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Best Upcoming PS4 Games of 2018 and Beyond

Upcoming PS4 Games: Sony has never ceased to surprise us with its latest PlayStation games ever since the original console launched in 1994. When we first spotted the beauty at Babbage’s, this strange gizmo made us fall in love at first sight. Now, with the PlayStation 4, Sony intends to bring a lot of third-party and exclusive games across various genres: from FPS to MMORPG to Co-op Adventure games and JRPG. This list of the best upcoming PlayStation 4 games covers some of the most coveted titles that are set to show up in 2018 and beyond that.

Upcoming PS4 Games

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Best Upcoming PlayStation 4 Games of 2018 and Beyond

Some of the very best games that are coming to the PS4 have already had a field day in the rumor mills: with mixed results. When media outlets cover games based on pre-existing information, the outcome is usually inaccurate. Now, with some added information, we can finally have some clarity. Take a look at this list below of what to expect from Sony this year.

Far Cry 5

Release Date– March 27, 2018.      Genre: Adventure Shooter

This is the latest game in Ubisoft’s long-running series. Far Cry is one of the most popular gaming franchises and this latest entry is set in Montana, in a rather strange twist in events.

What’s special: This is the first instance that a Far Cry game has been based in modern-day America. We have previously covered the Far Cry 5 game. In a departure from the norm (Far Cry entries have traditionally been set in more ‘exotic’ and far-flung locations), this new game has a more IRL twist to it, a factor which will make it more relatable. No one knows for certain what they will be up against but we can certainly expect politically motivated groups, home-grown terrorists, and even rogue gangs. In today’s politically charged environment, Far Cry 5 may be something that might hit too close home for comfort. We are waiting.

NBA 2K19

Release Date: September 2018 (Tentative)             Genre: Sports Simulation

Status: Unannounced            Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC

The latest addition to the basketball simulation franchise

What’s special: This next basketball simulation game promises to be the next best thing in this genre. 2K’s money spinner dos have very less competition in this segment; however, fans are always eager to know what the company’s next advancements are. This upcoming game is more eagerly awaited given that the NBA 2K18 was so popular. The glitches are fewer and a new engine upgrade this year is also expected. The NBA 2K19 has been covered by us in the past. It is believed that this year, the gameplay AI will be much improved. Who knows, this might just be the best NBA game ever released.


Release Date: June 5, 2018.                         Genre: RPG

The next best thing (supposedly) from Dontnod Entertainment, the brains behind Life Is Strange

What’s special: This game is set in 1918 and in the city of London. London is sick with a strange variant of Flu and the people are dying. The best part is that you, as the main playing character, are a vampire and cannot die. The flip side is that you need blood to survive. Oh, and by the way, you are also a doctor who has to tend to the dying patients. It is this dilemma that makes this game so intriguing. The city has been shown in its entire Gothic splendor and with varying shades of morality. The more you dig, the richer the blood becomes. Quite an idea.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Release Date: 26 October 2018.             Genre: Adventure

 A sequel (prequel, as some are calling it) to Rockstar’s open-world adventure games

What’s special: This is one of the games that we have been constantly covering. Given that this is Rockstar Games’ follow-up to one of its best-known franchises, this new game is set to be a really big deal. Expect a really substantial online mode, something comparable to the GTA Online phenomenon. We have already been through the trailer and the open world scenario looks positively gigantic. We expect this to be an all-around bestseller.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Release Date: TBA 2018                     Genre: Action-adventure/superhero

The famous web-slinger gets a fresh lease on life via Insomniac

What’s special: This is supposed to be a PS4 exclusive and we must say that we are very excited. A promising Spider-Man game has always been elusive. Marvel’s Spider-Man may change that equation. This is especially true given Insomniac’s history: they were the developers of Ratchet and Clank. Web-sling yourself through the city, fight criminals, and maneuver skillfully, just like in the recently rebooted film series. One more thing: the character of Mary Jane may be playable, which will be a cool addition.

Skull and Bones

Release Date: TBA 2018               Genre: Pirate Ship Simulation

Assassin’s Creed Black Flag’s naval combat section sans the free-running

What’s special: If you have been a fan of the Assassin’s Creed franchise, and especially that of Edward James Kenway, this just might be the game for you. Pirates have been in the news recently thanks to the phenomenal success of Jack Sparrow and the POTC franchise. Ubisoft has huge ambitions for this game and should this one work, a series may be in the offing. There is also a multiplayer option which will allow you to do something that the real pirates never did: co-operate.

Wrap up

It does seem that Sony is leaving no stone unturned as far as the best upcoming PlayStation 4 games are concerned. The fact that many exclusive games are en route this year also means that the Japanese giant will look to up its game in the face of renewed competition from fledgling consoles like Nintendo’s Switch and more established players like the Xbox. How successful this effort is something only time will tell.

Best Upcoming PS4 Games of 2018 and Beyond
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