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WWE 2K19 Release Date, Wishlist, Platforms, News and Updates

WWE 2K19: Take-Two Interactive has had a wobbly year in 2017, with some of their most anticipated titles for 2017 having been delayed. But to think that that has slowed them down would be a grave mistake. Take 2K’s veteran sports simulation titles, for instance. NBA 2K18 has just been released to high acclaim, with many hailing it as the best NBA title to have come out in ages. With that out of the way, fans are looking forward to WWE 2K18. Much about the latter is already known to fans theoretically, although how it will play will only be made clear when it releases in October 2017. However, one common factor between games that follow a yearly cycle is that the developers often start working on the next installment before the current year’s entry is even released. And with that, we are almost sure that development of WWE 2K19 is already on the way. Here we consider the odds while discussing all things that would make the WWE 2K19 release date a highly anticipated one among fans.

wwe 2k19 release date

Seth Rollins in the WWE 2K18 Be Like No One Trailer

WWE 2K19 Release Date: When’s it due?

This isn’t really going to take a whole lot of speculation to figure out, thanks to the eighteen year-long run the series currently boasts of. Besides a few changes here and there in the schedule, 2K Sports have shown a feverish resolve to stick to a specific release pattern in the past. For instance, WWE 2K17 was released on October 11 in 2016, while its immediate predecessor, WWE 2K16, was launched on October 27 the year before. WWE 2K18, on the other hand, is slated to come out on October 17 this year. (Note that all these dates pertain to the console versions only, with PC releases happening much later, often in the following year). There is one anomaly in the upcoming game’s release schedule, however. Over the years, the creators have displayed a tendency to push the game launches for each year up the calendar, which is why we had expected the 2017 installment to be released in early October, rather than a mid/late in the month schedule.

Yet, the lack of any official news from anybody involved had also led many to speculate that the game may be significantly delayed. Results of some very interesting polls even indicated that the majority of fans were of the opinion that 2K should give the developers a year off to deliver something more eye-grabbing than ever. Although the implausibility of this happening has been reinforced with 2K’s eventual announcement of WWE 2K18, both Yuke’s and Visual Concepts have no doubt been feeling the pressure of fan demands. It is admirable that the creators have avoided a serious delay and stuck to the regular schedule. In this light, it can be assumed that October 2018 is the window to look forward to for WWE 2K19.

wwe 2k19 wishlist

WWE 2K19 Platforms: Which platforms is it coming to?

There are a few points worthy of note here. Up until WWE 2K17, the games were released on all seventh generation and eighth generation consoles alongside the Windows PC, although the launch schedules have been traditionally distanced by several months between console and PC releases. The first thing to consider while speculating about the WWE 2K19 platforms is that the WWE 2K18 PC version is yet to get an announcement. That means we are still in the dark about when it will be released, and if at all it will see the light of the day. Although going by past iterations, the predominant trend has been to announce the PC version much later, making it possible that 2K will follow in the same shoes regarding WWE 2K18 PC version.

However, there’s another very interesting thing to consider. This year’s game looks like it is giving seventh gen console owners a sore miss, with the only platforms that have been announced so far being the Xbox One, PS4, and everyone’s favorite new hybrid console- the Nintendo Switch. Seems to us like 2K is all set to embrace new technology while leaving the older ones in the dust. Some fans are still optimistic that the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions will be announced soon, but it doesn’t appear like a good business plan to build so many different versions of the game, especially when a far more tantalizing new one is on the cards.

So what about WWE 2K19, and which platforms will it be coming to? Of course, there is no sense in speculating over the possibility of a PC version, so let’s get that out of the way. At the same time, it is a given that seventh generation consoles are out of the question, which we believe is the fate for NBA 2K19 as well. So that leaves the Xbox One and the PS4. But to speak of the first, Microsoft has discontinued the original Xbox One, leaving only the Xbox One S in circulation. Although, we have confirmed that most of WWE Immortals credits and stamina generator will work fine for all iOS, Android and PC versions. There’s still the upcoming Xbox One X, though, but the next generation console from Sony, the speculated PS5, is not due for a while. So coming to the question of WWE 2K19 platforms, we believe that the PS4, Xbox One, and PC are plausible options, along with possible support for the Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro. The Nintendo Switch may also come in a Switch version.

