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Scalebound: Release Date, Gameplay Info, Updates

Dragons seem to have caught the fancy of a broad number of fantasy enthusiasts, both young and old. While they always have been popular, these mystical creatures have stolen the limelight with recent TV shows and films. Now Japanese video game developer PlatinumGames is about to bring the dragon experience closer to users with their upcoming action role playing game, Scalebound.

Scalebound Release Date, Gameplay Info

Scalebound Announcement: The game was announced with a cinematic trailer back in 2014 during one of the biggest gaming events held annually, the E3. While the trailer piqued the curiosity of gamers, some information surrounding the game were disappointing for many, especially PS4 users, as Scalebound has been developed exclusively for Microsoft platforms (Windows and Xbox One).

Scalebound Gameplay-What to expect:

After its initial announcement, the game was absent from the 2015 edition of E3. However, subsequent appearances of Scalebound at different gaming events have not been disappointing. At the 2015 Gamescom, PlatinumGames released a new 5-minute gameplay video of Scalebound. After that, at the 2016 E3 in June, the game’s four-player Multiplayer Mode was unveiled.

Going by all the gameplay footage, we can safely say that Scalebound will be a breathtaking action game, where players will be able to wield a large number of weapons (plus their very own dragon) in order to defeat enemies. The story of Scalebound follows a loner who loves his music, Drew. This young boy somehow manages to find himself in the mystical land of Draconis, where he bonds inextricably with a dragon named Thuban, who is the last to remain of his kind.

The gameplay trailers of Scalebound show off a wide array of weapons and plenty of combat. However, the weapons have a unique thing about them: they are degraded with repeated use. This means that players will have to keep picking up weapons as they proceed through the game. Another interesting thing sure to grab attention is Drew’s right arm, which seems to be covered in its entirety with scales akin to Thuban. This may be a result of the bond, and apparently, it has a number of uses, like healing Thuban and scanning enemies for any available information. The footage also shows that Drew is able to transform into a kind of half-dragon, half-human type creature, which results in greatly heightened abilities.

Defeating enemies will reward players with skill points, which can be used to level Drew up. There’s also something called the Dragon Link, which would enable players to gain first-person perspective control of Thuban. However, getting the Dragon Link set up will be a tricky affair, so players should be careful. Players can also customise their dragon to their liking. They can either choose among three modes with different strengths and weaknesses or create their own personalised hybrid. This can be done by exchanging the crystals collected in the game. Thuban can also be given the added protection of armour, but like all the weapons in the game, that too can degenerate with continuous use.

Scalebound‘s Multiplayer Mode will allow four players to team up and deal with enemies collectively.

Scalebound Release Date:

The game was originally planned for a 2016 release. However in January this year, the developers announced that the game’s launch date has been delayed to 2017. As of now, no specific date has been provided by the makers, who have cited their striving for perfection as the reason for the delay. The game will be available upon release for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One. Additionally with the new Xbox Play Anywhere, players who buy the game for either platform will get to play it on both PC and Xbox with their progress being updated on both.


Scalebound: Release Date, Gameplay Info, Updates
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