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Upcoming PC Games To Keep You Hooked in 2018

Upcoming PC Games: While 2017 has been a great year so far, there are lots more to look forward to. There is still a few months left for the year to come to an end, which means that there is a fresh crop of titles to look forward to. However, not every title that comes out manages to live up to our expectations. Take, for instance, the case of Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 which released in April this year, the tactical shooter title that had built up our expectations during its lengthy incubation. But upon its release, it ended up being a little more than a sore disappointment. So although there are plenty of new titles to look forward to throughout 2018, and there will be plenty more added to the roster as time progresses, not all of them will turn out as promised. Still, the list of upcoming PC games 2018 is a tempting one, and we have picked a handful of them based on what we know so far, including how the graphics look, gameplay mechanics, and other relevant details.

upcoming pc games 2018

The Best Upcoming PC Games for 2018

The majority of gamers are generally divided into two broad categories, console, and PC. Although consoles are a popular option for the low maintenance cost, there is nothing quite like the experience of playing on a PC, especially if you are into high-quality graphics at the risk of lightening your pockets. Although it is true that a PC rig demands a ridiculous amount of commitment, it is all worth it. And even if you do not much care about professional grade PC gaming, it is much easier to customize games for the Windows platform compared to consoles. And then there is the question of a massive audience, which is what has led console-exclusive biggies like Destiny to rethink their platform strategies. And with 2018 nearing with each passing day, we look forward to a brand new array comprising of action games, shooters, RPGs, and more. Note that we have already covered some of the upcoming games of 2018, including FIFA 19, NBA 2K19, and WWE 2K19, which are slated for release both on consoles and PC. Here we take a look at a few upcoming PC games of 2018 that have left us curious and tempted. If you are more of a console fan, however, you can check out our compilation of the biggest Xbox One games for 2018.

Praey for the Gods: Kickstarter funded indie projects, as a detailed analysis by GamesRadar goes to show (in the context of Shenmue 3), often tend to fall victim to the dreaded lack of adherence to the schedule. And No Matter Studios’ Praey for the Gods, whose copyright tussle with Bethesda over the title’s spelling recently catapulted it into public notice, has been stuck in a similar situation for a while. Although the game’s Kickstarter page carries a launch schedule of December 2017, the lack of any recent news leads us to wonder.

However, a further delay would land it directly on our list of the best upcoming PC games of 2018. If you haven’t yet heard about this game, then you need to check it out now.Based on what little we have seen of this action adventure title, it seems to deviate from the run-of-the-mill formulae of action and survival and focuses on a solitary world where the player character will have to scavenge for weapons and items to defeat the gigantic bosses that come in her way. Her main motto is to uncover the mystery behind the long winter that has engulfed the world, and to try and put an end to it. Gameplay is said to be fast-paced and brutal, and exploration is key. However, one can expect to come across all kinds of adversaries on their way. The developers say that you are to start off in Praey for the Gods with only some scraps of clothing, but all the scavenging in the cold business will result in exhaustion. The basic actions are simple, but the ever-changing climate and other factors will make your journey to fight more challenging. The release date for this title is not yet known, but it will be playable on the Windows PC as well as Xbox One and PS4.

