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Square Enix teases New Final Fantasy title for Mobile Platforms

Standing a month away from the announced release date of Final Fantasy XV, developer Square Enix is teasing new information pertaining to the franchise. A website that features Final Fantasy artwork along with a countdown has recently surfaced online which indicates that the company will have some exciting news by November 2.

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At the left-hand bottom of the screen, we can see iPhone and Android written prominently, which suggests that the announcement will be exclusively for mobile gamers. Sadly, the teaser does not hold any other information, but the writers over at Gamespot have pointed out the use of  “FF_NEW” in the site’s URL, which they think may indicate a brand new title. In that case, we are expecting a brand new mobile game based on the Final Fantasy franchise to launch on mobile platforms pretty soon.

Square Enix already has a number of mobile games under their wing, including several belonging to the Final Fantasy series. But the game that everyone is currently looking forward to is Final Fantasy XV, which sadly, has already suffered from several bouts of delay. But the delay isn’t necessarily bad, as the game’s makers have confirmed that they wished to address a few issues. In the case that it had launched earlier, the issues would have to be fixed with a new downloadable patch, whereas what the makers wanted was to incorporate the new stuff into the game at the time of the launch itself.

However, Square Enix has not only taken the time to work on Final Fantasy XV over the last couple of months; the developers have also kept the hype very much alive by keeping fans updated at regular intervals. Also, back in late August, the makers released a standalone spinoff based on the upcoming title for mobile gamers, titled Justice Monsters Five.

Since then, the makers have consistently released a number of trailers and gameplay videos from Final Fantasy XV that depict the upcoming game’s beautiful world and ferocious monsters, along with some of the special powers that Noctis holds.

Final Fantasy XV is set for release on November 29. It will be playable on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Square Enix teases New Final Fantasy title for Mobile Platforms
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