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Watch Dogs 3 Release Date, Wishlist, Rumors, News and Updates

Watch Dogs 3: The original Watch Dogs was a pleasant surprise for fans of Ubisoft as the first standalone title to come out of the developer’s stable in a while. It was also quite experimental, focusing its story on the life and crimes of a hacker vigilante named Aiden Pearce. The game even went on to have long-term effects on players’ perception of the use of advanced technology. Watch Dogs, despite drawing some ill comments from a few noted critics, gained cult status soon after its release, becoming one of the best-selling games of the year.

But as it always happens with a title that goes on to become a fan favorite, the creators were quick to announce a sequel. Watch Dogs 2, with a different and dynamic hero, was launched in late November of the current year. We admit that we haven’t quite had the time to fully appreciate the new game, but the creators did say before announcing the second installment that the name had it in itself to become a successful franchise. So while most of us may think that it is too early to think about the future of the series, there are so many reasons why we’re counting on Watch Dogs 3 to happen. Read on if you agree with us.

Watch Dogs 3

Marcus Holloway in Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 3 Latest News

In the wake of Ubisoft’s newest patch for Watch Dogs 2, it might actually be possible to conclude that Watch Dogs 3 is a possibility. The new patch, besides offering an alternate ending to the 2016 title, has given us a host of new locations, outfits, and more. But it also seems to foreshadow something else entirely when a brief conversation recording between two unidentified men (who clearly seem to be fazed by the global DedSec uprising) begins. Now it is common for video games to set the stage for something to follow, and in this case, Ubisoft has clarified that the patch helps lay the foundation for the upcoming DLC. However, as the ever-vigilant folks on Reddit point out, the title of the recording, “51.462014, -0.112504.wav” seems to be a positive hint towards a specific location in Brixton, London. But while this could well pertain to any future content, including the upcoming DLC, we aren’t fully convinced that the creators would take Watch Dogs 2 suddenly across the Atlantic. That Ubisoft is teasing a new entry in the franchise is not wholly impossible, as they have done this before in Watch Dogs 2 itself, as well as in their famed Assassin’s Creed franchise. We hope all this speculation leads to something positive, but even if this does turn out to be a tease for Watch Dogs 3, we are unlikely to hear an announcement anytime soon.

Watch the new alternate conclusion below to the end to get the idea, but be warned of spoilers.

Why Watch Dogs 3 Needs to Happen

Because like Ubisoft, we think the series has potential. And like most of those who have played the first two games, there are loads to be worked on to give us the hacker’s paradise that we expect to see. Let’s start at the beginning. The 2014 Watch Dogs was received with open arms by fans for a few reasons. Ubisoft is famed for some of their super successful franchises. The Assassin’s Creed series is not only one of the highest-selling gaming franchises to have ever happened, it is also one of the longest-running ones.

So it is exciting to see the developer take a different route and throw something totally unexpected at fans every now and then. You have to admit that standalone titles are worth the enthusiasm for their sheer novelty, and you don’t have a previously set yardstick to go by. Ubisoft understands that (we are pretty darned excited about the upcoming medieval hack-and-slash title For Honor from the same devs for this very same reason, and of course it looks fantastic), and that’s what they achieved with Watch Dogs. So with all its flaws, it was a great experience, to say the least, to go on about town avenging the character’s losses by bringing foes to their knees with the help of a tiny cell phone.

For critics, many of the game’s elements worked well, and the game went on to become one of the most sought-after titles of 2014. It also won numerous accolades. So, of course, it had the potential to spawn a sequel. And then Watch Dogs 2 happened.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s a great game. But some of the issues that we thought needed to be resolved became more of a nuisance. In addition to that, Ubisoft decided to make the new game into a cultural revolution of sorts. We loved the trailers and what was promised. The new San Francisco Bay area setting opened the doors for a beautiful cultural melting pot. In addition to that, the new game deals more with the real issues of race that people of color are so used to facing in the West. But in-game it serves more as a distraction rather than anything else. Its gameplay mechanics didn’t seem very well thought out, and there were also more than a few technical glitches. The fact that fans were not that impressed with the new game was proven by the sequel’s initial sales.