Far Cry 5: There are so many reasons to be excited about Far Cry 5 that we can’t even begin to count them. The horrors of Hope County feel very real in the context of the geopolitical situations engulfing the world, although the developers have insisted that the similarities are unintentional. Whether that is true or not is open to question, but one has to wonder if the current affairs have left some impression, even if on an unconscious level, on the minds of the creators. But a relevant topic alone does not make a great game, and there are a lot of other factors that stand in favor of Far Cry 5 as one of the best upcoming PC games of 2018. The story takes place in the fictional location named Hope County, which, despite its name, has fallen prey to the deep and dark powers, not of monsters, but of human fanatics. Joseph Seed, the primary antagonist, will stop at nothing to claim supremacy in the name of the Almighty, leading to several murders and slavish treatment of the people unwilling to follow his path to “Redemption.” And Seed is aided not only by his devoted fanatics, but also by his family, comprising of equally misled, and depraved, siblings, who, nonetheless, are gifted enough to brainwash the common folks. Story aside, the gameplay in Far Cry 5 can be expected to maintain similarities with the rest of the series, but with some noted similarities. For the first time, you will be able to build your character’s appearance and traits from the ground up, and recruit the help of animals populating the area to fight on your side. Guns for Hire makes a return, as does the open world exploration. Far Cry 5 is set to release on February 27, 2018, for the PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Cyberpunk 2077: The upcoming RPG from CD Projekt RED is “COMING: WHEN IT’S READY,” according to the developers, so there is no telling when it will actually be released. It is also one of those titles that have been absent from the recent news for a while now, and not once have we been clear about the launch date front. Nevertheless, there is a lot to look forward to. Although most video games have traditionally failed to live up to the expectations that their trailers have built up for fans, we expect no subpar presentation from the creators of The Witcher series. Besides, the story is an engaging spin on the sci-fi genre that is so popular in modern titles. But the most important thing? For the first time, CD Projekt RED is apparently bringing in a multiplayer mode- something that has been entirely absent from the story-oriented Witcher series. Moreover, the multiplayer will be built on a complex technology that will aid in building “the ability to search out for opponents, manage game session, replicate objects, as well as support for different game modes along with a unique set of dedicated tools.” Also worthy of note is the rumor that The Witcher 3’s huge world will not stand to comparison with that of Cyberpunk 2077. In fact, it might even be as big as four times than that of The Witcher 3. The story has to do with a time when megacorps have got people addicted to cybernetic implants for enhancements, alongside a drug called Braindance, which lets you live the life of the rich and powerful for a short while. The premise is no doubt engaging, and the gameplay sounds promising. The only thing that we need is a launch window. As for the platforms, Cyberpunk 2077 is confirmed for the Windows PC. No other platform has been confirmed yet.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance: Warhorse Studios’ maiden venture is an upcoming medieval RPG which, unlike most other games in its category, is centered around realism. To that end, the Polish developers have chosen a realistic period in history and historical facts. Amidst the turmoil that has resulted from the royal tussle between the reigning monarch and his brother end up having repercussions throughout the land.  This is what happens to Henry, our hero, whose family gets murdered and his home destroyed. This sparks off a tale of revenge where Henry sets off to find justice for his home and bring back peace to the kingdom. To do justice to its realistic RPG elements, the player can choose differently when it comes to the role they wish to play. For instance, if you choose to be a thief, then you will be awarded fantastic stealth mechanics, and playing as a knight will earn you respect and grant you great sword-wielding abilities. Each role will also determine how receptive and respectful the common people of the land will be. And this, in turn, will have an impact on your progression in the game. Gameplay in Kingdom Come: Deliverance will also rely on the player’s Stats, Skills, and Conditions, and the character also needs to rest and eat periodically so as to not languish on the way to justice. Combat will include both long-range and melee fights, and while the controls will be kept fairly simple, they will need to be mastered for optimum results. There will also be several weapons to choose from, but all of them will retain the historical accuracy of the rest of the game. Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be launched for the PC, Xbox One, and PS4, on February 13, 2018.

The Crew 2: Ubisoft announced the sequel to the 2014 racing winner during their earnings call in early 2017, and is currently slated for a March 2018 release date. As far as racing games go, you can expect the game to start off with a rather basic, predictable premise. You take control of a rookie racer who has to prove himself to get noticed in the cutthroat world where only the fittest survive. However, there will be much more than cars on offer. As a racer in the world of The Crew 2, the player will be able to be in control of any locomotive among the likes of bikes, planes, and even boats. There will be different hubs with their own kinds of thematic representation, and you can switch between rides, or even the kind of rides, at any time you like. You also have the option to customise your vehicle any which way you like. While the playstyle will remain largely similar to the 2014 original, there will be a few marked differences. Besides the online mode, The Crew 2 will also have an offline single-player campaign mode. On the multiplayer front, there will be both competitive and coop races to partake in. If the trailer and gameplay details are not enough to convince you, you can wait for the pre-release demo to give you a taste of what to expect.

Wrap Up

The list of best upcoming PC games of 2018 will definitely be added to in the coming weeks and months, and you can bookmark this page for more. However, if you have a particular title in your mind that you would love to play, especially on the PC, then you should let us know. Make full use of the comment section below to that end.

Upcoming PC Games To Keep You Hooked in 2018
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