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Sims 5 Release Date, Features, Wishlist, Updates, News and Rumors

Sims 5: Will we see Sims 5 in 2019? That is the question on everyone’s mind right now. The fixity of the assumed timeline comes from the fact that publishers EA release one Sims game every five years, and Sims 4 came out in 2014. That would theoretically have Sims 5 slated for a 2019 release; easy enough, right? Sadly, things aren’t quite that simple. Fans of the lifestyle/ life simulation game desperately want a fifth installment of the hugely successful series, but its comeback will depend on a number of factors. It has been made amply clear by the developers that Sims 5 will remain a bleak possibility until the numbers for Sims 4 improve.

Sims 5 Updates, Release date

Sims 4: The Background

The Sims games allow players to create simulated people, customize what they want, and place them in a certain environment within which they function. Players require to understand and direct their moods in order to help them meet their desires. In fact, the Sims series happens to be among the world’s best selling franchises of all time. But what exactly went wrong with Sims 4? Well, it just so happens that the last installment failed to match up to the potential that the series has set for itself. While fans look for new features in a new franchise entry, they also want to see major steady improvements. But only alongside the original spirit of the series. Now that is a complicated formula to get right all the time, and that is exactly what happened with the 2014 entry.

The sales figures of Sims 4 bombed for a number of factors. Fans familiar with the earlier games felt that it lacked the heart of its predecessors. Quite predictably, critics’ reviews were not much favorable either, with many calling the game a half-hearted attempt that only upheld a bunch of wasted potential. In addition to all this, review aggregator sites also pointed towards generally unfavorable to mixed reviews. The developers did not hesitate to pin the blame for the bad numbers generated by Sims 4 on all the bad word surrounding it. But it remains a fact that the game simply was not as satisfactory as the other installments. Add to that the fact that it was only brought to PC platforms unlike the other Sims games (while most gamers prefer playing on consoles), and Sims 4 was a recipe for disaster from the very outset despite just how well the series has done previously. The reputation of the Sims series suffered, but so did fans’ expectations.

So with feelings jilted on both sides, reactions in each camp involved have been different. While fans cannot wait for a new, improved Sims game which will make up for their disheartening experience with Sims 4, the developers have hinted that the series may not continue if Sims 4 sales do not pick up. This means that the fate of Sims 5 hangs by a very wobbly piece of thread. The good news is that EA is pushing hard at improving the experience of Sims 4 for their fans. A host of new expansion packs and DLCs are regularly being added to the game to counter the widespread lack of initial interest, and this may end up having a substantial effect on public opinion and sales figures alike. Let’s just hope EA gets the numbers they are aiming to reach.

Sims 5 Updates, Release

Sims 5 Wishlist

Expansion packs may be a solid attempt, but many of them need to be purchased- and no one likes to keep spending money in the hopes of improving a game that wasn’t very promising to begin with. So the creators should not really blame fans for eagerly awaiting a new game that will deliver from the very outset. Sims 5 is undoubtedly a highly anticipated title, and we have a few ideas that would make the upcoming game a solid improvement upon its predecessor.

More Engaging Immersion: With Sims 4, one of the major qualms was the fact that it lacked the kind of innovative gameplay that the series is known for. Sims is a life simulation game, which makes it lack any definitive goals to achieve for players. That means that the developers have to keep coming up with new and engaging content every time they launch a new installment in order to keep players interested. So what we’re looking at is the possibility of newer environments, like diverse neighborhoods, and an overall improvement in the smaller details with the release of Sims 5. One of the things that make the Sims games so enjoyable is the detailing, and while it still is some ways away from being groundbreaking, we can assume that Sims 5 may incorporate a lot more in terms of the everyday details that we normally see. Some fans have also expressed their desires to be able to choose pets and conduct businesses from the start.

Better Graphics and Animation: Sims 5 will quite likely be a major improvement in several other areas as well, with improved graphics and animation with a wider range of color, better sound effects, and implementation of camera manipulation to begin with.

More Customization: No Sims 5 wishlist is complete is without this particular one, and we all agree that this forms the heart and soul of the series. But being able to make your characters more personalized by manipulating their physical aspects would truly make them come alive. So maybe the creators will think about increasing the number of body mods that the games have incorporated up until now. Even better would be the inclusion of traits to make the characters more lifelike. These could range between negative, positive, and outright crazy.

Bring In The Essentials: There were a lot of things wrong with Sims 5, and that includes flawed decisions taken by Maxis and EA. Months before the game released, the creators announced that they were leaving out a number of things that had come to be identified as core features of the series. They did hint that these could be added later, after the release. But with the absence of essential stages, and more importantly an open world setting, the biggest blow had been dealt. EA cited a lot of valid reasons to support the omission, but fans wondered why they had favored adding far less crucial details over these. And the results are there for everyone to see. We hope EA and Maxis consider this a lesson well learned and move on to create an all-rounder with Sims 5.

Technical Upgrades: The most important concern for players with Sims 4 were software issues and bugs, for which gameplay experience was hindered massively for fans. Such issues need to be kept at bay for a game that is expected to come out in 2019 if Maxis wants it to hold its own in front of all the other amazing titles we expect to see in that year.

Sims 5 System Requirements

We don’t quite know if Sims 5 will happen anytime soon. But if the creators manage to rake in the numbers that they expect from Sims 4, then chances are that the next entry will not be too far behind. We do expect Sims 5 to come with some significant graphical upgrades, but the PC requirements for the game may not vary greatly from its predecessor. The table below has been compiled with that factor in mind, although we’ll update this section whenever EA announces something.

 Minimum RequirementsRecommended Requirements
Operating SytemWindows 7 64-BitWindows 7 64-Bit
ProcessorIntel Core 2 Duo E6400 @ 2.13 GHzIntel Core i5-680 @ 3.6GHz
GraphicsAMD Radeon X1300, OR,
NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT
AMD Radeon HD 7750, OR,
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650
DirectXDirectX 9DirectX 9

Sims 5 Release Date

TitleRelease Date (US)Platforms
The SimsJanuary 31, 2000Windows, Mac, PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox
The Sims 2September 14, 2004Windows, Mac,
GameCube, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, Xbox
The Sims 3June 2, 2009Windows, Mac
The Sims 4September 2, 2014Windows, Mac
The Sims 52019 (tentative)Windows, Mac

Sims 5 may be announced sometime by mid-2018 if it were to follow traditional release patterns and launch in 2019. However, the makers have been rather vague about the developmental progress of the next title. Sims 5 should already be in development, but we have no news to confirm this from the makers. At present, Maxis and EA seem to be more concerned with making somewhat of a success out of Sims 4. 

However, there seems to be one silver lining to the whole affair. Sims 4 did not come out on consoles, and we now know that there are no plans of launching it on consoles. This gives us hope that perhaps the developers are keeping the console plans on ice for their next big release, Sims 5. If the game releases in 2019, it would mark another major possibility. We know that the next generation consoles, PS5 and Xbox Two, are likely to launch sometime around then. This makes us tempted to conclude that Sims 5 looks like a possibility, and it will be one of the first titles to be offered on the improved consoles. Another possibility is that Sims 5 may be launched exclusively on consoles, following in the opposite manner of its preceding title.

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Sims 5 Release Date, Features, Wishlist, Updates, News and Rumors
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