But Watch Dogs 2, too, has the potential to do well with time. The first game was serious as hell, but the new one undertook a different, more humorous approach. The character interactions are a nice touch too. But if sales keep on tanking, then will Ubisoft opt to dive in for a new game? The answer to this question can only be provided by the developer, and we’re not even sure if they’re thinking about it right now. But Watch Dogs 3 can only do the series more good than bad. Also, keep in mind that the creators did say that a long-running series was possibly in order under the Watch Dogs brand. We have to admit that there are very few video games in its league, lending it further potential. The new game can retain all that is great from the earlier ones and ditch what didn’t work out. But we hope that Watch Dogs 3, when it happens, doesn’t push some of the mediocre core elements that we saw in the latest entry.

Watch Dogs 3 Features and Gameplay: What to Expect

So what could we see in Watch Dogs 3? That it will be a new third-person hacker shooter title set in some glorious part of the US is all but a given. But other than those, there ought to be some changes. But as we’ve said before, the latest game does have some winning features, and while we’re not sure about anything at this point, we can conjecture if they’ll be included in Watch Dogs 3.

Protagonist: Let’s start with the obvious. Marcus Holloway is a delight, to be honest. We liked the grim seriousness of Aiden’s story, and we understood his need for vengeance. But what’s a video game in a modern setting without humor? Watch Dogs 2 had plenty of that, and we want that to return in Watch Dogs 3. Not only was playing as Marcus infinitely more fun, but he was also way more relatable. After all, we don’t get to pretend to be super smart hackers every day and a little relatability goes a long way in helping us step right into his shoes. His crew was also equally interesting and they contributed a lot towards making the game what it was. We don’t know if the devs will think about sticking with Marcus in Watch Dogs 3, but we wouldn’t mind. If there is a new protagonist, however, please make him more like Marcus.

New Maps: One of the best things about Watch Dogs 2 was the developer’s decision to go open world. The last game’s maps replicated the whole of the San Francisco Bay Area, albeit in a more condensed way. But it was sure nice to romp about the city and wreak havoc while trying to snatch up the numerous opportunities that the title offered. If Watch Dogs 3 does happen, we’re entirely sure that Ubisoft will not do away with this concept. We’d also love to see Watch Dogs 3 explore the ghettos more, as there is a lot of diversity to see there.

Side Missions: A notable feature of Watch Dogs 2 was all the activities we could partake in while still trying to complete the main mission. The side quests were fun and they helped alleviate some of the boredom that we would have otherwise been faced with. Watch Dogs 3 would certainly want to retain this practice as a way to avoid repetition.

Watch Dogs 3 Wishlist

Improved and More Thoughtful Gameplay Mechanics: While everything looked nearly perfect in Watch Dogs 2, it was blatantly obvious that the last game’s mechanics were less than impressive resulting in a more or less boring experience especially when it came to the full-blown shootouts. Also, another thing that we couldn’t help but notice was that Marcus’s way to tackle some of the situations was completely at odds with what we had been led to believe about his personality. This points towards the need to focus more on the details. We hope Watch Dogs 3 has more to offer on that front compared to its predecessors.

Less Confusing Information: “Information overload” is the term to best describe what we were faced with more than once while playing Watch Dogs 2. And it sure wasn’t helpful. We hope Ubisoft figures out a more organized and concise way to feed players the information they need in Watch Dogs 3.

Less Need for Fixes: Yes, there are a number of new features that Ubisoft could bring into the next entry to deliver a better player experience. But all that basically falls right on its face when you get your hands on a buggy game after a long wait. This, unfortunately, was the case with Watch Dogs 2. Ubisoft commenced working on patches right from the beginning, but we feel like that could have been done before launching the game itself. While the fixes have worked out okay, it did affect our overall impression of the game. However, we hope this serves as a learning curve for Ubisoft and they use the wisdom acquired to launch a better game with Watch Dogs 3. A brand new game shouldn’t need a number of patches to just improve it.

