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Tekken 8 Release Date, Wishlist, Rumours, News and Update

Tekken 8: The Tekken series is coming out with its ninth instalment on consoles in 2017, and the story relayed is expected to shed light on many of the mysteries surrounding the games’ main story. Tekken 7, the seventh main entry into the franchise, packs in a lot of fighters- both old and new. The arcade version was first released in 2015 in Japan, with an updated version being rolled out later. Now that we know that this version is coming soon to the PC and consoles in 2017, we can’t wait.

The Tekken series by Bandai Namco Entertainment (who is also assumed to be working on the next entry in the Dark Souls series), has long been a cult favorite, ever since it was first introduced in 1994. One of the reasons for its surviving popularity is the older fighting models that it makes great use of in today’s age of futuristic space alien battle games. But what we’re concerned about is whether there will be a next main instalment in the series, namely, Tekken 8.

Tekken 8

Tekken 8 Release Date

Tekken 8: What are the odds?

The thing about the Tekken series is that it is legendary owing to its epic hand to hand combat styles. It has spawned a number of spinoff titles across platforms and even crossovers, notably with Capcom’s cult hit Street Fighter series. Tekken 7 will even feature the latter franchise’s Akuma in a pivotal role. We are sure that these will keep coming, but the question over Tekken 8 is yet to be addressed.

It is common knowledge that Tekken 7 will bring a legendary saga to an end by bringing together Heihachi Mishima and his son Kazuya in an epic face-off. Heihachi has been the most consistently present character across all the main games in the series and is one of the most noted antagonists in Tekken. Tekken 7 will focus on the feud between Heihachi, Kazuya, and Jin Kazama. Akuma’s promise to take down Heihachi after her death will also play a big part in the game’s story, as the trailer seems to suggest. We expect to partake in some truly grand combat sessions in Tekken 7, but if Tekken 7 brings the Mishima arc to a close, what about Tekken 8?

It is difficult to imagine that the series that happens to be the best-selling fighting game franchise in history will come to a conclusion. We’re betting for Tekken 8 to come out in the following years, but at the same time that it won’t be the same without Heihachi and Kazuya, assuming they die in Tekken 7. Perhaps the responsibility for the distinguished King of Iron Fist Tournament will shift to someone else entirely. There are plenty of options to take the story forward, or even to give it a completely different turn.

Tekken 8 Features, Rumours, and Wishlist

Considering that Tekken 7 will largely consist of a conclusion to one of the main arcs in the series, we think Tekken 8 will be a reworking from the ground up, with a completely new story while retaining some of the basic features from the earlier games. After scouring through several forums, we have compiled what fans expect to see in Tekken 8. Read on.

Characters: A big part of all the discussion surrounding Tekken 8 features has to do with its characters, and that is but natural. Even if Heihachi and Kazuya die, the King of Iron Fist will not come to a halt if the series continues. What that means is that we could have many new characters added to the roster of fighters. But we don’t think the Tournament will be helmed by someone without an integral tie to the perished (possibly, too soon to say anything) characters. We know that Jin has the Devil Gene, so perhaps he will survive and find a way to cure the curse and take up the position of the protagonist in Tekken 8 once again. But it would be even better if the bloodline was carried forth with Jin’s child, and he/ she could be the main protagonist of Tekken 8. And Tekken 7 is going to result in a big showdown, affecting all the associated characters as well. If the series does take a time jump with Jin’s child being the new protagonist, we may end up seeing a lot of new additions alongside some of the familiar faces making a return (those of whom will survive anyway).

A Series Reboot: It may be possible that what we’ll see with the next game in the series is not a continuation, but a reboot of the entire series, with all of the most popular characters from the earlier games being brought in and offered as playable characters and pitched against each other with some of the most classic features making a return. We like this, but it won’t exactly be Tekken 8 material, as we want to see what happens next, and what really happens to Heihachi and Kazuya’s legacy.

Improved Combat Mechanics: This is one of the most obvious things to ask for in Tekken 8. Fans want things to be taken up a notch by introducing new moves and mechanics for the fighters. An increased number of moves per character, more varied combat styles, and better fighting animation could certainly do the trick.

More Customization: In Tekken 8, we want to see a lot of cool customization options for the characters, including new costumes, stage appearance, and more. Costumes could be made more detailed too.

New Engine and VR Support: Can you imagine what it would be like to play out the epic battles in VR? We certainly can, and hope that Bandai Namco considers this as an option for Tekken 8. This would be accompanied with more fluid animation and overall graphical upgrade, all of which could be implemented with a help of a new gaming engine.

Tekken 8 Trailer

Tekken 7 hasn’t come out worldwide yet, so it will take a while for us to update you with a new trailer for Tekken 8. Make sure to come back later.

Tekken 8 Release Date and Platforms

2017 will see the worldwide release of Tekken 7 across major platforms, though we haven’t been given a proper date yet. But considering the fact that the Arcade version came out in 2015, we are sure the devs have already cultivated some ideas about the next game in the series, if it is to happen. Whatever be the case, we don’t expect to hear anything about Tekken 8 Release Date anytime before 2020. But the new game will follow the platform pattern of Tekken 7 with an arcade release happening earlier, with the PC and console titles releasing later for players everywhere. Expect the game to come out on the PS 4, Xbox One, and the Microsoft Windows PC.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, all we can say is it just doesn’t make sense to bring the Tekken series to an end with Tekken 7. If anything, a new story arc will give the devs a chance to explore the world of Tekken beyond what we have seen so far, and wouldn’t that be refreshing? That’s all that we have for today, but if you have anything to add to the list of features Tekken 8 should come with, let us know in the comments below.

Tekken 8 Release Date, Wishlist, Rumours, News and Update
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