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Sniper Elite 4 Release Date, Wishlist, Rumours, News and Updates

Sniper Elite 4: Sniping games are exciting stuff. But we all know that video games based solely on sniping can get a bit boring because frankly, the traditional ones from the past did not pack in nearly as much action as we would have liked to see. But all of us can vouch for the fact that the world of video games is one of the fastest evolving in today’s date, and developers everywhere are trying to bring the zing back to virtual sniping.

One of the most popular and effective ways to do that is by mixing up sniping with a load of close range combat a la Sniper Ghost Warriors 3. But while adding melee combat can definitely liven up the formula, we also love to see traditional sniping being spiced up by the addition of some cool elements that make sniping itself exciting. And that’s exactly what we hope to see in Sniper Elite 4.

Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite 4 Release Date

Rebellion Developments and Microsoft’s upcoming third person tactical shooter, Sniper Elite 4, aims to be a perfect combination of all these formulas put together. OSS agent Karl Fairburne returns in the new game that is set in the immediate aftermath of the events of Sniper Elite 3. Whereas the earlier games in the series have taken Fairburne across the streets of Berlin and North Africa during the WWII, this time around we are expected to experience and explore the beautiful Italian peninsula all the while taking down Nazi troops. The upcoming title is set is Italy circa 1943, and the cinematic reveal trailer gave us a good look at a small, beautiful country ravaged by enemy troops. Our agent’s job in Sniper Elite 4 is to help the Italian Resistance fight a huge new force that has the potential to stop the Allied Forces’ attempts in their tracks. We have seen a fair amount of gameplay videos since the time the game was first announced in March 2016, and they are as intriguing as the cinematic reveal trailer is stunning.

Sniper Elite 4 was originally expected to be pushed out in the second half of 2016, but its launch ended up being postponed to 2017. Sniper Elite 3 (2014) was a widely acclaimed game which made us look forward to the new game even more. But we understand that Rebellion has their hands full now more than ever as they are acting as the sole production unit behind the upcoming game. So while delays are always sad news, they are not entirely undesirable, especially in the wake of No Man’s Sky. We hope Sniper Elite 4 has shaped up to be an even bigger intrigue than its predecessor and living up to that kind of expectation has to be daunting. So without further ado, let’s get to what makes up the newest addition to the award-winning franchise.

Sniper Elite 4 Features and Gameplay

Sniper Elite 4 was announced back in March 2016 alongside Rebellion giving us a glimpse into the world of the new game. And we can absolutely confirm that we were completely taken by it. While the teaser trailer did not reveal much, the sound of the march of heavy boots amidst what looks like a formerly peaceful Italian village turned completely upside down by the enemy troops was foreboding enough. Sniper Elite 4 continues the legacy of World War II. Sniper Elite 4 looks like it’s going to be much bigger than its predecessors in every possible way, and we’ll tell you just how.

Larger Maps: As a significant improvement upon the last game in the series, Sniper Elite 4 will feature extensive maps several times larger than the one featured in Sniper Elite 3. As we have already been shown in many of the game’s footages, there are different landscapes that the player will be able to scale while controlling Karl Fairburne. But most impressive is the increased verticality of its maps. Sniper Elite 4 has a lot of height to it, and the player will be able to utilize it all by having Fairburne climb and jump over them. Rebellion has also confirmed that the new game’s maps will allow for more options for the player to choose how to execute his missions, and every decision is likely to have different outcomes. All of this has been made possible by the creators’ thoughtful development of the game’s maps. Also, expect to see a whole lot of different terrains, both man-made and natural, that include “colossal Nazi mega structures, daunting forests and giddying mountain monasteries inspired by Monte Cassino.” There are also a number of picturesque towns to explore while trying to stop the Nazi forces from taking it all over.

Better Graphics: Most of the footage we have seen from Sniper Elite 4 are pre-Alpha, but even then they did nit fail to showcase just how stunning the game looks. Sniping games will obviously involve a lot of distances, but even then the visuals are as detailed as we expected them to be. While the details are much more enhanced when you switch to the binoculars, even without them there is a lot to see. Coming to the locations, there are picturesque towns, plunging canyons and foreboding waterways- all hounded and patrolled by the enemy. As visually appealing as it all is, players will have to keep in mind the adversaries, who are easy to draw the attention of, and we certainly don’t want that happening. And this brings us to our next winning feature about Sniper Elite 4.

