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Titanfall 3 Release Date, Features, Rumors, Wishlist and Update

Titanfall 3: We know that the second installment in the Titanfall series was launched only in October this year, and we also know that conjecturing about the possibilities of Titanfall 3 may not, at this point, lead us anywhere. But with all of the talks from the creators about the prospects of the successful franchise after Titanfall 2 has got us thinking hard about Titanfall 3. But before we get into that, let’s take a brief look at Titanfall 2.

Titanfall 3

When can we see Titanfall 3? Will we get a new game at all? Read on to find out the prospects of the series.

Respawn and EA‘s Titanfall 2 was released on October 28, 2016, for the Microsoft PC, Xbox One, and PS 4 to wide critical acclaim. The game brought back many of the features from the first title in the series but not without massive improvements in almost every aspect. We already knew before the game’s launch that the gameplay would be unmatched in speed, and it certainly did not disappoint when it finally came out. Another notable thing about the new game was that, unlike Titanfall 1, Titanfall 2’s release was not limited to Microsoft platforms only. However, despite all the positives, the release window that the creators opted for has evidently harmed the title’s sales. Placing Titanfall 2 in between two other giant launches, Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, was perhaps not the best idea, as the devs must have realized.

However, the creators of the Titanfall franchise are still hopeful about the future of the series, and we certainly think that Titanfall 3 is a giant possibility waiting to happen. But the questions pertaining to the next entry remain widely unanswered. We’re weighing them out below.

Titanfall 3: Will we see it at all?

It is no secret that Respawn and EA have taken a hit with Titanfall 2. The fact that this has happened despite the glowing reviews the game has received makes the wound that much deeper. However, the creators have made it apparent that the series will not meet its end with Titanfall 2. While that certainly leaves the possibility of Titanfall 3 open, there are other ways that the universe can be advanced.

In an earlier interview with IGN, Respawn’s Founder and CEO Vince Zampella said: “We don’t have necessarily a trilogy (for the Titanfall series) in mind. You always hope when you create something that it’s embraced and that people will love it for generations to come. I hope we do more of it,” adding that expanding the mobile games for the series is also an option that is being considered. “I think there’s a lot we can do with it. There’s a lot of great ideas floating around here that I would love to see come to life,” he said.

So going by these snippets, we are not entirely sure if there will be a Titanfall 3. But one of the most notable things about Titanfall 2 is its stunning graphics, aided by a powerful engine. So considering that the creators know that the game’s universe has huge potential, it would be a shame to limit its further exploration only on mobile platforms.

However, when Zampella was asked directly about the possibility of Titanfall 3, he hinted that a lot depended on the sales of the second iteration. But he did add that those involved were aware of the overwhelmingly positive feedback from both fans and critics alike, citing EA’s announcement of being “committed to the franchise.” In light of these, we would like to keep our fingers crossed about Titanfall 3.

Titanfall 3 Features and Gameplay: What we expect

Titanfall 2 is one of the best shooter games to have released in recent times, but there are a few things on our minds already for Titanfall 3.

Single-player Campaign

Titanfall 2 has an epic single player campaign, both in terms of scale and playability. The story follows Militia rifleman Jack Cooper, who is unexpectedly given the authorisation of a Vanguard class Titan. Every bit of the campaign felt lively and absolutely massive, and it left players very satisfied. For Titanfall 3, the creators are more than likely to bring the single player campaign back with a more engaging story. One change that we would like to see, however, has to do with the verbal communication between the Pilot and the Titan. While we understand the reason behind the inclusion of this feature in Titanfall 2, Titanfall 3 can very well do without it.

Titan Customizing

One of the features that the creators chose to forego in the new game was the option to customize the Titan’s loadout. While the Titans in Titanfall 2 all come with their own loadout, the 2014 game allowed players to tweak their Titan’s equipment. They could achieve this after reaching a certain level in the game with the help of whatever items they had unlocked. Needless to say, fans familiar with the series have not been entirely happy with the decision to chuck customizing your Titan out the window. But while the developers at Respawn have explained the need for the decision, they have to admit that the feature was an important one. So we expect Titanfall 3 to this at the time of its release, and not as an afterthought as part of a DLC. And we can be certain that the load outs in Titanfall 3 will have a bunch of new equipment for our assembling pleasure.

Improved AI

 Regardless of its commercial success, Titanfall 2 is a great game, to say the least, and it all comes from the way the devs have improved upon every single aspect of the 2014 original. The battles are grittier, the Titans are more diverse than ever, and the game has a multiplayer that slays. The only thing that could be way better, however, is the AI. The recently launched game’s AI is good, but it isn’t great. It can also be quite predictable. For Titanfall 3, we want to see a highly responsive and unpredictable AI that makes things all the more fun across all the different modes.

Dynamic Environment

Because, why not? Titanfall 2’s world looked and felt amazing, and the details were enough to suck players into it. We can only imagine that things would only get better in Titanfall 3. Wouldn’t it be nice if all these are made to have a purpose in the clash of the Titans? The possibilities are endless with a more interactive and dynamic world that constantly changes based on what we do to them, and the consequences could only make the next entry far more engaging.

Titanfall 3 Trailer

Looks like we have to wait for a while before we can update this section with an official reveal trailer. Titanfall 2 has come out only recently, and the devs have to work to reach the numbers the latest game deserves. But we’ll update this section as soon as we see a reveal for Titanfall 3, so keep an eye on this space.

Titanfall 3 Release Date

TitleRelease Date
TitanfallMarch 2014
Titanfall 2October 2016
Titanfall 3??

Titanfall 2 released less than a month back, so it will be a while before the creators can begin developing Titanfall 3 (if it happens, that is). Considering that Titanfall 2’s sales have been lukewarm based solely on bad timing, we expect the devs to invest all their attention in the title over the next year. So it is unlikely that work on Titanfall 3 will commence before we’re well into 2017.

Titanfall 2 took about two years and a half in development; if Respawn starts working on Titanfall 3 sometime during the second half of 2017, we expect the game to land by 2020 at the latest. But all this is speculation, and we are yet to hear something official about what they want to proceed with the series to know anything for sure.

However, anything about Titanfall 3 right now amounts to nothing more than wishful thinking. We really hope that the devs make the necessary improvements to get Titanfall 2 the numbers it deserves.

Titanfall 3 System Requirements

Titanfall 3, if at all it happens, will undoubtedly come with a set of improvements. The current game itself makes high demands from a PC for the best possible run and graphical results, so we can expect that to be taken up a notch higher for the next title. The specs below may be able to serve as adequate for Titanfall 3, though any official reveals will be updated as soon as they are unveiled.

 Minimum RequirementsRecommended Requirements
Operating SystemWindows 7 64-BitWindows 7 64-Bit
ProcessorIntel Core i3-4130 @ 3.4 GHzIntel Core i7-4790T @ 2.7 GHz
GraphicsAMD Radeon R9 290 , OR, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970AMD Radeon RX 480, OR, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
DirectXDX 11DX 12
Storage50 GB50 GB

Wrap Up

Nothing about Respawn’s plans for expanding the series is confirmed right now, and the post above mostly constitutes of speculations coupled with a healthy dose of wishful thinking. But we really do hope to hear about the developers embarking on a third project sometime in the near future. If you’re a Titanfall fan, perhaps you could tell us what new features you wish to see in the next great venture, or what you might want to see being brought back. Let us know what would make Titanfall 3 the perfect game in your opinion.

Titanfall 3 Release Date, Features, Rumors, Wishlist and Update
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