Watch Dogs 3 Trailer

We don’t quite know when there will be a Watch Dogs 3 at this point, so there’s no telling if we’ll get to see a trailer in the near future. Ubisoft is clearly busy trying to make Watch Dogs 2 into the game that it deserves to be, so we don’t expect to see how the next game will look anytime soon. But if we come into some luck, we will update this section with the relevant info. Stay put.

Watch Dogs 3 Release Date

Title Release Date
Watch DogsMay 2014
Watch Dogs 2November 2016
Watch Dogs 3??

Quite frankly, we can’t tell right now if the new game will be released anytime soon, so the official Watch Dogs 3 Release Date is something of a matter of mere speculation. Ubisoft has already declared a bunch of new DLC for Watch Dogs 2 with the hopes of upping the sales quotient. These will keep coming till about the end of 2017’s second quarter. The developer will also be busy with a couple of new releases lined up for next year, so work on Watch Dogs 3 is not likely to commence anytime soon. The earliest we can imagine the game to go into development is late 2017 or early 2018. Provided that the creators want to avoid all the previous mistakes so that initial reviews do not affect sales adversely, Watch Dogs 3 may also be in development for longer than the earlier titles. So we’re thinking a late 2020 release is the earliest that we can expect the new game to launch. In terms of platforms, the game will be playable on the Windows PC,  Xbox One, and PS 4.

Watch Dogs 3 System Requirements

If Ubisoft has to make the Watch Dogs franchise a lasting one, then the next entry needs to incorporate a lot of improvements. Mostly because as technology advances, less and less people will tolerate spending money on a game that fails to live up to their expectations mechanics wise. So we expect Watch Dogs 3 (we really think it is a matter of when rather than if) to address the issues that we faced with the 2016 entry. While we do not yet know when it will come out, it is safe to assume that WD3 will retain the graphical quality of its predecessor but at the same time offer support for older GPUs. We hope official updates are on their way soon.

 Minimum RequirementsRecommended Requirements
Operating SystemWindows 7 64-BitWindows 7 64-Bit
ProcessorIntel Core i5-6400T @ 2.2 GHzIntel Core i7-2600 @ 3.4 GHz
GraphicsAMD Radeon HD 7870, OR, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660AMD Radeon R9 290 , OR, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
DirectXDX 11DX 12
Storage60 GB60 GB

Wrap Up

While our interest in Watch Dogs 2 has waned to some extent, we are looking forward to the next entry in the series, whatever avatar it may surface in. With Ubisoft at its helm and the games largely adopting a trial and error method to find out what players might like best, expect Watch Dogs 3 to be an engaging amalgamation of tried and tested formula and vivid experimentation. Whatever it will be, we are ready. If you’re looking forward to the new entry like we are, tell us about what you want to see being added or excluded. You can also take the time to read about what we think about the future of Borderlands 3. Don’t forget to check back for new happenings pertaining to the Watch Dogs series.

Watch Dogs 3 Release Date, Wishlist, Rumors, News and Updates
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  • To say that the first WATCH_DOGS was a fan favorite is quite an overstatement. Many consumers complained about about poor optimization, terrible AI, and the fact that the ultra settings looked nowhere near like the E3 demo.

  • I’d love for Pearce to return becuz in wd2 as hollaway u help Pearce get away from some bad guys in this game so Pearce did make it to wd2 so I’d like for him to be the main guy in wd3 they left off where Pearce said he will use his power to protect r to punish so it leaving u wondering if r when he will return to the game and I hope after the series of watch dogs is done they do movies of it p.s I love the games I’m not a complainer r a downer in the game I love the game it lives up to what I think it should be of course it has to start the way it did for wd1 idc I love the games I’m a gamer not a cgame complainer

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