Better AI: As opposed to Sniper Elite 3, where the enemy AI could be quite clunky at times, Sniper Elite 4’s adversaries will be much more responsive. Which is why players will need to resort to their stealth skills as much as possible. When you take down an enemy, even if it is from a distance, you will need to remember that the rest of their infantry will be alerted if they are lurking nearby. Even when the enemy in Sniper Elite 4 is unable to see you, they will begin firing at the direction from which their man was hit. This is why it is also a good idea to sneak up on your enemy and eliminate the opponent stealthily. Doing this will keep you from drawing unnecessary attention to your character if you can manage to stay undetected.

A Whole Range of Combat Mechanics: Sniper Elite 4 is a tactical shooter video game, but there will be situations when the player will find it more convenient to take down the enemy by other means. To facilitate this, the game will allow for a host of different combat mechanics. So yes, you can masterfully sneak up on your enemy and just drive your knife through his skull (there’s a lot of new weapons on offer too). Or if you suddenly come face to face with an enemy soldier, you will be able to grapple and overpower him. What this lends to Sniper Elite 4 is a whole lot of versatility as a shooter game, as the action will not be all about gunning down your enemies. What makes it interesting is that the player will be able to opt for more strategic methods to go for the kill. One of the coolest features of Sniper Elite 4 is the shrapnel kill, which will allow players to plant an explosion near an enemy. What will follow is pretty cool- when the explosion takes place, the bits of shrapnel will fly straight into the enemy and cause him serious internal damage. If you do it right, you can even kill him in this way. The X-Ray Kill Cam makes a comeback from the earlier game, but this time around, you will be able to see the internal damage you deal even with the knife and shrapnel kills.

Sniper Elite 4 System Requirements

Considering the high graphical demands that Sniper Elite 4 will undoubtedly have, the requirements to run the game smoothly on your PC will be on the higher side, especially on the graphics front. Check out the official system requirements for Sniper Elite 4 below.

 Minimum RequirementsRecommended Requirements
Operating SystemWindows 7 64-bit or higherWindows 7 64-bit or higher
ProcessorIntel Core i3-2100 @ 3.1 GHzIntel Core i7-3770 @ 3.4 GHz
GraphicsAMD Radeon HD 7870, OR,
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660
AMD Radeon RX 480, OR,
Nvidia GeForce GTX 970
DirectXDX 11DX 12

Sniper Elite 4 Trailer

Sniper Elite 4 was announced by Rebellion with a cinematic trailer back in March 2016. The reveal trailer gave us insight into the world that Karl Fairburne will be venturing into this time. While the trailer itself was extremely well done, what really got us was the haunting feeling that it left behind. Check it out for yourself below. And when you’re done with that, don’t forget to take a look at the gameplay video that follows.

Sniper Elite 4 Release Date

TitleRelease DatePlatforms
Sniper Elite18 October 2005 (US)PlayStation 2
Microsoft Windows
Sniper Elite V230 April 2012PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Microsoft Windows
Wii U
Sniper Elite 327 June 2014PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
Xbox 360
Xbox One
Microsoft Windows
Sniper Elite 414 February 2017PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Microsoft Windows

Though Rebellion initially planned to launch the game last year, some production delays pushed it back to 2017. As of now, Sniper Elite 4 is scheduled for release on February 14, 2017; the same day Ubisoft’s For Honor comes out. Sniper Elite 4 will be playable on the Windows 10 PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Wrap Up

There’s a lot more to know about Sniper Elite 4, and because Rebellion has not been quite so forthcoming about the upcoming game since its announcement, we are eagerly waiting to find out what is on offer this time. But even as we speculate about the game, we know that the devs have a lot of surprises in store for their fans. Stay tuned for more news about Sniper Elite 4.

Sniper Elite 4 Release Date, Wishlist, Rumours, News and Updates
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