run for your life , rather than ginning all the way from start to end , but even tho after all said and done RE 4 was still my favorite as it had all of the above mentioned mixed in it perfectly , it was survival horror game that made you solve puzzles to move forward it was a shooter game with a lot of different guns , it made you run for your life , it had great characters , it had great villains , it had a decent story , all in all RE 4 was that perfect bridge between its previous games and its predecessors , and at the end i started to believe that was it , RE7 would be another Gears of war with zombies to kill and more expansive plot like an inter-galactic zombie war , where leon will be driving the space ship and chris will be punching comets out of the way , without even a space suit ( because you know , he is chris ) and after all said and done the main boss would be an alien who had a master plan of ridding the earth of humans by making all of them zombies and then killing all zombies with one atomic missile and then taking over the earth . ( i know its too bizarre ) but thank god capcom made a clever move by getting back to its original RE look, I have played RE7 and have to admit , its a hell lot different than what i imagined and it sure did exceed my expectations, with all the horror, puzzle solving , and a memorable baker family , making me run for my life, making me feel that i might get attacked the next second, making me think my next move , making me hide behind doors untill the threat passed through rather than emptying my handgun on it, the story was great , it was a game that is going to be remembered as revival or RE series, but not all of it was perfect , i understand 1st person shooter was important for this excellent brilliance of horror and survival but its not my taste, i prefer 3rd person where i can see my character doing all sorts of things , rather than just looking at my hands on the screen , but hey thats personal taste, so after the dust has settled i still rank RE4 the best Resident evil game as it had something ( if not all of it ) for everyone , and then i ran k RE7 the 2nd best as it delivers an excellent game which i will be playing again and yes , it will scare the hell out of you , but for my personal satisfaction and wants , i want RE8 to be more like RE4 with all its elements , but guess you just gonna get a excellent quality survival horror more like RE7 .

  • It was very much any al enclosed game in itself without any cliffhanger at the end, but the inclusion of Chris Redfield does at least open it up to a more indirect sequel.

  • Resident evil 4 was the same as 5. The characters in 5 were actually more ” likeable ” resident evil 4 seemed better because it was something new from previous resident evils. However, it’s neither was actually a good game, re4 really had no “run for your life” moments no did 5. If you want genuine survival horror and something to remember, nothing beats the original resident evils from the 90’s and early 2000’s. Which are Resident Evil 1,2,3,code Veronica, and even the remakes they made on the game cube console. ( now my idea and opinions on better r.e ) go back in time @capcom, and show some of the survival stories of others who where also in racoon city during the outbreak when Jill met carlos, when Leon met Claire in re2, I’m sure they could add on side stories of random new ppl we didn’t know about or meet in those old r.e’s. Not sure if it’s possible though since Capcoms guy who made R.E great stopped working with the company after r.e c.v…anyways re4 and 5 were ok..just not for us real re gamers..heck..Dino crisis 1 & 2 were better than re 4 & 5 in my opinion.

  • I love to see Leon, Chris and Jake Again. And the ability to play co up again like RE6. I think that RE6 is the best Resident Evil game so far.

  • Leave the stupid zombies out of it there are too many stupid zombie games and PLEASE have RE8 be first-person and try to keep the Bakers’ in it I love them

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