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Xbox One X Could Be the Beginning of a New Era for Xbox as a Brand with Master Chief Collection Update

People, especially gamers had very high expectations from the Xbox One X before its launch with a lot of speculations doing the rounds about what the new console from Microsoft could bring.  Starting from the graphics it would support to its frame rate and 4K gaming support, it was even touted to become the most powerful gaming console ever. Three months down the line, we can safely say that Microsoft has not disappointed its fans at all and has in fact managed to repair its tarnished image when it comes to gaming consoles.

.Xbox One X: Master Chief Collection Update Beckons New Beginning

The Xbox One X has brought new hope for Microsoft to re-establish the authority of Xbox as a gaming console brand and repair its tarnished image. The company has already started to tread on the path to glory by addressing one of its biggest failures till date, Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

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When the Master Chief Collection was first launched in November 2014, it turned out to be a disaster with bad programming and unfulfilled potential. It suffered from inferior network framework and broken match-making and Microsoft was unable to solve these issues for many years. This tarnished the image of the company very badly with gamers experiencing errors and poor performance throughout.

But finally, all that is about to change with the developer of Master Chief Collection, 343 Industries announcing that it has plans to overhaul the entire MCC setup with new updates to the game and also addressing old issues that gamers were facing.

It has been nearly 4 years now since the release of the game with a number of patches and updates rolled out to fix the issues but none have worked so far to make the gamers happy. The amount of work required to overhaul the full game is immense with a very low return but the company has still dared to go ahead with it considering the console’s tarnished image.

If everything works out well this time, then the Xbox One X could signal the beginning of a new road for Xbox and Microsoft with people regaining their faith in the company. This could also boost sales of the future gaming consoles in the pipeline as well as the Xbox One itself.

Wrap Up

We just hope that Xbox manages to regain some of its authority as a gaming console brand with the new update of Master Chief Collection and Microsoft also devote more of its time and resources before launching a new game again so that it does not suffer the same face like MCC.

Xbox One X Could Be the Beginning of a New Era for Xbox as a Brand with Master Chief Collection Update
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