WWE 2K19 Wishlist: What fans would love to see

One look at the last couple of years in WWE 2K history and the reason for the developers’ drive to create a highly improved game becomes apparent. While WWE 2K16 was lauded for many reasons, it still left much to be desired, especially on the technology front. Last year’s game, on the other hand, did not display much improvement, and the decision to leave out the 2K Showcase was not well received by wrestling fans. WWE 2K18 is still on the way, and although we have heard much about it, fans are yet to see the much talked about improvements in action. Another thing: while we know which upgrades are coming into the game (we’re really happy about that graphics upgrade that we had been begging for), we are also aware of which features are being given the exclusionary treatment. So here are a few things that we would love to see being featured in 2018’s installment, being featured as part of our WWE 2K19 wishlist.

General Manager Mode: We know, we know, 2K has heard this several thousands of times since it was discontinued, but we can’t stress this enough. As much as we love the creators’ will to move forward and reinvent the series, why that must happen at the cost of some old favorites is beyond us. If you aren’t acquainted with the WWE games that came before 2008, the General Manager Mode (or the GM Mode as it is more popularly known) granted the player a chance to be at the helm of the brand of their choice, dipping their toes in almost everything that a manager is supposed to do. This meant hiring or retiring wrestlers, orchestrating rivalries, and manage finances, all the while trying to gain fan support, creating ripples in the world of wrestling, and win awards. It was like a slice of personal gratification from 2K for die hard wrestling fans. WWE 2K18 is giving this little gem a miss, but we would love it if it was brought back in some new avatar in WWE 2K19.

2K Showcase: Yet another fan favorite, the Showcase deserves a grand comeback. We were hyped about the Kurt Angle Showcase that was rumored to be on the cards for WWE 2K18, but it seems that 2K has dropped it from their list of things that make a WWE game great. Yes, there is an exciting new mode for this year, while other existing ones are being given loving upgrades. In the brief amount of time that the Showcase mode has been around, it has gained the appreciation of the vast majority of gamers for its riveting combination of nostalgia and personal involvement. And the creators are well aware of the displeasure that its exclusion from 2K17 had caused. We know that 2K18 is huge, and we hope the improved modes will be what they’re all hyped up to be, but the return of the 2K Showcase in WWE 2K19 figures pretty high up on our WWE 2K19 wishlist.

More Realistic Matches: We know that WWE 2K18 is slated to introduce cutting-edge graphical technology courtesy of a new game engine, but that’s not really going to mean much unless the matches are more made to be more refined. For instance, one of the biggest problems with games in the past is weight detection. You may argue that this is easier said than done and that it would need years to reach the kind of refinement that fans expect to see from a franchise that pushes out tiles on an annual basis. However, the lack of proper weight detection of those in the ring really messes with the sense of realism we want to see in the near future. Some headway was made in 2K17, so we expect this year’s entry to be significantly better in those terms. That means if the devs don’t decide to concentrate on everything else but this is WWE 2K19, next year’s game should be able to reflect amply improved matches.

WWE 2K19 Trailer

This section will be updated when the creators release the WWE 2K19 trailer, which is clearly not due until at least the second quarter of 2018. For now, help yourself to the awesome Be Like No One trailer from WWE 2K18 and keep your eyes glued to this page for future updates.

Wrap Up

WWE 2K19 is not due for another year, and WWE 2K18 is yet to be launched. But we figured there was no better time to equip ourselves and start a discussion about next year’s game. So if you have anything to contribute (we know you do), make full use of the comments section below. Tell us what you love the most about WWE 2K18, and what you missed the most. Also, don’t forget to state your personal WWE 2K19 wishlist.

WWE 2K19 Release Date, Wishlist, Platforms, News and Updates
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