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Sony Introduces My PlayStation, The New PS Social Hub

Ever since the inception of gaming consoles, it has become popular among fans from different age groups. While the young ones find it intriguing, for the mature gamers it is a source of respite from the quotidian life. For Sony, it has definitely been one of the tech concerns which is positioned to revolutionize handheld device experience in the market. Apart from the tray of smartphones, and other devices, the most consistent lineup of Sony has been the PlayStation gaming consoles. Ever since the advent of console making became a prioritized business for developers to make money, Sony and Microsoft have undoubtedly dominated this gaming industry whereby both companies offer equally competent consoles.

To go into the depth of the newest report, Sony is putting the user profile on the web. Touted as the new social destination on the web, the My PlayStation is functional across smartphones, web browsers, and tablets. Users can now safely and conveniently engage and access key PlayStation Network features on Mac, PCs, besides the aforesaid devices.

Why Use My PlayStation?

If you’re a social media fan, My PlayStation is an outstanding way to stay tapped in with your friends as well as the PlayStation community despite being away from PlayStation 4 console. Few of the things you can do are edit your profile, find new friends, view and compare your own as well as Friends’ Trophies, send messages, and send and manage Friend requests.

As a matter of fact, you need to be aware of a lot of the functionalities to turn on your PlayStation 4 or even to open an app in order to put it in the browser. Despite coming with empty white space, the minimalism of My PlayStation is well appreciated when we compare it to’s cluttered dashboard.

How to Access My PlayStation in Multiple Ways?

To do so, follow the 3 aforementioned points.

  • First off, click on My PlayStation (link) in the navigation bar located at the top right-hand side of
  • Second, sign in and tap on your profile image. Click on the username in the drop-down menu.
  • Finally, visit My PlayStation via

Wrap up

There are still a few kinks though. Instantly, the custom header image is alike to your PS4 profile. In case you haven’t had the chance of setting one, we would recommend staying glued to the default blue option. In addition, in the “edit profile” option, there wasn’t any convenient way to add the middle initial to the user’s name. Chances are in plenty for Sony to add more advanced features, which the company apparently promises to. Therefore, one may expect these minor problems will soon be troubleshot.

Sony Introduces My PlayStation, The New PS Social Hub
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